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Best barber shears 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated September 1, 2020

Charlie OliverI’m Willow Charlie Oliver. My friends call me “stone” and it just kind of stuck. After considering 27 of the most highly rated barber shears and testing eight of them for more than 13 hours, we’re find the best barber shears of 2018.

In fact, it was the first time I had been in this situation and what I thought was going to be a very quick and easy task turned out to be a good many weeks of research. You see I’m an average member of the public just like you and the main reason I decided to publish a review website on barber shears is because I was looking for one not so long ago.

Best barber shears of 2018

I want to find something that’s designed well (both for aesthetic purposes and efficiency). Here, I will review 3 of the best barber shears of 2018, and we will also discuss the things to consider when looking to purchase one. I hope you will make an informed decision after going through each of them. The above tidbits will bring you closer to selecting barber shears that best serves your needs and as per your budget. The best barber shears will make your fairytale dreams come true!

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
Awards 1
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№1 – Equinox Professional Shears Razor Edge Series – Barber Hair Cutting Scissors / Shears – 6.5″ – Japanese Stainless Steel Hair Scissors Mustache Scissors and Barber Scissors with Fine Adjustment Screw

Equinox Professional Shears Razor Edge Series - Barber Hair Cutting Scissors / Shears - 6.5

[PATENTED DESIGN] Our raving reviews speak for themselves. Customers LOVE our haircutting shears. PREMIUM – This specialized high quality Japanese stainless steel Hair Cutting scissor is tempered with precise blades and hand-sharpened cutting edges to evenly trim hair with ease.
We’ve been using it for 4 months and didn’t notice any flaws.

Why did this barber shears win the first place?

The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The rear part fits perfectly! It is mounted really tight and reliable.
















№2 – Hair Cutting Scissors Kit with Hair Thinning Shears Hair Professional – Razor Sharp Hair…

Hair Cutting Scissors Kit with Hair Thinning Shears Hair Professional - Razor Sharp Hair...

SUAVE, ERGONOMIC DESIGN; RUST-RESISTANT – Black Widow’s haircut thinning scissors and professional barber shears are lightweight and ergonomically designed to distribute weight evenly, causing less stress on shoulders when cutting or thinning hair
SUPER SHARP GERMAN STEEL BLADES – Save time and money in the long run! Made from premium quality German steel and finely honed blade, our thinning shears professional and haircut scissors kit are stronger and stay sharp longer than competitors; can do 450-650 haircuts before they need sharpening
A little pricier than some of the other .
A little on the heavy side.

Why did this barber shears come in second place?

Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed.
















№3 – 2pcs/Set Professional Edger 6 Inch Barber Hair Cutting Thinning Razor/Scissors/Shears Kit Sharp With Leather Case-Japan 440c Stainless Steel-Home or Hairdresser Use

2pcs/Set Professional Edger 6 Inch Barber Hair Cutting Thinning Razor/Scissors/Shears Kit Sharp With Leather Case-Japan 440c Stainless Steel-Home or Hairdresser Use

Made from 100% 440C Japanese stainless steel hair cutting scissor with extremely sharp blades for clean cut, evenly trim hair with ease, will not damage or split hair ends
Smooth cuts and mirror polish finish,Luxurious red diamond stones in the two-leaf intersection and mirror polish finish
The handles break easily.
The price is slightly higher than other competitors.

Why did this barber shears take third place?

This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. The material is incredibly nice to the touch. It has a great color, which will suit any wallpapers. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time.
















barber shears Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy barber shears, right? No!

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series

One of the best features this pair of shears offers is the Japanese stainless steel material. The sleek, sharp design makes it easy to cut quickly and without mess, as the material resists any hair build up, like what can occur between the blades of the average pair of scissors. Be sure to store them in the leather case that comes along with the product, however, feel free to toss the insertable finger cushions. While the majority of this product is amazing, this is one Equinox offering you won’t want – the finger cushions are cheap and ill fitting. The only other thing to consider? The less pointed ends mean less geometric cuts, but can also mean greater safety when it comes to trimming children or pets. As always, consider your personal use before buying a product.

Barber’s Choice Professional Hair Shears

For barbers, men’s hair stylists or just men who’d like to trim their hair up on their own at home, Barber’s Choice Professional Hair Shears can be one of the best hair cutting shears available. Shipped in a stylish, masculine case, the shears, made with 420 Japanese stainless steel, come with a complimentary black comb for easy male styling at the drop of a hat. The design fits every hand easily, and the ergonomic feature means that you won’t experience hand, wrist or arm strain, no matter how much you use your hair cutting shears. To back up the high praises many buyers give this product, the manufacturer even offers a lifetime guarantee, so there’s no need to worry about dullness or breakage. If anything happens, you can get them replaced, with no cost to you. Decide to buy and don’t like them? You can return the shears within a month and get your money back.

As every product is made to fit a certain audience, so are these, and we’d be lying if we didn’t admit they’re made more for male hairstyles and barbershop work than anything else. The blade is primarily designed the way it is to provide close trims, cuts and fades.

Wrap Up

The ISSIKE Professional Hair Cutting Scissors are made from hand-sharpened stainless steel. This steel is designed to keep its edge for up to five times longer than other kinds of stainless steel. The blades will not lock or become dull for a long time. These shears are ideal for barbers, hairstylists and cosmetology students because they help create a great cut every time.

ShearGuru Professional Barber Scissor

The ShearGuru Professional Barber Scissors are worth the investment for anyone who regularly cuts hair. They are made from stainless steel, which has been meticulously sharpened and their edge will last a long time. The tension screw was custom designed to make it easy to precisely adjust the tension to your preferences.

