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Best android double din 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated September 1, 2020

Charlie OliverHi there, I’m Charlie Oliver. After 48 hours of research including speaking with consultants and experts, and plenty of parents and 23 hours spent testing 10 android double din, I believe that I found the best android double din of 2018.

Eventually, I found something that would suit my needs but it occurred to me that I wasn’t the only one who might be having the same problems I did. Without further-a-do, let’s take a look at the Top 3 list in 2018 which are available in the market.

Best android double din of 2018

I am going to specify each good-to-buy feature as much as possible for your references. Customers need to be careful on how they spend their money on these products.

There’s a product for every kind of user on the list of affordable options below. I browse the various android double din available on the market and list three of the very best.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
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5 points
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№1 – Android 7.1 Car Stereo 32GB+ 2GB Double Din Radio with Bluetooth GPS Navigation Support Fastboot Wifi MirrorLink AUX USB SD Backup Camera 7 inch Touch Screen

Android 7.1 Car Stereo 32GB+ 2GB Double Din Radio with Bluetooth GPS Navigation Support Fastboot Wifi MirrorLink AUX USB SD Backup Camera 7 inch Touch Screen

Android 7.1 Nougat: Latest and Reliable Operating System, 2GB RAM and Quad-core CPU for faster operation speed, 32GB ROM for more APPs installed. Power Output: 50 Watts x 4 Max
Universal double din car stereo, it can fit most cars. Please compare the dimensions before purchasing.
Everything is OK.

Why did this android double din win the first place?

I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! I also liked the delivery service that was fast and quick to react. It was delivered on the third day. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack.
















№2 – Android 7.1 Car Stereo Radio

Android 7.1 Car Stereo Radio

Latest Android 7.1 Nougat System, 2GB RAM & Octa Core CPU for faster operation speed, 32GB ROM for more APPs installed. Max Power: 4 x 50 Watts.
Key Features: GPS Navigation system with pre-loaded Google map ( without offline map data ) , DVD CD player, Mirror Link, Bluetooth 4.0 for hands free calls and audio streaming, 4.9ft WIFI antenna for better signal reception, ODB2, 3G, Rear Camera, Dashboard Camera.
A little more expensive than other brands.
A little bit shallow.

Why did this android double din come in second place?

The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money.
















№3 – Android 7 Car Stereo CD DVD Player – Corehan 6.95″ inch Double Din In Dash Car Radio Video Multimedia Player Navigator with Bluetooth Wifi GPS Navigation System

Android 7 Car Stereo CD DVD Player - Corehan 6.95

Latest Andorid 7 Nougat OS, ARM Quad Core 1.6 GHz CPU, 1GB DDR3 Rom, 16GB EMMC Ram
6.95 inch big screen, 1024*600 high screen resolution.DVD & CD playing. Support 3G dongle,wifi,bluetooth. Airplay for iphone, USB connect mirroring with Android phone
Longevity is in question.
High cost.

Why did this android double din take third place?

It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment.
















android double din Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy android double din, right? No!

JVC KW-V830BT Bluetooth Receiver Touchscreen

The JVC KW V830BT Double Din Bluetooth is one of the best car stereo receivers from JVC that comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth technology for audio streaming and hands free talking. The hands-free profile will allow you to connect to several mobile phones which are compatible.

Its video/audio remote control profile will make it possible for you to access functions of remote control which are basic such as pause and play through the Bluetooth. Also, the advanced audio distribution profile of the car stereo receiver will allow you to access high-quality audio streaming from an audio device.

Pioneer SPH DA120 Capacitive Touchscreen

For hands free calling and video streaming, it uses the built-in Bluetooth. And for display, it has a 6.inch capacitive touchscreen display. The built-in audio setting makes your music listening experience including a 1band EQ that has a slope adjustment supported with a FLAC, and pre outs file support.

It simplifies through the combination of all the information you need at your fingertips. You will be able to get easy access to information which is personalized needed while you are on the move including news, calendar, maps, and, media.

Pioneer AVH-290BT Multimedia Receiver Bluetooth

When you purchase the Pioneer Multimedia Bluetooth DVD Receiver, you will be able to have the privilege of answering calls by use of just one button. On top of that, you will have the advantage of being able to access any media that is on a smartphone with the attached Bluetooth, wirelessly.

The screen at 6.inches, enables you to have a good time as it is user-friendly and at the same time, you have the advantage of being able to change the display color to your liking.

Pioneer AVHX3800BHS Receiver Bluetooth AppRadio

With the Pioneer AVH X3800 BHS double DIN Reciever with a 6.inches touchscreen with Bluetooth features a responsive, intuitive and powerful NEX user interface which comes with a dual Bluetooth connection to allow for two phones to be connected at the same time.

It has a home screen shortcuts customization and a 1background, splash screen displays. Its resolution is at WVGA 800 by 480 and a signal to noise ratio of 91dBA.


Boss Audio systems have been in the shops since 198It is a brand which since then, has been specializing in manufacturing brands which I could say, might be eye-catching and quality and that is why they have been able to compete favorably with other brands.

They are known for producing products for the water, the road, and off the road. Most if not all their products that I have been able to use come with warranties and I could say that they are fairly priced if I compare their prices to the quality of the brands.

It has branches all over the world thus making it easy to access its car audio and video products. In total, it has over 400 audio/video products for cars which are sold in over 130 countries.

Whatever fits your ride could be gotten from Pioneer. You could configure your audio sound that fits your pockets regarding price, functionality, and sound that can entertain you according to your test.

You can have a variety of them to pick from as there are varies series that some users claim could be the best. But to find out, you can try it for yourself.

According to those who have used it, they claim that it offers a different experience on the go. Their mobile entertainment technology has been modified year in year out, and reading about it on the internet makes one have this feeling that, their sleek looking MP1516BT single-DIN CD/MPcould compete well with other double din head units in the market.

Most of its audio products are claimed to have strong features which can allow the user to enjoy the music from external media devices. Some of its users have regarded the built-in Bluetooth system in its products as an added advantage.

JVC Kenwood is a big brand that spread their services to almost all countries in the world. The brand is also known to produce car audio components. The brand is the leading car streo head unit manufacturers in the world. Their car head unit are known to offer a user-friendly experience and produce high-quality sound.

JVC Kenwood products are made of high advance technology that boosts ease of use and performance. Most of their clients have given positive reviews about their products and customer services. Getting a product from this brand means getting a good quality product for your car. The company has been in existence on the market for more than 30 years.

Double Din Car Stereos

The dimension of a single DIN car stereo measures – 1/inches in width and – 1/inches in height. Some cars come with this type of stereos, which is standard for them and if you have this, then it can be impossible for you to upgrade to a double DIN car stereo.

