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Best bluetooth helmets 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated September 1, 2020

Charlie OliverLet’s get started. After putting in 47+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best bluetooth helmets of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

My main objective is to write article on these subject so that buyers like you can have the best assistance and education in making that next purchase. You see I’m an average member of the public just like you and the main reason I decided to publish a review website on bluetooth helmets is because I was looking for one not so long ago.

Best bluetooth helmets of 2018

There’s a product for every kind of user on the list of affordable options below. So, what exactly would anyone want to know about bluetooth helmets? I know most of us don’t really care much about the history and the origin, all we want to know is which of them is the best. Of course, I will spare you the history and go straight on to the best bluetooth helmets. On that note, I review the three best bluetooth helmets of 2018 to help you get value for your money. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your comfort, style, or accessibility, we have picks to fit a variety of needs and budgets.

Test Results and Ratings

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Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
Ease of use
4 points
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№1 – Hawk H-500 Flat Black Bluetooth Full Face Helmet – Large

Hawk H-500 Flat Black Bluetooth Full Face Helmet - Large

Injected molded shell ABS
Multi density EPS construction
Flow-through ventilation system
Absolutely no frills

Why did this bluetooth helmets win the first place?

I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The rear part fits perfectly! It is mounted really tight and reliable.


Ease of use














№2 – Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets

Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets

[Powerful Communication Capabilities] Built-in bluetooth intercom system,keep you in touch with up to 2 of your buddies and up to 500m(1640 yards) away,make your communication more convenient
[Universal Bluetooth Connectivity] Bluetooth 3.0,keep you connected with cellphone, music player and GPS system via bluetooth easily and stably
A little bit shallow.
Limited official sellers leave room for fakes.

Why did this bluetooth helmets come in second place?

Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made.


Ease of use














№3 – Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Headset

Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Headset

✪1200M COMMUNICATION RANGE —Wireless Bluetooth intercom between separated riders is available at a distance about 1.2km
✪6 RIDERS —The high multi interphone system allows up to 6 riders to connect to each other at a time (the main device cannot talk with other 5 devices at same time)
Not enough for all services.
Requires some skill/knowledge to use.

Why did this bluetooth helmets take third place?

I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. The material is incredibly nice to the touch. It has a great color, which will suit any wallpapers.


Ease of use














bluetooth helmets Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy bluetooth helmets, right? No!


Water-resistance is a key feature for a Bluetooth-capable helmet. You do not want the first rainstorm or splash of water from the highway to short out your helmet. This isn’t just important in rainy climates either. If you are riding in hot, bright conditions, you will sweat a lot inside your helmet, so there will be plenty of moisture to deal with. The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet also will include some level of dust protection.

Bilt Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The Bilt Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is the Mac Daddy of helmets, with a universal intercom, Bluetooth, hour talk time, mobile phone compatibility and the option to stream music as well as the ability to link up to other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Sizing problems

If you often find yourself on a long ride with your friends, you know that communication is the key to an enjoyable trip. BILT Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet ensures great communication between the riders and passengers due to integrated Sena DWO-Universal 3.0 Communicator.

It doesn’t matter whether you have the newest iPhone, or some older phone, as long as your phone has a Bluetooth, it will easily sync to BILT Techno 2.0 Helmet. You can use this helmet for listening and sharing music, GPS navigation, and phone calls. The controls are placed on the left side of the chin guard, but there is a hands-free function that doesn’t require you to use the controls.

This helmet also features Bluetooth Intercom Function, which means that you can pair it with other Bluetooth helmets. This feature allows you better correspondence with other riders and passengers, and with it, there is no need for screaming and hand signaling – you can focus only on the road in front of you. BILT Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet provides hours of talk- time with days standby time.

BILT Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet has great ventilation, which is offered through four front vent slots, left and right upper vent slots, and through two vent slots in the rear of the helmet. This much ventilation provides a sweat-free ride, but it does come at the cost of a more noise while riding.

As for the visor, BILT Techno features a clear shield with a quick release and locking mechanism. However, there is also a separate tinted sun visor that can be flipped up or down, depending on the weather.

BILT Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet is an amazing product that offers both great features and safety. It is a water resistant helmet that comes in three colors – matte black, black, and white.

The biggest complaint customers had about BILT Techno Helmet was about the wrong sizing. It appears that this helmet is a little bit smaller than the sizing guide, so if you decide to go with this helmet, order one size bigger than you would normally. The other common complaint was about the noise while riding at higher speed. Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed because the noise is a product of the ventilation on the helmet. If the noise bothers you, you should maybe pick another helmet from our list.

A bit noisy

If you’re looking for a low-cost helmet that is packed with a lot of features, TORC T1is just the right helmet for you.

Starting with the connectivity, TORC T1features the integrated Blinc Bluetooth system, which syncs easily with other devices that are Bluetooth 2.0 – enabled. The Blinc Bluetooth system is powered with a rechargeable Lithium battery that offers you hours of continuous usage. TORC T1is an amazing helmet if you want something that will help you communicate with your passenger, or other riders, because of its intercom capability that works just perfect. The integrated speakers are pretty loud, and you will be able to hear clearly everything, whether that’d be music or a caller. If you plan on going to the place you’ve never been before, you can get your GPS navigation directions right through the Blinc Bluetooth system.

Laser contoured liner padding will provide complete comfort and a perfect fit. When the liner gets too grimy, you can remove it and toss it in the washing machine. Also, the liner has moisture wicking properties, and the fabric it is made of is anti-microbial material.

TORC T1features optically correct clear shield that offers better visibility and less distortion. There is also a sun visor that can be accessed by flipping a switch The clear shield is both fog resistant and scratch resistant, making TORC T1well equipped for any weather conditions.