Their finger grip is longer to make it comfortable to hold them for a long time. The grip also was designed to reduce the tension needed to close the blades.

ShearGuru also provides a lifetime guarantee on these shears. They have become known for having a great customer service. These shears are ideal for people who need a pair of shears that will last for a long time.

Kovira Professional Hairdressing Scissors

The Kovira shears come in a zippered black leather case that is cushioned for safe storage. The case has simple elastic bands to hold the shears in the case. These shears use a spring leaf tension adjustment system, which makes it easy to adjust their tension.

They are made from Japanese stainless steel, which makes the shears very durable. Their stylish look makes these shears attractive to many people. These shears have rubber thumb and finger inserts if you need them for comfort reasons.

How to Care for Your Shears

After spending a good chunk of money on a pair of high-quality shears, it should be a priority to take care of them. This can help them last longer, and cut better.

The first thing that you should remember when you are setting down your scissors, you should never leave the blades open, or on a hard counter. Always make sure that the blades are closed, and rest them on a towel or a soft surface. This will lower the risk of the blades being chipped or nicked, which will cause the blades to become dull.

The less that the blades need to be re-sharpened, the longer they will last. If the shears are not correctly cutting, you should check if there are imperfections by running your thumbnail across the blade. You should be able to feel any nicks in the blades, and you can have them removed by sharpening them.

To check the blade’s tension, you just need to hold the shears parallel to the floor and lift the finger ring, then let them drop. If the blade falls immediately without any resistance, the shear’s tension is too loose. You will need to tighten the joint’s screw until the finger ring is able to stay up on its own, and drops when you touch it.

You should always make sure to let your scissors dry completely. Leaving hair products or water on the blades will cause them to rust with time.

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, we hope that our guide has helped you learn about professional hair shears. This could help you go further in your career, or with your hair styling.


On occasion, our suggestions for high-quality  products will direct you to our partner site(s), where we may earn a small commission, which financially supports further development of Consumerion.

In order to provide you the most appropriate and trust-worthy recommendations, we base our endorsements solely on the quality of the products as they relate to the topic of the article they appear in.

These professional shears are sharp and long. Some are adjustable while some are not. So, when you use the shear, make sure you fit in your fingers in a way that the shear doesn’t damage the finger. Also, when handled perfectly, you are able to use the shear for a longer time period in hair cutting and relativity. These are the light cutting shears and so, use them uniformly when you are cutting.

Kamisori Diamond Texturizer

This 6-star rated pair gives the best when it comes to texturizing and thinning the hair. The shear has a 6” length and contains 30 sharp and finely edged teeth. This shear comes with one-year drop warranty and is very durable and easy to handle. Best known for giving comfort and gripped control, this shear also comes in a good price range.

Toolworx Left-handed Cutting Shears

This shear is specifically designed to be used by the left-handed people. The shear is made with Japanese stainless steel and comes with adjustable tension to offer you greater grip and control. Featured as razor sharp for smoother cuts, this shear is delivered in great quality which also comes at a very reasonable and affordable price. This shear is used professionally and at home and gives a great performance which is worth your every penny. Perfect at giving you easy and nice trims, this shear also makes haircutting task easy and relevant.

Straight scissors are a traditional layout with finger and thumb holes set in a straight, level line. With offset scissors thumb hole is moved inwards towards the screw of scissor.

The basics

Shears used for hair cutting are about inches in length and have equal sized “eyes” and handles. Other types of shears are designed for very large cutting jobs. Scissors can range in size and can be under inches (and over) in length and usually have one handle that is longer than the other. Scissors are used for lighter cutting tasks.


Extract weight without leaving lines! Our 23-tooth InvisiBlend Shear is perfect for point cutting and slide cutting. Dual finger rests allow for reversible cutting positions. This blending and texturizing shear which allows you to slide out in any direction with zero drag or pull.


All Essential Series Shears are designed with the same forward-set thumb crane handle as the Signature Series Shears. This design allows you to cut with your elbow in a downward position, reducing stress on your hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder.

No Choice – Manicare Hairdressing Scissors

These scissors from Manicare are ideal if you just want to spend around £on a decent pair of quality hairdressing scissors.

They are 16.cm in length, come with a pouch and are made from Japanese steel, so still good quality.

Like some of the others above, these also come with a finger rest and have very sharp and accurate blades. As you can see from the image these are very stylish and can be used on wet or dry hair.

Buyers rate these at 4.0 out of stars and they have an average price of around £5-depending on where you buy them.

They are 1/2 inches length, come with a pouch and are hand crafted from J2 Japanese steel, so they are excellent.

Like some of the others, these also come with an easily removable finger rest and have very sharp blades which wont damage or split. hair ends. As you can see from the picture these are quire cool looking and you can use them on wet or dry hair.

Buyers rate these at 4.out of stars and they have an average price of around £1depending on where you buy them, so they are very reasonably priced.

So there you go folks some of the best hairdressing scissors that are currently available in the UK market.

Swivel Thumb

Allows the wrist to flatten, parallel to the blades, and minimizes thumb movement, giving the most ergonomic cutting position. Swivel shears are especially good for those with wrist problems.

Allows for better grasp when using Eastern or Western grips.

Designed opposite a right-handed shear

The advancement of modern designs, like the crane grip, has helped to reduce the frequency of repetitive strain injuries by putting your joints into a more relaxed position while cutting. If you plan to be working on hair for several hours or more in a day, an ergonomic handle design, such as swivel thumb shears, is highly recommended.