What you need to know about the din is that it doesn’t mean that a double din head is better than a single din head unit. The only main difference comes regarding display, and if that is what is your worry and yet you have a single DIN which cannot display, there are several modern single din head units which have a flip out or retractable widescreen touch display. So before you decide that you need a double DIN car stereo, it is important to remember that your personal preferences matter a lot.

It is another common type of car stereo which is standard worldwide. It is a bit wide and high as compared to the single DIN car stereos.

It has a built-in screen touch display, which varies in size: from 3.inches or as large as inches. You can be lucky if you have a vehicle which is equipped with a double din stereo due to the flexibility to replace or upgrade it with an aftermarket double DIN stereo.

It is also possible to downgrade, but which is not recommended and it can only be done using a mounting bracket kit. If you downgrade it to a single din, it can mean that it can make you remain with the space of your dashboard which you can use as a storage compartment or even be used as an additional compartment like a graphic equalizer.

Pre-Amp Outputs

If you are to get state of the art speaker systems for your car, it is important that you pay close attention to pre-amp outputs. It refers to the amount of signal which you are going to receive before it becomes amplified.

Your listening experience can go to a notch higher with an increase in the outputs as it enables you to be able to customize it to your liking. How does it work? Well, you can hook up to three amplifiers to your head unit, which can then enable you to adjust the sound as you please.


If you love a stereo that sounds powerful, then you are better off going for a head unit which is strong. The more the power the double din head unit produces, the better you can enjoy the overall output. It is important to put into consideration the RMS and peak of different models that you explore the shops.  The peak power is the capability of your stereo to go up in short bursts, but in case you decide to sustain this type of system for longer periods at a high level, it can burst the speakers. You are better off going for an RMS as it can regulate energy for your stereo for a longer period.

For you to purchase, it is advisable that you don’t judge your double din head unit by its peak power rather, by the RMS.

Theft Protection

Thieves find car stereos to be an easy target for their praying hands as it is easy to sell on the street as compared to the entire car with the risk of being caught is low. To ensure that after spending cash to purchase your desired stereo nobody doesn’t come to steal it, you need to install a theft protection.

When leaving the car, take off the face of the head unit and keep it in a different location like the glove box, under the seat, trunk or anywhere you deem safe. It is unlikely that a thief can have to break into your vehicle to access your car stereo because it is not worth the trouble.

Good Display

Thus, it can give you various options to set it up with multiple changing colors. You can have the option of changing color theme or only in some areas of the display. There are models which can change colors in tune with the beat of the song being played in improving your driving experience.

Get a head unit, which has a bright display which might light up too much at night, forcing you to adjust it, but during the day, it can help you to read it when it is sunny. If the display is dim, it can become hard to read on very bright days, which can be inconvenient.

App Control

It is a feature which is present in the latest double DIN head unit. It is an App which allows you to control your phone through the head unit, thus, no need for you to look at the phone.

It is an awesome feature as it can be able to allow you to access the contacts on the phone and other features including radio internet.

Ease Of Installation

Before you choose a double DIN head unit, you should look out for one that is easy to install. There are some manufacturers who are considerate and have come up with gadgets which are easy to install. If you are going to do the installation on your own, it is important that you get a model which has a harness which can enable separation of wires which makes them easier to connect.

Handsfree Operation

A quality head unit can be used as a handsfree device making it possible for you to receive and make calls by connecting your phone to it via Bluetooth.

Your caller can be able to hear you on the other end through an inbuilt microphone or the microphone on the phone, and you can be able to hear them through the speakers.

Other Media Connection

You could have an option of getting a double DIN head unit that could enable you to use devices such as AUX jacks and USB ports. With those above, the upgrade could enable you to older MPplayers, charge your phone and other devices.

How To Remove A Double Din Head Unit From Your Car

If you have an outdated double Din and You are thinking of replacing it with an ultramodern one, then there is an easier way of doing it. And because I did remove mine last week, the step by step is still fresh in my head I can reproduce it here so that it can be of help to you.

Step 1: 

First, the faceplate has to be removed. My stereo has a button placed at one corner, and I just pushed the faceplate forward.

If you model is different from mine, it might be one that all you need to do is to grab the faceplate and pull it off. After you remove the faceplate, keep it safe.

Step 3

After the trim, you should be able to locate the Key Holes. After removing the trim, it is easy to see the Key Holes which are on either side of the stereo. You need to insert the key s in the holes until they click in place. Once that is done, you need to get hold of the keys and pull the stereo out of the dashboard.

Step 4

The last thing is to remove the wires which are easy because at this point, you can see the back of the stereo and all you need to do is to unplug it. Before you do this, make sure that the car’s battery is off. All the wires should be unplugged from the back of the stereo to take it out completely.

How I Test My Double Din Radio Without A Car

You can touch the red, black and the yellow to an av battery and it will light up and act as a normal double din radio in a car. If it has extra features like USB, GPS, you will need a battery that is over volts.

It won’t be necessary to make a new set of a steering wheel just because you have installed a double din head unit. You can only need an adapter to make the new stereo to connect automatically.

For the USB connection, you can have to access your phone functions through the stereo, thus make it easier to use. For an auxiliary cord, you can have to play the audio and music from the jack of your phone’s headphone thus making the quality to depend on the phone.

The work of an antenna is to get hold of the radio waves, and anything that makes it be pulled down inside the car could make it your car stereo not to work well especially the AM/FM part of it. And all you will need to make it work correctly is to pull it back if you find it pulled in and this will automatically improve the reception.

It is also important to note that, any time you go to a car wash, make sure you check out the antenna as the attendant might pull it in and forget to pull it out and thus, affect the reception. If you have an aerial antenna that can be pulled in and out at will, and your reception has been poor of late, it would be worth checking the antenna and make sure that it is in its rightful position.

For our second pick, this wonderful head unit is made no other than Kenwood. This product features a 2DIN USB/CD receiver for your audio. The Bluetooth technology is designed to promote safety when driving as it allows hands-free conversation when you are on the phone.

It also provides you with audio playback for those who are using iPhones or iPod. The USB connectivity also allows you to connect your thumb drives as well as external hard disk drive.

What We Don’t Like

Are you looking for something more modern than the usual head units you can find? If so then this is the best double din head unit you can find that’s worth every penny. For one, this product is seven inches in screen display Android 5.OS.

It supports 3G dongle, wifi and wifi hotspot. It can also be used for iPhone and has USB connect mirroring with an android phone. There dual USB ports and a single TF card slot for this unit. It also supports car DVR, mobile hard disks, thumb drives and other features. The software used for this one is iGo primo GPS software which is mainly used in the US and Canada maps.

Pyle PLDN63BT Double DIN Bluetooth

The last on our list of choices belongs to the brand Pyle with their Pyle PLDN63BT. This product is designed with a 6.inches receiver head unit that combines the wireless streaming of Bluetooth technology and call-answering capacities in one.

The dashboard entertainment system features a video receiver as well as a built-in CD and DVD player with a touch of your fingers. It can also be navigated easily and quickly.