The ventilation of the TORC T1is also worth mentioning, as it provides you with great air flow through adjustable vents placed on the chin part and the top part of the helmet. Also, there are two pairs of the exhaust vents in the rear of the helmet.

Overall, TORC T1Blinc/Mini Bluetooth Helmet is an amazing model that comes with a lot of features and unbelievably low price tag. As with everything in life, there are some downsides to TORC T1Users are mainly satisfied with this helmet, but there is one most common complaint – a few customers reported that the Bluetooth system stopped working after four months of use. Also, this helmet runs on the small size, and some customers got the sizing wrong.

Creates a lot of noise

If you’re looking for a stylishly designed helmet that gives you the option for flipping it up and getting a bit of a fresh air on your face, ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet the one you need.

ILM Helmet comes with fully integrated Bluetooth 2.0 system that easily syncs with all Bluetooth capable devices. The Bluetooth receiver needs to be mounted in the port on the side of the helmet, and when it’s fully charged, it offers hours of continuous usage, and 1hours of standby time. The receiver features one-touch control for answering and rejecting calls, activating GPS navigation, or shuffling through music. ILM Helmet also features rider to rider intercom for up to 1000 feet distance, which makes communicating with your entourage a lot easier. The two high-quality built-in speakers provide you with amazing full stereo sound, and DPS Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression Technology will make sure that your voice is heard clearly.

ILM Modular Helmet has two visors, internal and external. Internal visor is tinted, and you can access it, or hide it with a flip of a switch that’s positioned on the side of the helmet. The external visor is clear, and it is connected to the bottom part of the helmet that flips up, meaning that the external visor moves up when you flip it up.  The external visor is scratch resistant, but it does not have anti-fog properties, so try not to wear it in the foggy weather. Other than fog, ILM Modular Helmet is weather resistant.

ILM Modular is a very comfortable helmet. It comes in three different sizes, and it has a removable and washable microfiber lining. Also, the ventilation is amazing. There are three vent slots that can be adjusted to best suit your ventilation desires. Going on long rides, especially in the summer, won’t feel like suffocating due to these adjustable vent slots.However, with great ventilation comes a lot of noise.

Overall, ILM Modular Helmet is a great helmet that meets all the safety standards while providing you with Bluetooth connectivity. There were some complaints customers had about the ILM Modular. The biggest reason why customers weren’t satisfied with this helmet was the fogging up of the visor, and not loud enough speakers. Other customers reported some difficulties with not being able to properly use the Bluetooth interface.

Produces small amount of noise at high speed

It doesn’t matter whether you ride alone or in a company, a full-featured Bluetooth helmet is always good to have. And when you’re picking out the best one,making a better choice than with O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet is not possible. This helmet is without the doubt the best one in this category.

Starting with the Bluetooth technology, O’Neal Commander is equipped with FCC approved Bluetooth 2.0 that’s powered with Lithium Polymer battery. The battery life is longer than any other from our list, and it offers hours of continuous talk time and 130 hours of standby time. And when the battery dies, you can recharge it with a charger that comes with the helmet. If you’re wondering about syncing with other Bluetooth capable devices, O’Neal Commander does that with ease, whether that’d be your phone or other Bluetooth helmets. Everything is possible with this helmet – intercom (11feet range), listening to music, or taking GPS directions.

O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet is prepared for all weather conditions. There are two visors, one internal and one external. Internal visor is tinted, and it will shield your eyes from the harsh sun rays. The external visor is clear, and it is both scratch and fog resistant. The ventilation is amazing, because there are four fully adjustable vents that provide you with great air flow– two in the front and two in the back of the helmet. This means that you shouldn’t have to worry about going out and riding in the harsh weather. The vents will provide a cooling effect when it’s warm outside, and the fog resistant visor will provide you with visibility.

As you can see, O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet excels at all fronts. This is a comfortable and safe helmet that offers Bluetooth connectivity, and with it ability to listen to loud music, get GPS navigation instructions or place and accept phone calls. It is no wonder that O’Neal Commander is our top pick for best Bluetooth helmet. But, nothing in this world is perfect, and neither is O’Neal Commander. The users that bought this helmet were mostly satisfied with it, and in few cases, the only complaint was about the noise. However, out of all helmets on our list, O’Neal Commander is the quietest helmet, and many customers have praised it for how quiet it is.


When you’re buying a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet you are looking for a device that can do many things for you, and to properly use that device you need to have good controls. Going through music, changing the volume, placing and answering calls, require easy to use control buttons that do exactly what you need them to do. So try to find the helmet that offers great control options.


If possible, find a helmet that offers hands-free operation. Voice control is actually a safety measure. With voice control, you can have both of your hands on the handles, and you can concentrate only on the road ahead of you.

If often go on road trips with your friends, you are probably looking for a Bluetooth helmet for its intercom feature that will help you stay connected during a long ride. If the intercom is the reason why you’re purchasing a Bluetooth helmet, you have to pay attention to the range. The range of the Bluetooth helmets varies from 3feet to well over 2000 feet, so look for a helmet that will offer you the most.

Helmet size

The size of a helmet also plays a big role when it comes to safety. If a helmet is not properly fitted and the sizing is too big, a helmet won’t be able to protect you in case accident happens. Before buying a helmet you must measure your head by wrapping a measuring tape around your head, placing it about a half inch above your eyebrows, and around your head at the largest point. After the measurement is taken, you need to determine the shape of your head. There are three main shapes manufacturers use when they’re making helmets – Long Oval, Intermediate Oval, and Round Oval. Ask your friend to help you determine your shape by looking at the top of your head.

When you’re buying safety equipment, the price shouldn’t play a big role because you’re buying something that will save your life if it comes to an accident. With that said, you need to know that price tag doesn’t determine whether the helmet is good or bad. The high price tag usually means that there are more features to a helmet. So, before checking the price tag, check out other features we mentioned and make a decision based on them.