Material and Country of Origin

All professional shears are made of steel. Germany and Japan make the best steel, with Hitachi Japanese steel being the absolute best.

German steel shears are made by melting stainless steel into a basic mold. They are cheaper and less smooth than Japanese, and they also have bevel-edged blades rather than a convex edge. Japanese steel uses higher quality alloys and produces a smoother, quieter blade.

Steel quality is measured by a heating grade and a hardness (Rockwell Hardness or HRC) rating. High quality steel, like that produced in Germany and Japan, rate at a 440 heating grade and 59-6HRC. A higher grade steel will be 440 with v-steel or cobalt added in, and the highest quality steel out there is made at the steel company, Hitachi, which is the highest rated in the world.


Your professional barbering scissors must feel comfortable.  Comfortable barber scissors will reduce strain on hand, wrist and elbow. Reduced strain minimises risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injury.  This is a common complaint for barbers.  To choose best barbers scissors it is important to hold your hairdressing scissors correctly.

Measuring a barbers scissor

When you choose best barbers scissors the size is mainly down to personal preference.  The longer the blade, quicker you can cut hair.  A barber scissor is often larger than regular hairdressing scissors.  Partly down to speed of the haircut and partly down to average size of a barber’s hand compared to average hair stylist.

Barbers scissor fitting

A common method of choose best hairdressing scissors is to place the finger hole at the base of your thumb and the tip of the blade should reach the last section of your middle finger.  See image.

Right handed scissor

There’s a large choice of First Aid Kits available to sports teams. With Physique, you’ll be assured you have the right kit for your team. Whatever sport or activity you’re involved in, our kits have all the essentials you need. If you want to tweak your kit to best suit your needs, we’re here to help you get exactly what you want.

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How much should you get

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This all depends on how many first aid kits you need to make up. If you only need to worry about one team that’s nice and easy. If you have multiple teams to get kit for then simply multiply the total number of kits by each recommended product and quantity from the Essential Tick list.

For example, a pack of 2Instant Ice Packs will give you plenty for several kits and some spare to replenish for the next game.

Know when it’s dry

This purple glue lets you see where you apply it but dries clear.

After testing four leading glue sticks, we like Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks best. They’re cheap, good at sticking stuff to other stuff, and simple to work with. As we discovered, the colored glue isn’t just a gimmick; it’s actually worth the minimal extra cost. The Elmer’s glue applies as an easy-to-see purple and gradually turns colorless, so you can tell which areas you’ve already glued.

We tested our sticks (Elmer’s Washable All Purpose, Elmer’s Disappearing Purple, the clear UHU stic, and the color UHU stic) by making rudimentary construction-paper art projects, gluing dimes and nickels to a piece of paper and suspending it from the bottom of a kitchen cupboard. We also uncapped each stick to see if any would dry out. All of the glues performed well; paper stuck to paper, and even after five days no nickels and dimes fell down from underneath my cupboard. (I’m still waiting.) After sitting uncapped for 1hours, each glue stick did dry out a bit, but chopping the dried ends off made them usable again.

Buying a stand-alone calculator is hard to justify these days when every phone has a capable one built in and Wolfram Alpha is easier to use than any graphing calculator. If you need a graphing calculator, typically your school will tell you which one to buy. But if you want a scientific calculator for use during exams where graphing calculators are prohibited, or if you simply love the feel of real buttons, we recommend the Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro because it has all the standard scientific-calculator functions (exponents, roots, scientific notation, etc.) and can solve for equations the way they appear in the textbook—no specialized notation for you to memorize. That makes it a great pick for students.

Cap erasers

Extend the life of those precious pencils with a mass supply of serviceable pink cap erasers. Of course, all pencil privileges are revoked for any student who uses a cap as missile device.

Date stamp: “But I turned it on time, I swear!” Stop due-date debates with older students (and, ahem, their parents) with a handy date stamp to track assignment deliveries.

8out of 100 buyers gave these a star rating. 96% rated them stars or higher. Only 1% deemed them worth a star rating. They cost on average £12-15.

Personally, we would recommend keeping it on for the control purposes. The company are so confident in their product that they are happy to exchange or refund with no questions asked.

Underneath I have broken down the number of people who rated these Sanguine scissors. Buyers rated these based on a star system, with being the lowest, and being the highest.

Expensive Hairdressing Scissors

There are of course expensive, but very high quality hairdressing scissors available. These are from brands such as Tsubame, Suvorna, Jaguar, Koi Evolution, Sensei, Saki Saki, Joewell, Olivia Garden and others.

These can set you back anything between £50-200 for your scissors.​ As an example of this, these Jaguar Diamond scissors, shown to the right, cost around £160. I understand how professional hairdressers and barbers, can justify that spend. For the home hair cutter like me, it would break my heart.

Basic Cutting

Rotary cutter: These are nifty for curves, long slices, and exact cuts against a straight edge (remember those see-through rulers above). They work similar to a pizza cutter and many people prefer them to scissors. Two things to remember: a) always use rotary cutters on a cutting mat or you could cut right through your fabric and down into your work surface, and b) these blades are sharp when new; always cover and lock the blade when not in use.

Basic Pressing 

Ham: Pressing hams are handy three-dimensional, fabric-stuffed shapes that help you iron curves and other hard-to-reach areas.

Pressing cloths: Some types of fabric have a tendency to shine (or even melt) if heat is applied directly; a pressing cloth can help prevent that. Choose a cloth made from natural fiber like cotton or wool, or make your own.