Pyle PLSD131BT

This Bluetooth powered multimedia system enables you to stream the media from your smartphone and other devices easily. You just need to have a Bluetooth enabled hand-held device or storage media. When I say Bluetooth-enabled multimedia system, this is not just an entertainment system. This double DIN head unit gives you the freedom of hands-free talking facility when you are driving. Just pair your phone with the system and attend the incoming calls. Like that, you can keep your eyes on the road, and avoid getting tickets from the cops for talking on the phone while driving.

The Pyle PLSD131BT gives you multiple options for media input. Along with the DVD and CD player, the system comes with an SD / MMC Card Slot. The system comes with radio receiver so that you can listen to local news and programs while driving. The remote control gives you the freedom to operate the system easily even from the back seat. Along with these facilities, this feature rich in-dash multimedia system makes the parking easier with the help of the rear view camera. You do not have to fit a separate rear view mirror because your Pyle PLSD131BT will help you in that too. The Aux input jack enables you to connect your MPplayer or iPod to play music from them. All the input ports and USB slot are organized on the front panel of the receiver so that the driver can operate the system easily.

Now that you have seen the pros and facilities this 1inch Double DIN head unit offers, if I do not list those few shortcomings my review will not be complete even though you may choose to ignore them. The unit does not play all the formats from the storage media. You will have to play 3GP format because MPmay not work. MPbeing the more advanced form of compressed audio or video, this unit’s inability to play this format may not be appreciated by many users.


The next product in my review of double DIN head units is the Pyle PLDT87BT. This unit comes with a 7-inch high-resolution display screen that is detachable. The unit has a display resolution of 800 x 400 pixels. The monitor is touch enabled, that gives you the facility to navigate through the media easily through the user-friendly control interface. The TFT LCD monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:The motorized fold out display also has the tilt adjustment. The wireless streaming is powered using Bluetooth with the hand-held device (Bluetooth capable device such as smartphones, tablets etc.) you have in your kitty.

Just like any other in-dash multimedia system Pyle PLDT87BT also has multiple input options. The CD and DVD tray and the USB port allow you to enjoy the media you have saved in your different storage media. The audio input and output jacks are provided as RCA ports. Along with all these options, you can enjoy 30 stations of FM radio broadcast. The company has provided a remote control along with the product to facilitate the passengers to control the entertainment system.

The Pyle PLDT87BT is equipped with ESP (Electronic shock protection) and anti-shock protection for the system’s durability and seamless playback. The in-dash system’s weight is lbs. and it has a measurement of 6.9x 1.9x 6.9inches (L x W x H). You can upgrade your automobile with this multimedia entertainment system without compromising on your safety while enjoying seamless connectivity with your music and radio.

Even though I could not find many worrisome aspects in this simple Double DIN head unit, you may lack the feel of video output you get in Pyle PLSD131BT. Since this is a basic in-dash entertainment system you do not have the option to select receiver display colors and it is not aesthetically top class. Still, I would say this is worth a buy.


This single DIN head unit receiver from Pyle is a complete entertainment system which has the accessories to help in safe driving as well. The Pyle PLT85BTCM head kit includes a stereo receiver, inch High Definition monitor, rear view camera and all necessary cables and wires for installation. The inch TFT LCD screen has a resolution of 65x 49pixels. The touch screen display makes the navigation through the media list easy and the control interface is quite user-friendly too. The screen can be opened up using the up arrow key and the tilt adjustment is also integrated with the up arrow key. When you are done with the journey you can press the down arrow key so that the monitor will be closed and folded into the in-dash unit. You have three positions to choose from while adjusting the tilt. The receiver face is detachable so that you can insert the micro SD card and mini SD card (SD stands for Secure Digital, a kind of mass storage device). The maximum capacity supported by the unit is 6GB. The USB port and the AUX input are provided on the face plate itself. So to connect these mass storage devices you need not remove the receiver face plate. This is a well-thought of feature that saves you the hassle of manually removing the faceplate each time you insert a memory card.

The control interface lets you control almost all the features on the unit including the rear camera. You have to first connect the rear camera with the device and then parking will be easier for you. To open up the camera control page you just have to tap on the camera icon on the menu page. The rear view camera performs better when it is mounted above the license plate. The rear camera is waterproof and distance scale lines are built-in for depth perception. Just like the other head units, Pyle has added a remote control with the kit so that the back seat passengers can also control the unit.

For the convenience of the driver, the company has provided the SWC (steering wheel control) option which enables the driver to the control the audio playback without taking the hands off the wheel. You will need a separate adapter to place it around your steering. Once you have connected the adapter store the preferences using the control interface on the receiver. Then you can move the tracks forward and backward with the integrated volume controls. This unit weighs just 6.6lbs, and the dimensions are 10.0 x 1.x 1.2inches (W x H x D). This is a complete package with entertainment, driver convenience and safety combined all into one package.

Even though the manufacturer claims that the resolution of the display is high definition it will not seem sharper than 800 x 400 pixels. This may be a letdown for some users who look forward to crisp and clear videos akin to the ones on their other high definition video devices. Having said that, 65x 49is not too dull either.

Pyle PLBT71G

The last Pyle audio receiver head unit that I am going to discuss is the Pyle PLBT71G which offers almost everything that a driver needs while driving. The HD display screen has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The touch screen enabled monitor telescopes up and out with the tilt adjustments. The faceplate of the receiver can be removed so that you can connect your storage media (SD cards with maximum capacity up to 6GB). To increase the safety and convenience of the driver and passengers the company has included the rear camera to the package. This enables the driver to park and take reverse easily without the fear of bumping.

The main difference or addition to the other units discussed above is the built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) feature which is of great convenience to the drivers. This ensures that you take the best route available to your destination. The map gives you turn-by-turn voice navigation so that you do not have to look into the screen. Now you can be worry free even if you lose your way, the GPS enabled Pyle PLBT71G is going to take you home safely and quickly. The unit comes with a remote control and the micro SD card with the maps (The USA, Canada, and Mexico).

Now for the entertainment part, the device is Bluetooth enabled (2.0 + EDR), that gives a flawless streaming of media from your Bluetooth enabled devices. The Pyle PLBT71G is compatible with iPhone, Tablets, Androids, iPad, Smartphones etc. The hands-free calling is achieved using the built-in microphone and the digital dial pad display. The common file types like MP3, JPEG, AVI, MP4, and WAV are supported. The multimedia disc reader supports CD, DVD, CD-R, VCD, CD-R/W etc. Adding to this to give you more entertainment options, you can tune to 30 local radio stations. The control interface lets you adjust the treble, balance, bass, encoder, fader, and volume.

The in-dash system is equipped with an anti-shock mechanism and Electronic shock protection (ESP). This is a single DIN sized head unit and weighs 6.2lbs. The unit’s measurement is 6.9x 6.9x 1.9inches (H x W x D). As I said, this is a complete package and one should be careful that it does not confuse the driver because of the plethora of features it offers.