Now that you have the basic knowledge in what to look for in a helmet, I am sure that you’re going to make a great choice.

Recommended Helmets

Helmets are a simple thing: they protect your head from the elements and, as will happen from time to time, asphalt too. They’re a seemingly simple thing, because like all things touched by the exponential march of progress, there’s much more to a good helmet than what meets the eye.

We have been reviewing helmets for over 20 years and are the most reliable source of unbiased advice. When we test a helmet we beat helmets up for up to six weeks to understand how it performs in the real world. Then we tell you what we think, the good and the bad so you can make better buying decisions.

In our first-ever motorcycle helmet buyers guide, we sat down and asked ourselves: what makes a good helmet great, and what are the most important things to look for when shopping for a new helmet. Answering those questions and providing a list of – gasp – recommendations took plenty of research, referencing, and collaboration. We connected with major brands, motorcycle experts and, of course, our comprehensive library of motorcycle helmet reviews.

Motorcycle Helmet 101

The first thing to buy when you’re planning on riding a motorcycle for the first time is your helmet. At least, that’s what you do if you’re smart.

A helmet will do more than protect your noggin (though a good helmet will do a good job of that). It will also protect you from wind, rain, snow, road debris, and noise pollution; prevent you from getting ear aches; heck, modern helmets can even stream music and GPS navigation.

At their most basic, a helmet is essential three components: a hard outer layer (called the shell), a soft inner layer (usually made of expanded polystyrene or polypropylene), and some kind of mechanism to keep the whole thing strapped to your head.

Most modern helmets made today provide superior protection compared to helmets from 10+ years ago. Many advancements have occurred in recent years that have made helmets lighters, safer, and more feature rich. Advanced materials, such as ) that take full advantage of computer-assisted design.

What to Look for When Shopping Helmets

We recommend that all riders, whether you are just starting out or have been riding for years, place safety at the top of their list when looking at new helmets.

Of course, there’s a lot of other important elements to consider, too: fit, comfort, price, and the type of helmet are almost important.

We’re operating on the assumption that you’re relatively new to motorcycles and riding gear; more advanced riders looking for information on the best gear should check out our recommendations for each helmet type.

While price shouldn’t be the primary factor that dictates your helmet purchase, it’s rare that we are afforded the luxury of shopping unrestricted by budget.

The price of a helmet is influenced by several things, such a the materials used, technology integrated, certifications, and brand. There are some other intangibles as well; Arai helmets, for example, are all handmade and their slight premium over comparable helmets reflects that.

Where the sticker can really climb is when you get into helmets designed for racing or other specialized applications. A racing helmet made of carbon fiber, while being much lighter than a traditional helmet, will have a price tag to match the exotic materials used.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to spend enough to protect your head, but not so much that you need to pull back from other gear.

We’re advocates for riding ATGATT.

The first and foremost purpose of your helmet is to protect your head in the event of an accident. If there is one area that you should not compromise on, it’s safety. You want a quality helmet that will provide you the protection you need.

SNELL is a non-profit, independent organization that is more thorough and rigorous in their testing. Helmets that receive SNELL certification have proven themselves to be safe; however, SNELL certification often adds somewhat to the price of a helmet.

Ensure Your Helmet Fits!

In order for a helmet to provide maximum protection, it is essential that it fits you properly. This means a snug, secure fit that provides maximum coverage in the event of a crash.

Helmet Interior & Liner

This is a multifactorial element to consider: the material that makes up the motorcycle helmet’s liner should feel comfortable against the skin; the internal padding of the helmet should act as a comfortable cushion between the head and the helmet internals; the liner shape should perfectly match your head shape.


Strong protection around the sides, top, and back of your head. Many feature retractable or flip-up face shields and visors. Compared to a full-face or modular helmet, a half helmet is typically lighter and more comfortable for long-term wear.

You might have seen them before, they look like a normal full face lid but you can press a button and pull the front of the helmet up so your face is out in the open. They’re a useful helmet since you can flip them up and go in to the shops without taking it off and because you won’t be going at high speed for long stretches of time e.g the motorway you can have it flipped up while you ride if the weather warms.

Selecting the right shell

When you’re looking at helmets it’s good to keep in mind that although there’s a lot of different graphics to choose from, each manufacturer will only use a few different shells in each style of helmet but this does depend on the size of the brand and what types of helmets they specialize in. Another thing that can help you choose the right helmet for you is the number of shell sizes available in the model you are looking at.

Every size of helmet doesn’t have it’s own shell size with most helmet models having about shell sizes with a smaller on going from XS-M and a slightly bigger shell for sizes L-2XL. We recommend if your head is either an XS or a 2XL helmet size you should go for a model that has atleast shell sizes since this means the overall shell will be closer to the size of your head and not over filled with padding liner to make up for the extra space or liners are minimized for the same reason, which could affect how well the helmet performs in a crash.


Hopefully that past 2000+ words has given you as a first time rider some useful tips and advice that will come in handy when looking for your first motorcycle helmet. At LDMotorcycles.co.uk we are committed to not only pushing out high value products to older more experienced riders, but helping the younger learner or first time riders get a grip on what they should know about clothing and making sure that our range serves you products that fit in budget and look in trend. It’s impossible for us to answer every question in one post which is why we make it extra easy to get in contact with us and ask questions either over the phone, on WhatsApp or just by clicking the ‘Ask us a question’ button underneath the Add to Cart button on every product page.


A helmet that is lightweight is more considered that one that is heavy. Wearing a heavy helmet on your head makes you feel tired unlike when you have the light one. You can ride faster with a light helmet compared to the heavy helmet. The light one you can also carry it around from one place to another on your hand without getting tired.