Basic Sewing Notions 

How To Choose The Right Sewing Machine Needle For Your Project.

Hand sewing needles: Get a variety pack of hand sewing needles that gives you several point styles and eye sizes.

Needle threader: These are inexpensive and will save you a lot of frustration. They consist of a thin wire loop on a fob. Insert the loop through the eye, thread this much larger and easier-to-see loop, then pull it back through the eye. You can use these for hand or sewing machine needles.

Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors Kit

The first kit on our list of best dog grooming scissors sets is from a popular company, Pet Magasin. This is a set of top-quality grooming scissors for dogs which comes with pairs of durable dog grooming shears made from the finest surgical stainless steel. The longer pair with pre-sharpened smooth blades is designed for clipping body fur, while the slightly shorter pair with micro-serrated blades is intended for detailed work on the pet’s face and paws.

Both pairs of these grooming scissors for dogs have rounded tips for optimum safety, with cushioned handles and extra finger rest for added comfort and easy maneuverability. The dog grooming shears kit comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and 100% money-back guarantee.

Other well-liked features of Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors Kit by pet owners are the rubberized handles for a secure grip and an extra finger loop for guiding around tight spots, such as the pet’s face and ears. The combined cutting efficiency and ergonomics of these grooming scissors for dogs have made it a popular item among groomers, veterinarians, and satisfied pet owners.

ColorPet Curved Scissor Set

Second one on our list of best dog grooming scissors sets is an item from yet another respected company, ColorPet. This dog grooming shears set contains three grooming tools, including dog shears for cutting and thinning. These are ergonomically contoured grooming scissors for dogs made of genuine stainless steel with razor sharp edges and properly balanced weight.

The handles have wide finger rests and outside ear for maximum comfort and effortless cutting. Thick coats and tricky tangles are no match to the high-precision cutting pet shears and 26-tooth thinning shears for dogs. These dog thinning shears also function as finishing tool, and these medium-sized scissors come in a zippered carry pouch.

According to most dog grooming shears reviews, buyers of ColorPet’s Curved Scissors agree that these are easily one of the best dog grooming scissors sets available today which are especially great for home-groomers. This kit has efficient razor sharp blades and comfortable handles for detailed work. The contoured design has allowed many pet owners to groom their pets themselves. This was particularly convenient for those whose dogs were scared of groomers or had mobility problems, or for pet owners who simply wanted to save on grooming fees.

Overall, it’s an affordable set that gets the pet grooming task done effortlessly. Many have found ColorPet Curved Scissor Set to be just the right size, weight and price, especially those who were starting out with home-grooming their pets and weren’t prepared to spend so much on best grooming scissors for dogs at the outset. The fact that there are three dog thinning shears in the kit is another reason buyers opt for this choice. The dog grooming scissors’ tips could have at least been blunted or rounded to prevent accidents as suggested by many customers.

Tiny Trim Ball-tipped Small Pet Grooming Scissor

Third one on our list of best dog grooming scissors sets is a much more affordable alternative from a super popular company, Scaredy Cut. These Scaredy Cut’s Tiny Trim grooming scissors for dogs set is a compact and lightweight pair of dog shears with a rounded tip. This 4.5-inch trimmer is recommended as a supplementary tool to other Scaredy Cut pet grooming tools, and is designed for trimming around the pet’s face, nose, ears, and paws.

Tiny Trim grooming scissors for dogs have two different blades: one with a micro-serrated edge to better hold fine fur while trimming, and the other with a smooth sharp edge for making clean cuts. The padded handles offer quiet grooming for sensitive pets. Purchase of this product is covered by a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee and a refund option within years of purchase if you’re not satisfied.

Reviews of these pet grooming scissors are overwhelmingly positive, as you can see from the above link. Pet owners were very pleased with Tiny Trim. First, because of its blunt and rounded tip. Home-groomers and professionals alike immediately saw how indispensable this third best dog grooming scissors set are for trimming hair on the face and other sensitive areas of pets. The rubber-covered thumb and finger holes make gripping more comfortable and controlled, so this is definitely another plus.

Another thing that dog owners kept mentioning was how happy they were about the seller’s quick response to their feedback. Because the serrations on Tiny Trim Ball-tipped Small Pet Grooming Scissor are so tiny, many buyers initially don’t see them. These were often mentioned in customers’ feedback, to which the seller promptly sent emails explaining in detail where the serrations were and offering options for replacement or refund. We as customers always appreciate this kind of concern and responsiveness from the manufacturer.

Conair PRO Dog Round Tip Shears

For the fourth kit on our best dog grooming scissors sets list we have an even cheaper option yet still high quality, from a well-known dog company called Conair. This pair of round-tip dog grooming shears has 5-inch smooth and micro-serrated edges that are ideal for trimming fine fur on dogs in hard-to-reach and sensitive areas.

Color Pet 9-Piece Pet Grooming Set

These dog grooming shears and scissors are made of stainless steel; scissors have balanced weight and adjustable tension knob for high-precision cutting. The handles on these grooming scissors for dogs are contoured with finger rests for comfort and added control.

Many of those who had been using this last one of the best dog grooming scissors sets for a while, however, observed that the handle hurt after a few minutes of cutting and shearing. And while these dog scissors were made of thick metal, a higher grade of metal that held the edge longer could have been used. On the whole, these were minor things that dog owners were willing to accept for the price that made the set such a good buy.

Dom Naish

Dom Naish is a Phoenix-based writer, vegan, cupcake addict and dog lover. Years in the animal rescue trenches have taught him every aspect of dog ownership from behavioral problems, personality and breed specific trait differences of all dogs.