These audio receiver head units from Pyle are among the best you can find. While not all of them are the same, every product lives by its reputation that was built over decades of trust.

The first and failed attempt

After the first failed attempt, I decided a rugged hard case would work better as a template and ordered a Poetic Revolution rugged hard case. The case has a plastic front bezel that tightly attaches to the Shield Tablet without the back cover on – exactly what I needed.

The second attempt in-progress

Now, I’ll admit I’m not the handiest person when it comes to customization work that goes beyond simple bolt-on products. But, molding the tablet into the dash was a fun learning process that involved J-B Kwik Weld, Bondo body filler, Bondo-Glass reinforced body filler and a lot of sanding.

I used JB Kwik Weld to hold the Poetic case bezel in place at each corner and reinforced it from the back with Bondo-Glass. Bondo was used to fill in the front and sanded with 220, 150 and 80 grit sandpaper before painting.

The Poetic case has cutouts for the front-facing Shield Tablet speakers and camera, so I could retain the use of it. It has a screen protector, too, but I removed that since I didn’t need the extra protection.


While Nougat promises to bring the Android Auto user interface to your smartphone this fall, the Shield Tablet runs Marshmallow. Luckily, BitSpice Automate, one of the 1best apps to use in your car, gives you an Android Auto-style user interface with plenty of control over your connectivity and power options.

The most important feature of AutoMate is the ability to automatically execute commands when certain events are triggered. I configured AutoMate to automatically wake the tablet, turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and resume music playback when the tablet receives power via micro USB (when the car turns on).

When I turn the car off, AutoMate shuts off the screen, turns off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and music playback to conserve the tablet’s battery.

Volume control was another concern I had, but AutoMate lets you swipe up to adjust the volume. I can launch the Sound Blaster Central app if I needed greater control of the audio features, too.

There is one caveat with my setup, however. If the Shield Tablet battery completely dies, I’d have to remove the interior trim panel to access the power button. Nvidia doesn’t have a provision to automatically power on the tablet when plugged into charge, which is a feature you can enable on the Nexus and some Samsung tablets.

I just installed the tablet in the car yesterday with a full charge and haven’t encountered a dead battery yet.

Hands-free calling

The other downside to my setup is the lack of hands-free calling support. I cannot pair my Samsung Galaxy Sto the Shield Tablet and use the car for hands-free calls. It’s not a feature I’m concerned about, as I rarely make calls in the car anyway.

My workaround for it will be to add the tablet to my AT&T account and use Google Hangouts to make calls from my Google Voice number, unless Nvidia miraculously adds support for NumberSync.

Alternative options

Most importantly, the JBL and Infinity amps include a control pod with built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls. There’s a party mode that lets your passengers connect their phones and control the playlist, too.

Ultimately, the Infinity Kis the amp I will eventually install in the Jeep when the funds permit it. I’m particularly fond of Harman brands because the first premium sound system I was impressed by was an Infinity Gold system in an early ’90s Plymouth Voyager, which lead me to purchasing aftermarket Infinity components for my cars.

PIONEER AVH-4100NEX Double din Stereo

The Pioneer AVH-4100NEX is a wonder media receiver that includes different features in one box. The entire setup contains Android Auto, Mirror Link, and Apple CarPlay and produces one of the best quality sounds through its onboard audio and even the video sources are equally bright and sharp. It is one of the best NEX models that comes with a feature of detachable facelift security.

Everybody who loves driving will enjoy this amazing touch screen car stereo with Bluetooth that offers you a chance of turning your car into a hub of a multimedia center.

Pioneer AVH-X2800BS Double Din Head Unit

Pioneer introduces the new AVH-X2800BS which attributes the same customizable functions as the NEX line which are extremely responsive, potent and intuitive. It has a clear resistive touchscreen that is brighter, has more vibrant colors and great touch sensitivity.

Great head unit with lots of functions like Bluetooth, Touchscreen, FLAC, SIRIUS-XM etc. considering low price point.

Difference Between Single and Double Din Head Units

Before anything else, let us first discuss the differences between the two stereo units. By knowing how they are different from each other, you will find it easier to make the right choice.

First, let us talk about the single din car stereo, which is also the subject of the rest of this guide. In this case, the size of the main stereo unit, specifically the faceplate, is most probably x inches. It is also often characterized by the presence of three vertical stacked slots. This is the standard that has been set, which is why such stereo can be easily replaced.

A double din stereo, on the other hand, is bigger. It has the ability to accommodate larger screen displays and even multiple discs. The size is normally x inches, which means that you will be needing a bigger slot if you plan to have a stereo like such. It is a good choice for modern cars.

Again, for the sake of clarification, keep in mind that the discussions in this post will be centered to a single din unit car stereo. While most of the buying considerations tackled below will be applicable for both types, the five products that will be reviewed will be limited to those that fall under the category of single din.

In this section, we will have a quick roundup of some of the most important factors that will have an impact on the choice that will be made. Make sure to keep these things in mind, which will increase the likelihood of making a decision that you will never regret.

Aesthetics will play a key role when it comes to choosing the best single din head unit. They might be sleek, but this does not mean that there is no room for appealing design. Choose a style that will perfectly complement the interior of your car. A single din head unit is recommended because it is compact. If in case you have a car that has a slot for a double din unit, when you place a single din stereo, you will end up with an additional space that can be used for storage.

When talking about the design of the single din head unit, we are also dealing with its display. This will depend on the price of the unit. The more expensive ones have more advanced displays, including LED pixel count and the ability to have the brightness and color customized based on your individual preferences.


Generally speaking, this will have an effect on the ease of use of the single din stereo unit. It is good to look for one that has strategically-positioned controls, making it easy for you to have it configured as desired. The simpler the controls are, the less frustrating it is going to be. You must be able to take a call, skip a song, or do other things with the stereo while keeping your attention on the road. This is not only for your convenience, but more importantly, this is for your safety.

Power Ratings

You also have to take a look at the technical specifications of the single din stereo, which will provide you with an idea of how impressive will its performance be. In order to gauge its functionality, one of the most important things that should be looked at would be the power ratings. Look at the max power output, which will simply refer to the maximum amount of power that can be produced within a short period. Also, you have to consider the RMS Power Output, which is the power that can be produced at a continuous rate.

Pioneer AVH-X2600BT Din Unit

Designed for the consumer who wants to get the most possible use out of their stereo head, this model from Pioneer has plenty of options for every kind of user. If you’re a parent who wants to keep kids entertained on long car trips, this stereo head has a DVD player with a 6.inch WVGA resolution touchscreen; whatever movie you choose to watch, it’ll be easy to see and, thanks to the touchscreen controls, easy to choose where to start and end.