The Hawk H-5Bluetooth motorcycle Helmet is designed to withstand fog during the rainy seasons. You can still do your morning riding without having to worry about fog because the helmet is fog resistant. You can have your way through the fog and ride confidently. You can still have a clear look.

Aerodynamic Shell Design

The aerodynamic shell design and built-in rear spoiler work with the fully adjustable forehead and chin vents to create dynamic airflow to keep you comfortable regardless of the weather. It is also designed for stability when you are speeding.

Single Push Button Flip-Up

The single push button flip-up modular flip-up feature allows for quick and smooth conversion from full face to open face in seconds. This gives you an easy time when you want to convert from full face to open face and vice-versa.

Removable And Washable Interior

The interior parts can be removed for washing. This makes the helmet easy to clean and easy to maintain. Cleaning it makes it remain ever clean and well maintained.

Built-In Protection Circuitry

The built-in protection circuitry prevents overcharging and over-discharging. This is to ensure that the helmet does function normally and that the charge is well maintained so that it doesn’t overcharge or over discharge.

High Lumen LEDs

The high lumen LEDs dramatically increases the day and night rider visibility. This is to ensure that you see well during the day and also at night to avoid being run over by big trucks.

Sun Shield System

It offers a tinted drop down inner sun shield that is designed to protect your eyes and face form direct sunlight. This is to enable you to focus on the road without destruction of the eyes by the sun.

Weather Resistant

The helmet is solidly constructed to stand all the weather conditions. You can wear it in when it is sunny and when it’s raining, and it will remain in a very good shape. It can take up all the sun rays and all the rain beating, and it would still be your best at the end of the day. It is also anti-fog to enable use do your riding even when there is fog without any destructions by the fog.


Putting a helmet on all the time might not be good for your breathing system. You should, therefore, see to purchase a Bluetooth motorcycle element that has ventilation system because as you ride you are at risk of inhaling toxic chemicals and substances. The ventilation is supposed to help you breathe fresh and cool air to give you an easy time when you are breathing and when you are riding your motorcycle at high speed.

Lifting the lid on the helmet debate

As the price goes up, the weight goes down as a general rule, and the the ventilation becomes more sophisticated with internal channels incorporated to allow air to flow over the rider’s head and vents at the rear.

Aero road helmet

Aero in this case stands for aerodynamics, and for certain road cyclists or types of race discipline such as time trial, this is an essential feature.

These helmets tend to eschew ventilation in favour of a smoother profile and have been wind-tunnel tested to reduce the amount of drag they produce.

These tend to sit towards the premium end of the cycling helmet market and most road cyclists would tend to have one of these in addition to a regular road cycling helmet.

Trail helmet

Because crashing is pretty much a certainty with mountain biking, trail helmets are designed to provide plenty of protection. Mountain biking is also hard work, so venting is important too.

Enduro helmet

The rise of enduro racing, which includes steep and technical descents, has also seen an increase in lightweight full-face helmets such as the Bell Super 2R, with its detachable chin guard, and the MET Parachute. These are lighter weight than downhill full-face helmets, but provide greater protection than just a trail shell on its own.

Kids’ bike helmets

There are so many kids’ helmets available on the market now, including full-face and skate options, that whatever colour, style or pattern your child likes, there’ll be a safe and certified bike helmet to suit.

How to inspect and care for your helmet

Many helmet companies also recommend that you replace your helmet every few years if it’s been worn regularly because the structural integrity of the helmet can degrade over time through wear and tear, damage caused by UV radiation from the sun, and the cumulative effects of little knocks and bumps.


For most of us, motorcycling is all about shutting the rest of the world out, but there are times when you’re going to have to communicate with your riding buddies and having a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet makes the job much easier. When it comes to buying Bluetooth helmets there are a lot of factors to consider. Are you going to need it for hardcore cross country touring? Is range important to you? Or is battery life? Do you want an integrated Bluetooth system, or do you want a separate, generic system? Are you even going to use it regularly enough to warrant spending big money on it? These are all questions you’re going to want to answer yourself before pulling the trigger on a purchase.

Sena 20S-0Motorcycle Bluetooth

The Sena 20S-0is equipped with Bluetooth 4.which supports the universal intercom for up to 1.miles. It delivers crystal clear HD audio coupled with their Advanced Noise Control that effectively blocks ambient noise. You can multitask an intercom, FM radio, GPS, or music. It has hands-free voice command control and has motion sensor technology that allows you to pair Bluetooth devices by shaking the 20S.

Sena SMH10D-10

The device allows you to share music over a distance and use the intercom to communicate with other riders for up to 980 yards. The Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity supports phone calls with speed dialing, share music and have a four-way intercom. The battery can support up to 1hours talk time and days standby.

Sena SMH10D-11

Enjoy long range intercom and music sharing for up to 980 yards. The 3.0 Bluetooth technology allows for multitasking and can support up to four intercom participants. The Advanced Noise Control technology filters out background noise for clear communication. Get up to 1hours talk time on a single charge.

The product has a powerful function, including listening to the radio, music, GPS navigation, and intercom. It is easy to install and has an excellent waterproof design for use in any weather. The Bluetooth 3.0 supports up to 80 mph and up to a distance of km. It can support two intercom participants in a noiseless environment due to the Advanced Noise Control technology.

HJC Helmets IS-3Helmet

One feature that makes it unique is its anti-fog glass shield. It makes you ride safe in foggy conditions and cold weather. The glass of the shield will prevent the fog and moisture getting stuck into your eyesight.

Ventilation system of HJC Helmets is very impressive. They have proper air ducts for air management and inhaling. There is also a feature of chin strap which you can bid on your chin for the tight fitting of the helmet and extra safety.

Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet Dot

Innovation, what you can say is brought by Matte Black Dual Visor helmet. Have you ever seen a helmet with dual visor? If not then have a look on this stylish Matte Black Dual Visor.