Stitch unpicker

Buy a couple of these because they always get lost. Keep a few in the big box and one in the little box.  And don’t bother buying the fancy ones that wind themselves up, they break within two days and it’s really disappointing when that happens.

Hand needles

Buy two packets of these, as you can find them fairly cheap in Boyes. Pop one in each box. Also, if you study machine knitting at your university it will be worth buying a darning needle.

Buy a couple of boxes, as they disappear very quickly! Over the course of three years I managed to lose all my pins, mostly in my carpet. Then I stood on them all again, it was very painful! If you can, buy a magnet so you can clean them up easily if you knock them over.

Pattern master

Key switches are the technology used under each key of the keyboard. They can determine how easy or difficult it is to repair, feedback (physical and audible), and durability. There are three major types of key switches used in computer keyboards.

Silicone dome switches are the most common and can traditionally be found in keyboards that accompany the purchase of a new computer (i.e. “budget keyboards”). The soft rubber of the domes makes for a squishy, silent feedback. The downfall of these keyboards are that they require the user to push the key all the way down. Touch typists will find this frustrating since it will slow down typing speed. Games that can suffer from slower typing speeds are MMORPGS (massive multiplayer online role-playing games), dungeon crawlers, and reaction-based games.

Mechanical switches offer the longest life, are easy to repair, and customizability due to the ease of replacing keys. These are also the most sensitive to the touch, allowing typists and gamers to maintain fast action. Mechanical switches are great for any genre, but users will notice a significant improvement when playing MMORPGs, dungeon crawlers, real-time strategy games, and other games reliant on lots of keyboard action in a small amount of time.   Types can overlap, for example there could be a gaming keyboard that’s also ergonomically designed making it an ergonomic, gaming keyboard.

Lock brand ratings are confusing!

All the good brands provide their own rating systems for grading the security of their locks and these are useful for choosing a lock from that one manufacturer.

We can divide chain locks into two broad groups

Portable chains are easy to transport wrapped around your seat post and their relative length means you can secure your bike to a wide range of objects. However these chains will generally be no more than 1mm thick and are not as secure as good U-locks. And they are still much heavier than U-locks.

A super thick, core hardened steel chain with a heavy, top quality lock is perhaps the most secure way to lock your bike. However these chains are so heavy and cumbersome, that they generally work best as a second, stationary lock which you leave wherever your bike is regularly secured for long periods of time.

As with U-locks you should think carefully about what size and thickness you need and how you will carry it about if you need a portable chain.

I have selected and reviewed three great chain locks for you to look at below. And you can read more about the best chain locks here. Or compare the locks in a table of the most popular chain locks here.

Folding Locks

Folding locks are made up of a series of metal plates linked together by rivets. The rivets allow the plates to rotate so they can be folded into a tight package and then folded out to make a stiff shape that you can fasten around your bike.

Kryptonite Rating

Although the shackle is just 1mm thick, it’s made from a special “Max Performance” steel which makes it as strong as Kryptonites other 1mm shackle U-locks.

And this thin shackle means it weighs just 1.8lb (0.8kg) which is about the same as two cans of coke.

While Sold Secure have not yet rated it, Kryptonite give it a 7/which is the same rating as it’s highly regarded (Sold Secure Silver) Evolution range of U-locks.

You can check out how it compares to other small, light U-locks here.

OnGuard Rating

While Sold Secure haven’t tested the Mini, it’s bigger brother gets a very respectable Silver rating and since it has the same 63/100 in house rating from OnGuard, it’s safe to assume it offers the same level of protection.

So, if you’re “Lower Risk” and attracted to the low prices of cable locks, you’ve got no excuse: the OnGuard Bulldog Mini is also really cheap, but will protect you bike much, much better.

Check out how it fares against other mini U-locks here.

Chain lock

Lower risk situations. A cheap, small, lightweight alternative to a cable lock.

U-locks vs Chain locks vs Folding locks

I talk about the pros and cons of U-locks and chains in much more detail in the U-lock vs chain lock page.

But to summarize here: if you’re looking for a lock that you can carry around with you every day, then a U-lock is generally the better choice. U-locks provide the nicest balance between security, practicality and price. So they are usually lighter, cheaper and more secure than portable chains.

Of course, there may be good reasons to choose a chain over a U-lock. For instance, maybe you need the greater locking options that a long chain offers. Or maybe you don’t like the frame mounts that come with U-locks and prefer the ease of wrapping a chain round your seat post. But in most cases, U-locks are the best option for portable security.

If on the other hand you’re looking for a lock that stays in one place, at home or at work, then a big, heavy chain is the better choice. A thick chain with a strong lock provides the highest possible level of security for your bike.

But what about folding locks? Just like U-locks, folding locks are best suited to mobile security. And they address two of the main problems that we can face with U-locks: their limited size and how difficult they can be to carry around on your bike.

Because they are longer and more flexible, you will find more places you can lock you bike up. And because they are so compact when folded up, they are much easier to transport. They also compete well with U-locks in terms of weight.

Abus vs Kryptonite vs OnGuard

Kryptonite also produce high quality locks. While not quite up to the standard of Abus, they make up for this with exceptional customer service. This includes free key and lock replacement in certain circumstances and the best of the anti-theft protection schemes.

OnGuard have had a slightly poorer reputation for both quality and particularly customer service. However, in recent years they have significantly improved the build quality of their locks. And they beat both Abus and Kryptonite in terms of price. OnGuard locks are nearly always the cheapest of any locks at the same level of security.