For the professional, the on-board Bluetooth support makes it easy to integrate a smartphone and make hands-free, eyes-free calls, either through your stereo head or (on compatible cars) right through your steering wheel. Whatever your purpose, whatever your style, the X2600BT can give you options you never even thought were possible before. Read more about this affordable car stereo unit.

Pioneer FH-X720BT Din Unit

If you just want to get the most out of your music without purchasing anything you don’t need, you’ll find that the X720BT from Pioneer is a nice balance of affordability and utility. One of the few affordable models that also has integrated Bluetooth as a standard option, this stereo head is perfect for a family with Bluetooth devices; you can simply search for music on your 720BT stereo head through wirelessly connected Bluetooth devices and play it without any hassle.

JVC KW-R910BT Car Audio Din

It may look like your stock stereo head with a few more lights, but that’s where the similarities end between the R910BT and anything you’re currently using. Sure, it does all the basic stuff like tune into terrestrial radio and play CDs, but you’re also getting two-way control for both Apple and Android products, as well as standard Bluetooth connectivity.

This way, you can play music from your mobile device either through the two USB ports or by connecting your Bluetooth ready device wirelessly though the stereo head, giving you the ability to play a huge library of music without the hassle of setup.

If you want to get really tricky, you can also stream satellite radio from your devices as well, using services like SiriusXM and IheartRadio without having to connect a single cord, thanks to on-board support that’s already installed on your stereo head.

Simple to use, powerful enough to improve on your stock head in every way, and affordable enough for any budget, the KW-R9can easily find its way into any driver’s setup. We consider this unit as one of the top JVC units available, explained in our review here.

Pull Quote

If you have a double-DIN slot, you can still use a single-DIN radio, but a single-DIN slot cannot accept a double-DIN upgrade.

One of the first questions you’ll likely encounter when you consider upgrading your car audio system is whether you even can. If your car is older than, say, years (the approximate point when manufacturers began adding command screens that controlled multiple systems, not just audio) or contains a fairly straightforward audio setup, you’re probably okay—the only question is whether your car has a single-DIN or double-DIN design. Those terms refer to the measurements of the “hole” your car stereo sits in. A single-DIN slot measures 2⅛ inches high by 7⅛ inches wide. A double-DIN mount is twice as tall; most cars with LCD screens are double-DIN. If you have a double-DIN slot, you can still use a single-DIN radio (an adapter kit that you purchase for your specific vehicle simply creates open storage in the unused space), but a single-DIN slot cannot accept a double-DIN upgrade.

Another factor that will determine your ability to upgrade is whether other vehicle functions are integrated into your car’s audio system. For example, LCD screens that also include climate controls and the settings for other systems can’t be incorporated into a replacement stereo. But even if that isn’t the case in your vehicle, your car may have a complex, nonstandard dash setup that precludes such upgrades.

Some cars—the Ford Taurus of the late 1990s comes to mind—have oddly shaped panels around the stereo systems, or they use contoured surfaces that dispense with the “box cutout” configuration that persisted for decades. Carmakers do this kind of thing for design and functionality reasons, to increase button sizes and smooth out the dash appearance. In both cases, however, you might find adapters that will allow you to replace the unit even if the factory setup has funky dashwork going on.

Other vehicles, including my wife’s mid-2000s Mercedes, may be able to accommodate an upgraded unit, but they might require custom work on the dash to make it look right, something that’s beyond the scope of traditional plastic dash adapters. That’s the kind of job only a pro can do, and it will require extra time and money.

The process can be frustrating, but you can usually get a sense of what your car can or cannot accept by going to a good car-audio site such as Crutchfield and seeing what the online selection tool says about your vehicle’s upgradability. In addition, the better sellers usually offer installation instructions custom-made for your specific vehicle when you order the receiver, and will include any necessary parts and adapters to make the piece fit.

If you find that your car can’t deal with an upgrade, you have other options, such as Bluetooth kits that will allow you to stream music and place calls through a device that either plugs into your stereo’s aux-in jack or transmits to the stereo via an FM tuner. (For more details on the various pros and cons of these setups, check out our full guide to the best Bluetooth kits.) The trouble with kits, however, is the addition of still more cables and electronics to your car—stuff that can easily snag and tangle as you and your passenger come and go. Also, FM-tuner quality tends to be abysmal. A kit is cheaper, but if you can afford to upgrade the whole stereo, you’ll be rewarded with superior sound quality and ease of use.

If you already have a Bluetooth-capable stereo, you might still consider upgrading. Some older Bluetooth stereos, or those in less-expensive cars, might only accept phone calls and not support music. And the latest systems may have some inviting features—dedicated music apps, voice control, an adjustable display, or dual-phone capability—that didn’t come with your original car-audio system. Beyond that, you’ll also get a more modern, streamlined interface without the functional clutter of previous-generation head units.

Features to consider

As you shop for a replacement car stereo, you’ll have to decide which features are most important to you. And one of the first questions you’ll have to ask is whether you really need a CD player. In our survey of more than 400 Wirecutter readers, the vast majority of respondents—more than 80 percent—said they didn’t. That’s why digital media receivers, which come without a CD player, are the latest trend in replacement car stereos. The absence of a CD player often means a lower price, more user-friendly controls, a smaller chassis (which makes the unit easier to install), and fewer mechanical parts (which means fewer components that can break later on). Even so, car-stereo manufacturers say that a lot of buyers still want the option of playing a CD, so you have a lot of CD-capable receivers from which to choose.

One advantage of not having a CD player is that the receiver can be much smaller—about half the size of a normal stereo—which makes installation easier. Such a device also fits in older cars made before CD players became popular.

A feature we think is worth considering is Siri Eyes Free, which, when paired with an iPhone, boosts your safety and convenience on the road by offering voice control of your receiver. A lot of models include SiriusXM satellite radio and/or HD Radio capability, though we think those services are less important if you typically stream your music. Speaking of streaming, you’ll want to check for Pandora and Spotify support, which lets you control those apps directly from the receiver. And of course, you’ll want easy pairing of your smartphone, which is something most manufacturers are starting to master, plus a USB-input option to charge your phone or ease the integration of a guest’s device. Unfortunately, the popular Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems, which provide much of the functionality of a compatible iPhone or Android phone with a more driver-friendly interface, aren’t available in single-DIN stereos because they need a larger display.

Some models come with a handheld remote. That may sound silly—a handheld remote for a device that’s inches from you—but on a long drive it’s more comfortable to flip tracks with your hand in your lap than to be constantly reaching for the head unit. (You can also hand over control to rear-seat passengers, if you dare.) Smartphone apps that control the receiver as a handheld remote does are increasingly available, too—though the results vary widely. Some are barely functional while others, like the Pioneer ARC app, are nearly seamless facsimiles of conventional smartphone music controls.