You will be wondering what the purpose of that dual visor is? Well honestly speaking it is only for your safety. One feature that makes it different from others is its ability to absorb the sweat.

You can easily wear this helmet is summer without worrying about the sweat. As the inner liner of this helmet will take care of your sweat.

If you are confused whether to go for full face helmet or half face, then should try Matte Black Dual Visor helmet, as it comes with dual option. The shape and the inner lining adds to the qualities of this helmet. The material used in manufacturing the outer shell of this is outstanding so you should not worry about the durability of this helmet.

Tips for using motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle helmet is the most valuable safety stuff that will help to avert you from injuries. In an unrestrained environment, it is near to impossible to evade a crash or stop the impact. But, if you have helmet strongly attached to your head, you can have reasonable chances to lessen or even prevent severe head or brain damage. Whereas using a helmet, you need to be extra observant and always take into reflection the things stated below.

Weight: Logically, the heavier the helmet is, the greater strain it will put on your head, and hence, the more uncomfortable it can be. With this, look for helmets that are lightweight, but make sure that they are made from materials that do not compensate the protection that it can provide in exchange of weight.

Ventilation: This is especially important if you are going to buy full-face helmets. Look for those that can encourage air circulation, which means that you will not be prone to sweating even if you are riding your bike on a hot day. ​Size: Before buying a motorcycle helmet, it is a good idea to have it fitted first. If it is too loose or too tight, it can cause discomfort. Consider as well the shape of your head when picking the right size.

Interior Padding: Between the face and the outer shell, the interior padding is present in order to provide a kind of cushioning. If the padding is too hard, it can irritate the face. If it is too thick, it can be hot. It will also be good if the padding is washable so that it will be hygienic.


It always surprises me that in some parts of the world it is legal to ride a motorcycle on a public road without a helmet. I’m looking at you Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire. What’s even more surprising is the fact that some people actually then go ahead and do it. You shouldn’t even ride a plain old bicycle with an unprotected head, much less a vehicle that can hit 100 miles per hour in no time flat. I know a lot of people will roast me for this point of view, but seriously people – always wear a helmet. You don’t need Johnny Law telling you to wear one; it’s like wearing a seatbelt – you do it because you aren’t a moron.

Anyway, here I’ve put together quick reviews of some of the most popular motorcycle helmets you can buy online. I put my top picks first and then the rest are in no particular order. Remember to size your head properly when ordering online. It sucks having to ship a helmet back and forth because you measured your head wrong.

I have stuck to entry-level helmets for the most part since I assume if you are on this site you are new to the whole motorcycle thing and may not want to spend that much money to begin with. That’s fine, and even entry-level helmets will keep you safe these days, thanks to great safety standards. But if you can, spend as much as you can afford on your helmet. It’s the smart thing to do.

The Arai RX-Q stands out among these as an excellent road bike all-rounder. It’s very comfortable, easily accommodates people who wear glasses, and has great ventilation. The materials are high-quality and durable. It is not only DOT certified, but has extra safety features such as a patented quick-release system so that medical rescue people can get it off without causing further injuries.

Although this is a toned-down version of the related Arai Corsair-V, the RX-Q still has excellent high-speed performance and should work well in a variety of conditions and on a variety of road bikes. If you have the extra cash, go for this helmet.

Usually helmets with these sorts of features will set you back five or six hundred dollars, but the BILT is priced at about a third of that, making it a real bargain. It doesn’t have the design chops of the big names in safety gear, but it’s functional and has all the safety certification you need to feel at ease. In fact, BILT says the injection-molded polycarbonate shell actually exceeds some DOT requirements, although I’m not sure which in particular.

It wasn’t too long ago when you had to cough up a lot of money for similar features from the likes of BMW. Some people complain about audibility at higher speeds, but others disagree. So maybe this is down to how good (or bad) your ears are.

Either way, this has got to be one of the best bang-for-buck, hi-tech helmets on the market. It has just about everything a roadbike rider could want. Just don’t take it to the track or attempt superbike shenanigans with it. Then you’re better off going for something more expensive from people like Arai or AGV.

This helmet is very unobtrusive, well, unless you buy the pink one, I guess. They come in a wide array of colors, at least ten that I could count. The black version is basically the same helmet you see bad guys in movies wear. It looks cool, but also unremarkable.

In terms of features it all looks pretty good, actually. It’s DOT approved, so check on that. It has a flip-up face, dual visors, and a light thermoplastic alloy shell. The padding is removable. It has very big top vents and nice rear exhausts. I like it, I really do. It’s also priced pretty reasonably and is available all the way from extra-small to double extra-large. Be aware, though, that customers have complained that the actual helmet seems smaller than the quote size, so pay attention to the actual sizing charts and measure your head. It should also be noted that some people report that, although it is tight out of the box, after a little bit of wear the padding molds to your head. So don’t be too quick to return it. Wear it while watching TV or something.

This helmet is priced very competitively and is one of the best overall deals I’ve seen in the upper entry-level niche. I actually think this would be my top pick as a newbie.

I have to admit, the DK-120 looks freaking awesome. I love the designs and lines of this helmet. It reminds me of a Japanese show known as Kamen Rider where the main character has a very fancy insectoid helmet. This is like a much more mundane translation of that look, especially around the mouth and with that dark-tinted visor on. Speaking of which, the Duke comes with two visors – there’s a clear one which you will need if you plan on riding in the dark, no matter how cool the dark visor will look at night.

The helmet is made of a poly-composite shell and is said to meet or exceed the applicable DOT standards. There are seven points of ventilation, and the helmet is said to be especially aerodynamic. Well, it does look that way, but I guess you’ll only know by riding with it.