Ergonomics and circumstances

Is your piano student taller or shorter than average? How easy is to adjust the height of the instrument, seat or stand? Musicians should play sitting at a height where the forearm is parallel to the ground.

We offer a complete selection of keyboard stands and racks to match any student and budget.

The Pro Platinum Keyboard Stand from On Stage Stands is sturdy, with adjustable height and width to help you play comfortably.

You’ll find a complete selection of keyboard instrument cases, gig bags, and covers here.

Does the instrument need to travel with your student, and if so, how portable is it? What about the power source? Will you need to play in areas where it may not be easy to plug in? Read specs to find out if the keyboard can be powered with batteries, an AC adapter, or both. Not all keyboards include an adapter—read descriptions carefully so you order the appropropriate extras.


You may use one before and of course listened from others about the construction of high-quality shears. In fact, the shears are made of stainless steel which provides a longer lifespan as well as an excellent durability. Such construction ensures the best quality. Not only that, you will be able to clean up such shears very easily.

The design allows having a comfortable using. The shears which have been designed with a comfort grip allows using very easily and safely. There is also another important thing to consider occasionally or frequently use. As here we are discussing the barber shears, we know you are going to use for frequently using. In that case, you should choose one which is comfortable to use. Because, an ergonomic design allows having the comfort to your hand, arm, wrist, elbow and so on.

Others to Consider

You can attain a professional performance only from the high-quality shears. The blade of the shears should be very sharp and such item will provide a perfect cutting. Durability is also an important thing that you should consider. Besides a nice construction and design, the shears should be very durable as well. Because you must expect a safe and strong use.

To store the shears, they come with a storage case. The case which is made of leather allows a safe and compact storage. They are available in several styles and you can go with one that looks nice to you.

Meg Muckenhoupt

After conducting 30 hours of research on 7models of scissors and kitchen shears, consulting with experts (including a maker expert at San Francisco’s Exploratorium), and cutting paper, cardboard, marshmallows, string, duct tape, wire, cable ties, and chicken bones, we think the best scissors for all-around household use are the Kai 528-inch Dressmaking Shears (also available for lefties). They just work. Light and sharp, with the smoothest-feeling action of any scissors we tested, these stainless steel and vanadium blades will swiftly and precisely cut paper, plastic clamshell packaging, cardboard, blue jeans, and even picture-hanging wire in a pinch.

We’ve reviewed this guide and are still confident that our picks for kitchen shears and scissors (which include true left-handed options) are the best for most people.

A bigger option

The Wiss 10” Titanium Coated Shop Shears have serrated blades that power through plastic and twine, but are less adept with delicate paper than our top pick.

If you can’t find the Kai shears, we recommend the super-sized Wiss 10” Titanium-Coated Shop Shears as our runner-up pick, which has heftier handles for big hands. They don’t cut wrapping paper as fluidly as the Kai shears, and they don’t come in a true left-handed mode. However, the long blades slice through clamshell packs as easily as Excalibur, and the full-tang construction will last for years.

Cutting blade

We all know that the blade plays a crucial role in determining how effective the shears will be. The design, shape, size and make affect the performance.

There are two types of blades to choose from. The first one is the convex blade. They have a razor-like edge that makes them very sharp. In addition, they can be used to cut hair using all the known techniques. Since they are sharp, they allow quicker and more precise hair cutting.

The second type is the beveled edge. They have serrations on one or all of the blades to prevent sliding of hair. Moreover, they are light since they are made using alloys. Most noteworthy, these type of blades are suitable for beginners and cutting dry hair.

That’s not all.

The product is suitable for hairdressers, salon professionals, and individual use. It comes with a leather storage case that is zippered for storage and accident prevention. It also has a removable rubber finger that fits any thumb or finger when inserted.

The shears from Suvorna measure by 3.by 0.inches. They are made from Japanese 420 forged stainless steel that is high-quality. The size of the product is 5.inches.

It has a razor edge convex hollow blade also made from high-grade steel.

Rotary Cutter & Cutting Mat

These look like pizza cutters and were originally designed for quilt making. Their razor-sharp edge allows you to cut the fabric as it rolls over it. You never have to lift the blade, so your fabric doesn’t move and you make fewer cutting errors. As you might have guessed, your rotary cutter needs a special cutting surface. These “cutting mats” come in various sizes, have handy grid lines on them, and are are self-healing (unlike your hand should you accidentally run over it with a rotary cutter). Get the biggest mat you can fit on your sewing table, because the larger your cutting mat, the less you’ll have to move your fabric. For even more detail about this tool, read our rotary cutter product review.

Seam Ripper

Professional pet groomers know that thinning shears are the tool you need to put the finishing touch on a grooming and leave a pet’s coat looking smooth and natural. They also thin out fur that’s too thick, and are great for breaking up matted fur, letting you remove the mat without leaving a bald spot. The shears have 2teeth on the comb blade, making it an excellent general-purpose thinning shears.

Vastar Curved Scissor Set for Dogs

Vastar Scissor Set packaged with a curved scissor, cutting shear, thinning shear and a grooming comb, well packaged in a pouch and it convenient for you to storage. Ergonomically designed. The thinning shear will work for minute thinning and removing tangles. The cutting shear is used for heavy cutting purposes such as heavy coats or heavy layers of your pet.

Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors Kits

A complete pet-grooming set with pairs of scissors: a longer pair with smooth blades for trimming body fur, and a smaller pair with micro-serrated blades for close work on your pet’s face and paws. Rounded tips for safety. Cushioned handles and extra finger rest for maximum comfort during long grooming sessions. 2-year warranty and 100% money-back guarantee.