Relatively minor but handy features you’ll encounter include tunable colors, which let you coordinate your stereo with the lighting in your car’s interior, and multi-line LCD screens that provide more data.

How we tested

Instead of installing each of the units on our short list into an actual car, I bench-tested them head to head at my residence. Bench-testing them allowed us to experiment longer and more thoroughly with each product. After hooking each receiver up to a 12-volt power source and a set of moderate-quality speakers, I put it through its paces. We focused on Bluetooth functionality, not audio quality, since so much of that is dependent on the number and quality of speakers in your vehicle. While many readers in our survey indicated that they’d consider upgrading to better speakers at the same time they upgraded the head unit, that wouldn’t have affected our results, as great speakers will indeed sound better across the board. If you’re an audiophile, you can find plenty of options for expandable systems, which we’ll describe briefly later on.

Our bench-test setup, consisting of two speakers and a 1V power source.

I tried the test receivers with both iOS devices and Android phones, simulated hundreds of vehicle entries and exits to gauge Bluetooth reacquisition behaviors and speeds, placed and received calls to see how well the Bluetooth hands-free communication worked, and, of course, streamed music via Bluetooth and USB cables. I learned what sort of control each receiver permitted over music selection from the head unit itself versus the connected device, and I also hooked up multiple phones to see how easy it was to switch between devices.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

We don’t have much to complain about with the Pioneer MVH-X390BT. The primary LCD screen is only one line, which limits you to one category of information (track name, station, artist, and so on), but it scrolls smoothly and legibly for longer titles.

You can’t tune the display color to match the rest of your dash (it’s white), and the buttons are backlit in blue. This color scheme may make the unit less of a natural fit with your car’s dashboard, but it doesn’t affect overall functionality. While other units, such as the Sony MEX-N5000BT, automatically dim when your headlights come on, the MVH-X390BT’s display can be dimmed only manually, or programmed to dim at specific times of day. And the handheld remote control has no button to activate Siri Eyes Free; you have to reach for the multifunction knob on the head unit.

Hardcore car-audio geeks won’t be into this unit due to its limited options for expandability (in terms of extra speakers and subwoofers). But that is an exceptionally minor complaint, since most buyers won’t be interested in expanding beyond their car’s existing core capabilities.

Typically a little higher in price, this model is basically the same unit as our top pick, with SiriusXM compatibility and a few extra features.

If our top pick isn’t available, or if you want to be able to play satellite radio, the Pioneer MVH-S501BS is another great choice. This is a newer version of the MVH-X580BS and MVH-X560BT, which were our previous alternative picks, and typically it costs a bit more than our main pick. It has a similar interface and all the features of our top pick, along with SiriusXM compatibility, tunable display colors to match your interior, and a second line of display text, so you can see both the track title and the artist name simultaneously. Because we think those features are more minor ones (more than 80 percent of the readers who responded to our survey said they didn’t want satellite radio, for example), we’d rather get the MVH-X390BT and save some money.

If you want to expand your system

We think most people would prefer the simpler interface and superior Bluetooth capabilities of our top pick. Also, Kenwood’s handheld remote isn’t ideal: The buttons are too small and too close to one another for most people to use easily while driving, and for some reason it has a numeric keypad, which takes up a lot of space and is only occasionally useful.

The competition

The Sony MEX-N5100BT has a built-in CD player and supports near-field communication (NFC), which lets you pair a compatible phone with your receiver just by holding it up to the head unit and selecting the pair function in the menu. It has an app remote that lets you not only control the music but also adjust the audio settings; I’m not a fan of app remotes, however, and I find them of limited utility. This Sony unit currently costs about the same as our top pick, the Pioneer MVH-X390BT, but we preferred our Pioneer pick overall because of its lack of a CD player, its inclusion of Siri Eyes Free support, and its thoughtful elimination of unused sources from the menu.

If you do want a CD player—or at least don’t mind having one—you open up the door even further for more options. We considered many units from the key manufacturers but found most of them to be overloaded and generally too complex for people who want simple and streamlined operation.

The affordable Alpine CDE-143BT has good Bluetooth support but lacks Siri Eyes Free.

The Alpine CDE-SXM145BT adds SiriusXM radio but is too pricey.

The JVC KD-X240BT is an exceptionally affordable unit that’s extremely spartan and lacks the usability features and advanced smartphone connectivity of the Pioneers.

Product Highlights

If you want a quality Android car stereo but don’t want to spend a fortune, maybe the Panlelo PA-09YZ1is a more suitable option as it comes with decent features at a reasonable price. It provides great acoustics thanks to its quality amplifier chip and allows for hands-free communication thanks to a Bluetooth connection. The GPS navigation and support for steering wheel control complete the attractive package of this device.

This car stereo is a universal DIN unit that comes with Android 5.system which is still a decent version as it provides a solid user interface with plenty of apps available. The Quad Core CPU 1.GHz coupled with 1GB DDRRAM offers a quick response and smooth operation.

Panlelo has equipped this Android car stereo with lots of ways to play music and videos. Thanks to the included 1GB SD card, you can store and play all your media with ease. With a Wi-Fi connection, you can fulfill all your online entertainment needs. A Bluetooth connection gives you the ability to stream music wirelessly and the Mirror Link device interoperability standard allows you to watch videos on the head unit from your smartphone with ease.

Considering the abilities of the Panlelo PA-09YZ16, the verdict is generally a very positive one. At this price, there aren’t any major complaints as the unit performs well and delivers a solid level of sound quality. The amount of value you get is simply amazing, definitely a product worth the money.

Watch this video on YouTube

For extra safety, it is equipped with Siri eyes free, allowing you to control your audio without looking away from the road! It is also compatible with both iPhone and Android, so you’re ready to listen to the music on your phone no matter which brand you have.

It is equipped with MIXTRAX, which allows you to remix your music tracks very quickly and easy. It is also equipped with a navigation system. Double din stereo reviews and ratings agree that this stereo is top of the line and is a great choice if you are on a little tighter budget.

Wherever you are driving, the FHX-720BT can make sure you get there with the most pleasurable ride. The music output is everything you need, and the price is competitively low, making this very near the best double din head unit for the money. The built-in bluetooth makes for great calls on the go.

With talking on the phone being illegal in many states, and more states banning it, this Bluetooth allows you to legally and safely stay connected with family, friends, and work during your car rides.

The LED lights are an aesthetically beautiful addition to the machine, but don’t be worried that it won’t match the interior of your car, because it is equipped with the ability to change colors so that it can look its best. The integrated iOS device controls also makes it far easier to control your music while you drive to be sure that you always get the right song at the right time.

The Pioneer AVHX1600 is a great accessory for the music-loving drivers. It is equipped with the ability to work with little input from the driver, playing the music you want easily and safely, and it looks great while doing it. It has a wireless remote control, so anyone in the car can control the music without causing safety risks by leaning over and taking off seat belts.