The nylon interior is hypoallergenic and it even comes with a cloth carrying bag. All in all it’s a great bargain at the price and it looks fabulous to boot. There are also plenty of first-hand accounts of how the helmet holds up to crashes, which are all pretty encouraging. I have no qualms about recommending the Duke.

You don’t get much bigger, brand-wise, in the helmet world than Bell. These guys are the pioneers of keeping your brains where they belong and in one piece. The Qualifier is unabashedly a sport-oriented helmet and it looks amazing. The side profile is one of the sexiest I’ve seen on any helmet, regardless of price. It comes in a bunch of colors and designs, but the matte black and silver are, in my mind, the two best option. However, you should find a design that matches your bike easily, given the range of choices.

Being a Bell you can be sure that all the right standards and qualities are observed in this helmet. Heck, Bell invented a lot of the things they test helmets for in the first place. This helmet might not be the best for more casual riding, but as an entry-level sports helmet you’ll have a hard time beating the Bell in either looks or quality.

Fuel Helmets SH-FF0015

This is another helmet with a rubbery matte finish, which I like. This full-face road helmet has two prominent, vented diffusers on top. While this no doubt helps a lot with ventilation and aerodynamics, they also look sort of goofy. At least they are the same color as the rest of the helmet, which masks the lizard-man frills somewhat. Other than that it looks pretty run of the mill. This is a very cost-effective helmet so I can’t fault it too much if the looks aren’t top notch. In any case, looks are a matter of opinion. Maybe you have really bad taste and like the way this helmet looks.

VIPER Modular Dual Visor

Straight off the bat, in the looks department this helmet just appeals to me. I’m not generally someone that likes graphics that are too “busy”, but the red, black, and white color scheme on the VIPER is pretty attractive.

The user feedback for this helmet is filled with happy girlfriends, daughters, and wives, although I have no doubt that there are more than enough men who wish this was made in their size. Speaking of which, users say the sizing is spot on. For the very low asking price of this helmet it is definitely worth a look if there is someone who is a casual rider that would also love the aesthetic. A great gift idea, actually.

Cyber Helmets US-3Solid Helmet

If you are looking for a white motorcycle helmet this piece of protective head gear is a good one to consider. It is categorized as a helmet for men but it works equally well for women.

It has a sleek design that makes it aerodynamic and the white coloration is suitable for people of either gender.

This head piece has been designed to either meet or exceed the department of transportation standards. That means that it will provide the maximum amount of protection to the person wearing it in the event of an accident.

The shell of this hat is made from a thermoplastic alloy. This thermoplastic alloy is very light in weight, but very strong in tensile strength. You will get less neck strain wearing this helmet while you ride, and that also makes this helmet good for female riders who may have less neck strength. This thermoplastic keeps the weight of the hat low. It only weighs 4.pounds.

Scorpion EXO-R7Solid Street Motorcycle Helmet

This is not an ordinary white motorcycle helmet. This helmet is a top of the line precision piece of equipment that will effectively protect you in the event of an accident, and will provide you with maximum comfort at all other times. Wearing this head gear is a delight.

There are four intake ports in the ventilation system to maximize the amount of air flow you will have inside the helmet.

These intake ports are located at the front of the piece so they force cool fresh air under the shell. At the rear of the device there are three exhaust ports that allow the heated air to be pushed out by the fresh cool air that is coming in through the intake ports.

The EPS lining in this device will help to absorb the shock of any impact. This protective lining is included throughout the chin bar so your head is protected completely.

HJC Helmets CS-5N Helmet

The inner lining of this motorcycle helmet is made of Nylex. This material breathes and wicks moisture away from the rider. It provides extra protection in the event of an accident because the liner will absorb some of the shock from the impact.

The thermoplastic shell is very light but it will be able to withstand the shock of impact and protect the person wearing the device.

This device has been created to meet all of the standard requirements for motorcycle helmets established by the department of transportation. The visor has three snaps to make it easy to attach to the front portion of the helmet. Once attached the visor is very low profile so it will not interfere with your visibility while you ride.

The forehead vents will allow cool air to be forced under the helmet to help keep you cool while you are wearing the device. The white color of the helmet will help to reflect the heat of the sun and keep you cooler as well. It is important to stay cool while you are riding so that you will remain comfortable, and so that you will produce less sweat that could potentially run into your eyes and interfere with your ability to see to drive.

HJC Helmets CL-3Helmet

One thing that makes this white motorcycle helmet stand out from the other helmets in this review is the removal inner crown pad. The inner crown pad is made from Nylex so it wicks away moisture and helps to protect you in crashes. It is also removable so you can wash the pad and replace it when necessary. A clean smelling helmet will be worn more than a helmet that is smelly.

There is a multi stage ventilation system that helps to keep the interior of the helmet cooler while you ride. There are four intake vents on the front of the helmet that suck in the fresh air and there are vents at the back of the helmet that allow the hot air inside the helmet to be dispelled.

The face shield has been treated with a hardener to make it harder to scratch, and it has a ratchet system that allows you to change the shield without using additional tools.

Lightweight shell and break away spoiler

The Torc T14B Mako is another competitively priced and high performing motorcycle Bluetooth helmet. It features a lightweight and an aerodynamic profile that feels light and comfortable to wear. The sweptback profile is also suitable for resisting buffeting during high speeds.

Like most recommended motorcycle helmets, the Torc T14B Mako meets the safety standards of DOT and ECE. For that reason, it is one of the safest helmets to use, because it has reliable impact protection that will effectively handle linear and rotation impact forces.

As far as security and comfort are concerned, the Torc T14B offers the ideal performance. The intermediate oval profile is integrated with dual density EPS liner and a reliable cooling system for impact protection, consistency, and comfort.

The Torc T14B is DOT and ECE certified; so, it offers reliable impact protection.