8out of 100 buyers gave these a star rating. 96% rated them stars or higher. Only 1% deemed them worth a star rating. They cost on average £12-15.

These particular ones also come with what is called a finger rest, which of course rests the finger, but also allows a much larger degree of control. If you don’t like that, it can simply be screwed off and put to one side.

Personally, we would recommend keeping it on for the control purposes. The company are so confident in their product that they are happy to exchange or refund with no questions asked.

Underneath I have broken down the number of people who rated these Sanguine scissors. Buyers rated these based on a star system, with being the lowest, and being the highest.

Scissor Handles

For the average person the handles on scissors is seldom a feature, that we would pay a great deal of attention to. At the end of the day we only use these for general purpose cutting activities.

They are not in our hands for very long so we don’t give them a great deal of thought, if indeed any at all. For barbers and hairdressers these are an essential tool of the trade. Therefore comfort in their fingers is a primary concern as they will have these in their hands for long parts of their working day.

Sharpening Your Scissors

The main advantage of using a trimmer with a contoured design is the fact that it offers an ergonomic feel. This means that it won’t be easy to feel tired even if you work for an extended period. Well, professional barbers are likely to find themselves in a busy environment, especially if you give the best in your workplace. For this reason, you need a hair trimmer with a contoured design to help you deliver the same exceptional results every now and then. Yes, the trimmer is none other than the Andis 04710.

Powerful Magnetic Motor

One of the ways to determine the best clipper or trimmer is through the motor efficiency. The Andis 047is not an exception, considering its unmatched, powerful motor. Despite being powerful, the motor operates quietly, so there will be no noise hovering on the head of the customer while you are doing the trimming. The motor also makes this model easy to use since you’ll be using less effort to deliver noticeable results. It makes the Andis 047popular among many barbers.


Men do not just go for simple haircuts today; they also focus on other areas such as mustaches, necks, and areas around the ear. The extremely close-cutting blades of the Andis 047enable it to perform all these functions. Moreover, the 047T-Outliner Trimmer features an 8-foot cord. The cord is heavy-duty and supplies power to the unit for outstanding results. Its length is also convenient and will not restrict your movements during shaving.


Andis has been getting the global attention since it was established. It started by introducing products to Europe and today, they are in 90 countries. The company produces versatile and top quality products that help barbers, stylists, consumers, and groomers achieve their goals. They produce trimmers, clippers, curling irons, flat irons, blades, and dryers. The company is one of the best manufacturers in the world.


Extremely close-cutting T-blades: Used for trimming beards, mustaches, necks, and edging around ears.

Powerful magnetic motor: It runs cool and it’s quiet to promote the much-needed comfort during shaving.

Eight-foot cord with hanger loop: It is heavy-duty to supply enough power to the unit for outstanding results.

Wahl Professional 805Razor Edger

Designed for professional use only, the Wahl Professional 805Razor Edger delivers exceptional results. It offers razor close cuts, and this makes it ideal for precision edging and trimming. Aside from versatility, the 805model boasts an ergonomic housing for maneuverability. It also does not heat up during use, meaning you will use it for an extended period.

Wahl 981Stainless Steel Groomer

The Wahl 981Stainless Steel Groomer is one of the best line clippers you’ll ever come across. It is a new, multi-functional tool that delivers an advanced lithium ion performance. Moreover, it has a high tech design that brings in versatility, allowing it to trim, cut, detail, and shave. The unit is backed by a 5-year limited warranty, so you can buy with confidence knowing that you will be helped accordingly if something is not right. It comes with everything you need for ultimate convenience.

Oster 76023-5Fast Feed Motor Clipper

The 76023-5model from Oster can cut through both wet and dry hair. It is efficient and lightweight for unmatched performance and advanced functionality. Besides, it is high performing and this makes it one of the clippers on the market. The Oster 76023-5model comes with a cleaning brush, set of instructions, 1/4, 3/and blending guide combs, blade guard, and blade oil.

Wahl Professional Series Detailer

The Wahl Professional Series Detailer is one of the best professional hair clippers you’ll ever come across. It features an appealing aesthetic, which blends perfectly with top-notch precision and function. Despite loaded with top performing features, the Wahl Professional Series Detailer is very light and small in size to the extent that it will fit in your palms. Wahl Professional likes convenience; hence, they have included a cleaning brush, red blade guard, oil, a set of instructions, and attachment comb cutting guides, which come in varied sizes such as 1/16, 1/8, and ¼ inches. The Detailer Series is perfect for artwork and lining.

Wahl Professional 81Balding Clipper

The 81model from Wahl Professional is the best bet for anyone who likes the bald-headed hairstyle. It is designed to deliver the results you have been looking for, and this makes it a must-have for barbers and stylists. The 81model is also a reliable, value-priced unit that provides the solution to protect the skin and hair. At only pound, this hair outline is so light that you won’t feel it in your arms. You will find it ideal for making a surgically-close cut.

Wahl Professional 868Classic Clipper

The 868Classic Clipper from Wahl Professional is like most top class tattoo trimmers; itt delivers exceptional performance with ultimate precision. Whether you are a stylist, barber, groomer, or anyone who wants the best, then the Wahl Professional 868Classic Clipper should not go unnoticed in your shopping list. It has a compact size and sleek design that enhances its appearance and functionality. At only pounds and inches long, the 868model is extremely light and will perfectly fit in your palms for effortless use. Create any hairstyle with this unit because that’s what it is designed to do. It comes with attachment comb cutting guides, operating instructions, red blade guard, cleaning brush, and oil for maintenance.