It is equipped with a USB plug-in, so if you’re low on battery, you can charge your phone at the same time it is being used to play music. The multiple presets also allow you to jump between your favorite music outputs without spending time looking for it and risking safety by looking away from the road.

The MIXTRAX app illumination effects also add for a great feel while you’re driving, and an even greater look to impress anyone in the passenger seat. Check double din radio reviews and you’ll find out how great this piece really is, and how great an addition it makes to a vehicle.

This in-dash double din unit is a great addition to any car driven by someone with a quality taste for music. The unit is equipped with MP3, USB, and CD inputs for whatever you’re listening to as well as offering AM/FM radio for the ride. Double din head unit reviews sing kindly of this unit because of its amazing technological improvements.

One of them is the ability to access Pandora radio through your smartphone, accessing worlds of music to listen to with ease. The bluetooth technology also allows you to remain connected with other people without risking your safety by holding a phone up to your ear.

The variable color illumination provides a nice look while the stereo provides the nice music, creating the ensemble your car needs. Hook your device in and listen to your music; control it from your device or the head unit, and get ready for hours of entertainment.

Though people tirelessly debate the superiority of Apple or Android, this JVC settles the debate with a tie, giving you access to music from either smart phone. This double din car stereo is an extremely cost effective piece of machinery, offering you your music with ease of use and safety while you drive.

The sleek design also adds a high quality environment to your car, adding to the high quality music output given by the technology itself. If you’re looking for a car charger too, look no further; this majestic machine allows you to plug your phone in to charge while you listen to your music throughout the drive.

If you’ve been asking, “what is the best double din head unit?”, this may just be the answer for you. This futuristic technology is ready and able to provide you with hours of music while you drive through hours of traffic, keeping you entertained for years to come(and with its year platinum warranty, you’ll be covered).

The built-in subwoofer level control allows you an upgrade on most other double din units, providing you the quality of music specifically tailored to your need. The radio capabilities are switchable between European and US tuner, making this the ideal receiver for both areas.

The Kenwood DDX271, according to most double din car stereo reviews, is a high quality device ready to provide you with high quality music. The touchscreen, LED display makes it easy to navigate between music inputs and change between songs, as well as control the level of music output throughout the entire car.

It also is iPhone app mode enabled, so Apple users are offered an easier way to access your music with ease and safety. If you’re looking for a beautiful display with amazing musical capabilities, this is the double din for you; whether you’re wanting to listen to a DVD, songs from an MP3, or a CD, this is your one shop stop for quality music.

For high-tech drivers looking to add a music player that does much more, this Ouku technology is a great place to start. As for music, this double din stereo provides the best quality music to your liking, offering multiple different inputs from which to draw your music as well as sound controls to give you the listening experience you desire.

This 7” double din head unit is a great addition to consider. It has the ability to make your drive safer and more enjoyable. With the touch of a few buttons, you have access to many different apps, such as iHeart Radio and Pandora, to listen to music from around the world in your favorite genres.

The customization also allows you to rate the music you’re listening to, providing you with music more tailored to your liking. The bluetooth capability and Siri eyes-free equipment are just two improvements to the average double din car stereo that make it easier to access your favorite music with ease.

The multi-colored display will dance along to your music, providing you with a better looking dash, while still playing your favorite songs, charging your phone, providing you with GPS directions across the world, and offering you a myriad of other options that increase your quality of life.

Pioneer double din head units

Pioneer is known for its innovations in the double din head unit market. It has the quality improvements that you want in a car stereo as well as extra, luxurious improvements. They have a slew of different models, fit for different price ranges and providing various qualities to tailor your purchase to your specific need.

Pioneer AVH-X2600BT is a good mid-range choice, offering the qualities you need and a few of the luxuries you want.

Alpine double din head units

Alpine is one of the more expensive brands, but not without the quality improvements to back up the cost. Alpine has some of the best technology in the market, providing animated street view GPS in some of their higher tech models. The music output from Alpine has also been very highly rated, giving you a great music experience every time you drive.

JVC double din head units

JVC is a dependable producer of car stereos and receivers, trusted among many different consumers to provide high quality music. The different choices of JVC units allow you to choose a device that will fit in well with your car as well as perform all the tasks that you need from a receiver. JVC offers some of the highest valued technology in the market.

JVC Arsenal KW-V100 offers a great, sleek look with many different qualities that will make your drive smoother and more enjoyable for many years.

Kenwood double din head units

Kenwood is known for its music quality. The second you begin to listen to a Kenwood stereo, you’ll know why the company has earned the reputation they now enjoy. With many of its devices having great sound quality and quality control, you can make sure your listening experience is the best it can be, giving you the most enjoyable ride.

Kenwood DPX500BT also rivals the DDX27in music quality, but is a cheaper choice and doesn’t offer a touch screen experience.

Sony double din head units

With the quality of all Sony products, you can be sure you are in good hands when you by a Sony stereo. With its long history of technology, Sony head units provide the durability and quality that is expected out of a top-of-the-line head unit. Sony units also provide a top of the line quality of sound, giving you a great purchase all around.

Sony XSPN1BT is a cheaper option, offering a large range of music listening possibilities as well that are sure to increase the entertainment value of your drive.

Satellite Radio

Satellite radio is the second most used capabilities of car radios with the modern technology because the user can listen to any genre of music, from any radio station they choose, from wherever they are or to the location they are traveling to with ease.


The up and coming Bluetooth feature is actually becoming a very hot commodity with stereos. Most all of the best touch screen car stereos are equipped with this feature, which allows the user to play music, look up directions to a location, make phone calls, etc. all hands free. The user will be much more focus on driving, and has more control over the car with both hands on the steering wheel, as opposed to having one hand trying play a certain song off of your phone.

Controls and Features

One of the last features of the best double DIN radios are that they can control detailed audio functionalities such as frequency, volume, band, bass, treble, EQ, speaker fade, and speaker balance. With these controls at your fingertips, you can customize your music listening style to the style you like the most.

CD and DVD Players

CDs and DVDs are playable with the double DIN touchscreen. CDs are shown on the screen and are easily accessible with just a touch on the screen to find which song you want to listen to. Some double DIN radios with a touchscreen displays the names of the songs, artists, genre, and the CD name. DVDs can be watched on the touchscreen as well, due to the height and width of the screen, there is always a clear picture. Plus, with it being played through the radio system, the user can increase or decrease the volume of the movie at any time without much of a hassle.

How We Made Our Choices

Our research digs deep into the personal preferences and needs of a variety of consumers and considers their own after-purchase reviews, whether they are audiophiles who demand the best sound or drivers interested in the very latest smart device connections.

Pioneer AVH-X490BS

The WVGA screen is large and vibrant, perfect for the MixTrax effects. While not to everyone’s liking MixTrax is all about giving a fun element to your music.

Pioneer AVHX5800BHS 2-DIN Receiver

Hands-free calling and great music connectivity (including Spotify) add to a well-balanced unit. Also supports two phones at once.