It is installed with Bluetooth technology for group intercom and music streaming.

The intermediate profile design is suitable for preventing buffeting during high speeds.

The helmet is competitively priced for budget-conscious motorcycle riders.

Buying a quality helmet doesn’t have to break the bank.  There are many affordable motorcycle helmets available on the market.  And we’re not talking bare bones models either.  Some of our favorite inexpensive helmets feature built in blue tooth, or are Bluetooth ready, have great styling and are also comfortable and protective.  And don’t forget the all-important rating system.  Whether it be Snell or D.O.T., a cheap helmet should still meet minimum levels of protection.  Here are some of our favorite inexpensive helmet models.


While safety should always come first when gearing up for your motorcycle adventure, that doesn’t mean you can’t look good while riding.  One of the most noticeable motorcycle accessories will always be your helmet.  It’s no wonder then that there are a ton of stylish and cool motorcycle helmet options to choose from.  A cool motorcycle helmet will feature unique styling and will definitely attract attention in a crowd.  Whether it’s a helmet modelled from a popular movie, or designed to look like a fighter jet or even has cat ears, attractive and cool motorcycle helmets are out there waiting for you to pick just the style for you.

Riding Preference

One of the first things you need to ask yourself when purchasing a motorcycle helmet is what you prefer when it comes to your riding experience.  If you like the feel of the wind in your face, you may want a ¾ or half helmet style to allow the extra ventilation and freedom of movement.  If you want to eliminate road noise, a model with extra internal cushioning and a full face design will be your best bet.  Helmets come in a variety of styles suited for many riders in multiple experience levels.

Riding Location

Where you will be riding, and in what types of conditions, will have a big impact on your helmet purchase.  If you spend a lot of time in dusty climates or in places with poor weather conditions you will want a helmet that provides protection for your nose, eyes and face.  If you ride in extremely hot weather, ventilation will be an important factor.

Wireless Versus Wired Headphones

Most headphones still need a wire to function, so it will be important to consider how you can store your music-playing device while you ride the slopes. If you have an in-jacket, zipper pocket that you can slip your music player into, that is ideal. Otherwise, you risk it falling out of a pocket and getting lost in the snow – as well as potentially becoming water damaged. Some devices will fit into a storage band that goes around your arm, allowing for easy access and protection of the device.

However, wireless headphones are also an option. This style works via Bluetooth, allowing you to safely secure your device wherever is most convenient for you. This will require that your music player is Bluetooth capable. For these, you will want to consider the battery life of the headphones, and whether or not the batteries are changeable or would need to be charged once they run out. Wireless headphones also eliminate the fuss with cords while on the slopes.

Rahul Ghosh

Rahul is one of the original members of the ExtensivelyReviewed team. Born in Chennai and living most of his childhood in Kolkata, he originally moved to the United States for school and earned his electrical engineering degree at the University of Central Florida, graduating with honors. Rahul enjoys reviewing the latest electronics and gadgets.

General Womens Ski Helmet Information

First and foremost when selecting a womens ski helmet is to find one that fits correctly. An improperly fitting womens ski helmet provides about as much protection as wearing no helmet at all. That being said, there are a few simple steps to finding the perfect fitting womens ski helmet.

Full Shell

A full shell womens ski helmet is the most traditional. It uses a full hard outer shell which extends down below the ears. This design provides protection for the entire head. Most racers use a full shell design because of its additional protection and its compatibility with jaw guards.

Half Shell:  Half Shells ski helmets are the most popular type for women. It combines a hard outer shell on top with soft earflaps on the side. This type of helmet tends to be the most popular because it is the most comfortable, allows for better hearing and is compatible with many audio systems.

Venting Systems

When most people think skiing, they think cold. However, there are times when you want to let some of that hot air out of your ski helmet because you just get to hot! Most womens ski helmets do this through some sort of ventilation system. There are a number of different ventilation systems on the market, but here are some of the most common found on womens ski helmets. Keep in mind that some ski helmets may also use a combination of these venting systems.

Plug Venting

Many womens ski helmets come with integrated audio capability, and some even come with video capability. Audio helmets have speakers built into the ear flaps, and allow you to connect to your MPplayer so you can listen to music while you ski. If your helmet does not already have audio, many helps can have it easily added by buying a new set of earflaps and simply snapping them in. There are a number of different audio systems for women ski helmets, but will cover some of the most popular.

Single Link Audio Systems

This is the most basic and usually the least expensive of the audio systems. Single link audio systems have a long cord which runs from your womens ski helmet and connects to your MPplayer (which is usually then stored in your jacket). Many if these have a mute or even a volume control attached to the audio cord.

Two-way Link Systems

This system is identical to the single link audio system, except that it can be hooked into an MPplayer as well as a two way radio or cell phone. These systems will usually have a microphone built into the chord so you can talk without having to pull out your radio or cell phone.

Bluetooth Link Systems

Bluetooth link audio systems have the same functionality as the single link audio systems, but they do it without using a full cord. The helmet has a small cord which clips onto the outside of your jacket. At the end of the cord is a Bluetooth transmitter as well as a microphone for answering phone calls. However, these Bluetooth link audio systems only work with cell phones which are Bluetooth enabled.

Wireless Audio Systems

One of the greatest complaints from people who use ordinary helmets is their inability to communicate. For riders to talk to other people, they have to literally tuck their phones in the helmet, or stop the engine for a while.

Nevertheless, the Bluetooth-enabled helmets give you the chance to communicate to those you love, anytime.

Again, with this kind of helmet, can talk to nearby passengers using the mouthpiece on the device.

Thus, the fact that you can stay in touch with people makes this helmet dynamic.


Some helmets have an inbuilt Bluetooth while others have it as an add-on. The add-on Bluetooth type has the headwear with the technology added after purchase.