They include

The Price: This is a factor in almost any product. You want to choose a product based on the size of your budget. Outline trimmers listed here highly vary in prices, depending on the number of features and versatility. Therefore, regardless of what you decide to go for, make sure it is within your budget.

Corded/Cordless: Whether an outline trimmer is corded or cordless is a really important factor to consider. If you have a socket and you are buying a trimmer, perhaps to use in the bathroom or generally in the house, then having a corded beard will do no harm. However, if you are buying a beard to use it outside, especially where there is no socket, then your focus should be on a cordless trimmer, as it is more convenient.

Maintenance: It is a sure thing that no one wants an outline trimmer which is hard to maintain. It is annoying if you buy a trimmer, but a few days later, it starts to depreciate and even snag as well as tug on hairs. As a result, you should look at the cleaning and maintenance features comprehensively to avoid future regrets. Luckily, most of the trimmers listed above are easy to maintain.

Styling Features: If you are after keeping a somewhat traditional-styled beard, and are not interested in shaving funky, unique patterns into it, a trimmer you choose must not have attachments featured in various sizes and shapes. Nevertheless, if you are interested in keeping a particular type of beards such as a goatee or stubbly one, then a trimmer you should go for must have attachments or features to help you achieve and maintain your preferred style.

Now you know the factors you should look for exactly when buying an outline trimmer. Look at them thoroughly, and you won’t go astray as far as getting a desirable, top performing and efficient outline trimmer is concerned.

You get what you pay for.

But with summer here, some gals just want to get their hair out of their face as soon as possible, and can’t always wait for a salon appointment.

If you’re going to chop your own locks, follow these tips from the experts.


Don’t wet your hair: Cut it while it’s dry. Most stylists agree.

Be realistic: Don’t expect perfection. “People can cut their own hair as long as the end goal isn’t a perfect, crisp, polished look,” says Michael Angelo, founder of Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor in the West Village.

Don’t cut while tipsy: You’ll need steady hands and good judgment. Angelo, who’s done his share of fix-ups, says many disasters occur when the self-stylist has had a few glasses of wine. “We should always do things like this when we’re stone-cold sober,” he says.

Keep your style. “Don’t try to re-do a haircut,” or invent a new one at home, Williams says. “You don’t ever want to take on layers yourself.” Basic maintenance is what you’re looking for.

Do the twist: Beauty blogger Nuccia Ardagna did a YouTube tutorial on trimming split ends yourself. The technique involves tightly coiling dry one-inch sections of hair around your own index finger. Any ends that pop up when you’re done twisting are split ends — trim them off.


Aim high: For cutting bangs, point the end of the scissors towards the ceiling, not straight across, for a softer look, says Angelo.

Pull it together: With dry hair, “Pull your bangs down, then twist them all together, and then you cut it — the whole section,” says Jessica Ruby Whalen, stylist at Fringe on the Lower East Side.

Wahl Color Pro Haircut Kit

If you’re feeling a bit nervous about trying to cut your family’s hair for the first time, the Wahl Color Pro Haircut Kit should be a no-brainer. This 20-piece kit offers easy, step-by-step instructions for getting started, and the color coded combs men that you’ll never accidentally buzz when you meant to fade. The adjustable taper control offers a professional-looking finish and all parts store in the included case.

Oster Fast Feed

If you want a pro-grade pair of clippers at a very reasonable price, look no further than the Oster Fast Feed. Sturdy and powerful, this clipper is s staple in professional barbershops for its ability to stand up to heavy use for years. In testing, its sharp blades result in clean, smooth cuts with no pulling. The Fast Feed is very quiet and doesn’t heat up even after hours of use.

Corded Hair Clippers

This is the most powerful and versatile type of hair clipper you can buy. Most include a variety of combs (and more are often available as an optional purchase), cleaning supplies, and a bag or case for storage. The best also either include a clear instruction manual with tips for specific cutting tasks, or have a website with that information — often in video form. Corded hair clippers run the gamut of sizes, prices and power, and include cheap, portable and professional models.

Cordless Hair Clippers

Many home barbers love cordless hair clippers because they aren’t tethered to a cord. That’s great for moms who want to cut the kids’ hair in the backyard, or for people who don’t want to have to step around a cord when cutting hard-to-reach areas of their body. Of course, it takes time to charge them — sometimes a couple of hours — and they have a limited runtime, whereas corded models run as long as you need them to.

Nose and Ear Trimmers

It might be intimidating to think about cutting someone’s hair — or your own — if you’re not a professional, but, in reality, it’s not as difficult as you might think. While some super stylish hairdos may not lend themselves to a session with a hair clipper, many other styles really don’t need much more than a fairly steady hand and a good guide. And your best guide will be a good hair clipper. Learning how to use one can save you quite a bit of money, as well as time driving to the barbershop or salon, waiting your turn, and paying for the gas to get you there.

There are a couple of sites that we found useful in our evaluation of the best sources for hair trimmers. Those include Wirecutter, which evaluates hair clippers both as a standalone report, and for their beard trimmers roundup as well. HairClippersClub, a site that is run by two knowledgeable hair clipper enthusiasts, does a good job of looking at the pros and cons of a wide variety of hair trimmers and making recommendations in a number of categories.

Owner reviews are particularly helpful in evaluating ease of use, an important consideration because if you can’t figure out how to use your new clipper, it won’t do you much good.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the barber shears by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your barber shears wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of barber shears



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