While the connections are solid and Spotify performs as expected, the radio app can be flakey.

Pioneer AVH4200NEX 2-DIN Receiver

While short on the more frivolous customization features seen elsewhere the AVH4200NEX offers up various extras such as HDMI input, a detachable faceplate, and optional expansions. If adDINg versatility isn’t on the top of your priorities, the 4100NEX may be a better and slightly cheaper option.

No major issues but some users have reported the annoying nag screen.

Sony XAV-AX100

A unit that stands out due to the subtle and stylish Faceplate design, along with a rotary volume knob that doesn’t dominate the control panel. The effective sound “positioning” of the audio output via the host machine’s Dynamic Stage Organizer gives it a unique audio feature.

It would have been nice to have full customization of the screen. The curse of the Disclaimer Panel at startup has been reported by numerous users.

Kenwood DDX9703S

With dual phone connection and great smart device interaction, this unit goes even further and adds a stack of media options for audio and video playback.  A good choice for a family vehicle if you’re considering putting entertainment high on the list of requirements.

With such a striking display it’s a shame there are no options for customizing the screen to chosen color themes.

Size Matters 

If you’re not familiar with the world of single and double DIN head units, you may want to know how the two differ, and how much of an improvement the double unit holds over a single. Let’s clarify these points.

Single and double are the two standard sizes you’ll come across when looking to purchase a new audio system.

Some systems use this extra space to provide a larger button and control knob layout. So, even though the system is larger in size, that doesn’t necessarily you’ll be getting more screen space. Something to keep in mind if that’s important to you.

Size Requirements

The size factor is obviously important when looking at buying a new unit. A faceplate of 180 millimeters x 50 millimeters (inches x inches) will indicate a single DIN head unit. Whereas, a double DIN head unit has a doubled height, measuring 180 millimeters x 100 millimeters (inches x inches).

A double DIN head unit can be replaced with either a single or another double DIN unit. However, a single DIN unit can only be replaced with only another single.

Features and Tips

Popular ways of storing your music and movies include SD Cards and USB sticks. Though streaming from a smart device is gaining ground rapidly. If you’re going to rely on such a playback system a closer look into the inputs and outputs of the head unit is recommended. You’ll want to make sure the double DIN head unit you choose allows for such connectivity.

Practical and luxury features should always mix well with an ideal system and hopefully make a compelling case for purchase. GPS navigation is a high priority for some drivers, though this requirement can also be dealt with by using smartphone apps such as Google Maps. One of the units reviewed here does offer GPS but, don’t automatically assume all the units will have such a feature. Generally, this article deals with systems offering features such as Bluetooth calling, onboard cameras, and media playback.

Apple iOS

Siri Eyes Free. This system, introduced in iOS 6.0 neatly links Siri on your iPhone to the onboard voice system of your vehicle, enabling music playback, text messaging, and other smartphone features on your vehicles audio system from your iPhone or iPad.

Siri Eyes Free simply requires a Bluetooth connection allowing it to work with any Bluetooth equipped head unit.

A step up from this is Apple’s CarPlay system. Requiring a CarPlay compatible head unit, the user will basically have iOS running their unit display, benefiting from advanced Siri integration and voice control.

A growing number of apps are being added to the CarPlay compatibility list.

Google Android

Android Auto. As with Apple CarPlay, the Android Auto system needs a compatible head unit. An Android device can then project its display onto this unit’s touchscreen, delivering text messages, music, GPS map systems, and other data. It also delivers users access to the vehicle’s sensors such as the steering wheel buttons.

Voice control can be utilized for safer driving, just as with Apple’s Siri-based systems. Android Auto also has an expanding list of compatible apps, including Google Maps, Waze, Skype, Spotify, and WhatsApp.

Pioneer AVH X5800BHS

Lots of sound and color as MixTrax and custom lighting brighten up the large 6.95-inch screen. Special effects aside, the X4800BS is a solid double DIN head unit selection, with Siri Eyes Free and SiriusXM Sxv300 tuner compatibility. We also liked that there’s a GPS upgrade option available with the AVIC-U260 navigation add-on.

The AVH-X4800BS packs a lot of the same features found on the Pioneer AVHX5800BHS such as hands-free calling and audio streaming using the integrated Bluetooth option. iOS users will also appreciate the voice recognition capability.

Pioneer AVH X4800BS

Manual aside, the head unit is still rich in features including well Apple Car Play and Android Auto system support. Making this one another popular choice for smartphone users in particular.  Add in the HDMI input and we are talking about some serious entertainment features.

Although it weighs in at the high end of the price range, it’s obvious the large, bright 7-inch TFT screen is being put to excellent use by the clever mix of practical and entertainment abilities of the unit.

The slightly more expensive AVH-4200 NEX differs from the AVH-4100 NEX (which we’ll cover below) in its smart device communications, adding the DataLink Maestro service to give extra control over steering wheel controls and voice commands. While the smart device owner also gains the ability to use both CarPlay and Android Auto through the same USB port.

Pioneer AVH 4200NEX

A particularly sturdy performer at a great price, this offering from Kenwood has an appearance and feature set somewhat belying its position at the lower end of the price range. With an eye-catching LCD display capable of displaying MPtag information and a large rotary knob in the center, the DPX501BT looks the part.

Android App Control

Do you prefer the different music streaming services like; Spotify and Pandora? In case you do, then you need to find a head unit that can support the app control. With such a head unit, you will be able to have a direct control of all the streaming radio apps. This makes it elementary to skip or change any station while driving.

Bluetooth vs. USB

The Android car stereo may be Bluetooth enabled or use USB to play music. This means that you need to go for whatever will suit you better. The Bluetooth enabled devices are highly recommended as they allow for wireless connections; hence very reliable and convenient. On the other hand, the USB car stereos also allow for a better compatibility, though it isn’t 100% perfect.

Music Browsing and Playback

Having a full control of the car stereo system of your car is very important. This is the reason why you need to get a stereo system that supports playback and music browsing through the head unit. This means that you will not need to fiddle the music with your phone in order to play the songs.

Apart from the above features, it is also important to look out for the price, functionality, and ease of use among others. Below are the top best android car stereo reviews in 201you may try out.

Mirror Link Features

For the latest Android system for your car, this is an amazing car stereo system that will assure you of quality music. It has a multi-purpose media center that will enable you to fully control the system. It also offers you a very reliable navigation system that supports both AGPS and GPS.

Dual USB ports

This is a versatile and highly compatible car stereo system that you will definitely like. It supports a wide range of functions like DVD, FM/AM, GPS, MP3, and VCD among others. It also has a built-in microphone that allows for hands-free calling. It functions in a multi-OS language like; English, Russian, and Spanish among others. It is user-friendly and delivers quality sound system.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your android double din wisely! Good luck!

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