But the built-in is ready made. Right from the factory, it comes with the Bluetooth technology installed already.

But we recommend that you get the inbuilt Bluetooth helmet. It is more flexible, durable and convenient.

Proper Fit

Well, when ordering the best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet, make sure that it can work well for your head’s shape. Your ‘skull’ should snugly fit in the cap.

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets

Typically, such helmets come with a single-push button towards the front which you push to take or make a call. Such phone-sync has the advantage of freeing you from the distraction of physically handing the phone when riding motorcycle ​It also lets you enjoy a vast range of other services available on your phone. You can, for instance, launch GPS navigation over the bluetooth to help you guide on your journey on the go.

Apart from such essential phone functions, a bluetooth motorcycle helmet also lets you wirelessly sync an MPdevice. You can then listen to your favorite music over the high-quality speakers of the helmet which are usually in a pair and mounted on each side of the helmet.

In this way, even when you are wearing a helmet which is essential to protect your head on a bike, you are able to enjoy your favorite music. Another very useful feature of a bluetooth helmet is that it offers intercom communication with other fellow riders.

In simpler words, if a fellow rider near you is also wearing a bluetooth helmet, you can communicate to him over the intercom directly. The intercom feature in some top bluetooth helmets is applicable on distances as large as 500 meters. This feature is particularly useful if you frequently ride with one or more fellow bikers.

What are Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Accessories?​ ​Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers ​Speakers are one of the most fundamental parts of a bluetooth motorcycle helmet. In a regular bluetooth helmet, they come in a pair and are mounted on both sides on the interior of the helmet. As a result, you are able to get a clear and 3D sound out of these speakers even when riding the bike at high speeds.

You can take calls over these speakers, listen to music from your own device over bluetooth, connect with GPS navigation or launch intercom communication with other fellow riders. The speaker thus forms one of the most vital features of a bluetooth helmet.

Apart from the default speakers included in a bluetooth helmet, a number of separate speakers are sold as accessories for such helmets. Depending on your preference, you can go with the default speakers or buy a high-quality accessory speaker to augment the sound inside your helmet. Speakers sold as additional accessories are typically easy to install into your helmet, come with great sound quality and are fairly nimble.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Camera​ riding a motorcycle, you may often want to take pictures or shoot a video of the beautiful scenery on your way. However, to do so would require you to stop, bring out your phone or camera and then take shots.

The operational mechanism of such a camera is incredibly simple so as to give you instant operation when riding your motorcycle. So whether you want to shoot a video when riding at high speeds or to take photos in action, such a camera is immensely useful for the purpose. available automatically adjusts ​Things to Consider When Choose a Bluetooth Helmets ​A wide range of bluetooth motorcycle helmets are available in the market. And when deciding between them, you have to determine exactly what you needs are.

Different bluetooth helmets have their stand-out features. Some are sturdy with high quality sound, others offer intercom facility over large distances, yet others come packed with an advanced bluetooth dial.

If you want to buy a bluetooth motorcycle helmet to connect with other riders, you may want to choose a helmet that supports intercom over large distances.

If you want to buy a helmet to take calls on the go, choose one with great sound quality.

Similarly, if you want to use the helmet to listen to music while also ensuring head protection, go for one which offers MPsyncing and has a solid construction.

Review of the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets 201​We have penned down their reviews below so that you will have a first hand know-how of their pros and cons. After reading the reviews, you can confidently decide exactly which helmet suits your needs best and can purchase it without any further ado.

The Sena

If you are looking for the best full face bluetooth motorcycle helmet then this one is for you. ILM bluetooth helmet comes with a groovy outlook and comes in a sturdy, quality construction. It is packed with an integrated bluetooth which connects easily with your phone and lets you take incoming or outgoing calls on the go.

At the same time, the bluetooth connects quickly to any MPplayer and lets you listen music through the high-quality twin speakers mounted on both sides of the helmet’s interior. The bluetooth of this helmet also supports an intercom between two riders over a distance of up to 100 feet.

Once charged, the helmet easily lasts for up to hours of continuous talk time or 1hours on standby. A little on the pricier side, the helmet is perfectly suited for someone who is looking for a bluetooth helmet with stylish looks.​  – 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular/Flip up Dual Visor orm motorcycle helmet is one of the most dashing bluetooth helmets in terms of its looks. The helmet easily switched between full-close and half-open options. The full-close options locks shut the helmet with a full-face sunscreen on the front to ward off U.V. rays.

If you want a breezier feel, hit the button the side and the chinstrap will unlock to give way to a half-open helmet. The half-open option comes with a sleek smoked lens shield that covers the eyes. The helmet itself is fairly light-weight and comes in a light-weight thermoplastic shell which weighs less but is quite durable.

Battery life

Even though the battery life depends on with the make, it is also dependent on the settings and performance. However, irrespective of the settings or performance, you should expect between one and three hours of continuous operations on a single charged battery. On the same note, it is a fact that the battery charge retention ability reduces with time until a point that a replacement can be considered.

Additional features

Some cameras have some added features that make the performance even better. One of the best executive features is the built-in GPS system. With this feature, you can be able to detect your position at any given time while riding. This makes your footage location specific and adds more accuracy to the information.

GoPro HD Helmet Hero

GoPro motorcycle helmet camera is a professional grade full HD video camera up to 1080p. It even supports 60 frames per second option in 720p and WVGA resolutions that provides liquid smooth slow motion playback. At the same time, the videos can be easily edited with iMovie or Windows Movie Maker because it uses standard video format. More so, it has industry’s widest angle of 170 degrees and sharpest lens that captures more of the scenes. Plus, it includes easy to apply mounts for attaching a camera to virtually all helmets.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the bluetooth helmets by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your bluetooth helmets wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of bluetooth helmets



Questions? Leave a comment below!

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