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Best bug zapper 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated September 1, 2020

Charlie OliverLet’s get started. After considering 33 of the most highly rated bug zapper and testing eight of them for more than 23 hours, we’re find the best bug zapper of 2018.

The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing. We take a close look at some of the best bug zapper to help you get ripped.

Best bug zapper of 2018

Many brands have introduced bug zapper on the market. These brands have resulted in a variety for the user. These require that the consumers be well aware of what they are buying so as to make the best choice. However, after giving you the TOP list, I will also give you some of the benefits you stand to gains for using it. I have taken the initiative to educate you on the top three best bug zapper that you can buy this year. I review the three best bug zapper on the market at the moment.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
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№1 – Elucto Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter Zap Mosquito Best for indoor and Outdoor Pest Control

Elucto Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter Zap Mosquito Best for indoor and Outdoor Pest Control

The ELUCTO Electric Fly Swatter, highly reliable and professional will zap Bugs or Flies in ONE SWAT. No need to swing multiple times to zap bugs, like the 3 layer rackets
Forget about toxic bug sprays, which are entirely unsuitable during a barbecue or when eating outside, the Mosquito Zapper does not have any safety risk to you or the environment
For such a price and the level of quality it can’t even have any cons, only pick holes.

Why did this bug zapper win the first place?

I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The material is stylish, but it smells for the first couple of days. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing!
















№2 – Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Killer by LiBa Mosquito

Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Killer by LiBa  Mosquito

INSTANT INSECT ATTRACTION & ELIMINATION: This bug zapper emits a 365 nm wavelength, which has been scientifically proven to be highly attractive to insects, as it falls within their natural viewing wavelength. As flies, mosquitoes and any other flying insect can’t resist approaching the light source, they get immediately zapped.
Heavy and big.
A little pricier than some of the other.

Why did this bug zapper come in second place?

Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made.
















№3 – Zap-It! Mini Bug Zapper – Rechargeable Mosquito

Zap-It! Mini Bug Zapper - Rechargeable Mosquito

KILL BUGS INSTANTLY – A single swing of the mini travel version of our best-selling zapper with a powerful 3,000-volt grid eliminates flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects. Get rid of your old fly swatter and take the modern approach!
ULTRA-FAST USB CHARGING – Plug into any USB device to charge this battery operated fly swatter quickly and efficiently. With this high-powered stinger bug zapper at the ready, swarming bugs are a thing of the past!
Not very durable.
The large size.

Why did this bug zapper take third place?

This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. We are very pleased with the purchase — the product is great! It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time.
















bug zapper Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy bug zapper, right? No!


Take your time and read the bug zapper buying guide information just below.  Alternatively, skip ahead by clicking on the following link, to see which models made it onto the best bug zapper top list.

Bug zappers have become an integral part of summer’s soundtrack for many of us. There’s simply no other way to survive the seasonal onslaught of bloodsucking invaders dedicated to ruining our peaceful existence.

A closer look at the Executioner Zapper

Are you tired of dealing with the bugs around you? Do you often have mosquito bites? Are you looking for a bug zapper that can do the job perfectly? Not sure what to look for and where to start? Well, look no further because we may have a solution.

When looking for the best bug zapper, some key points to keep in mind are the price of the product, its efficiency, its portability, its energy consumption, its durability and knowing which bugs have infested your life.

These may assist you in finding a solution for those pesky bugs.

Stinger Flat Panel Bug Zapper

Fun fact: it is designed by Kaz Inc, the company responsible for the first electric vaporizer in 192and, alongside insect control, specializes in fans, humidifiers, and air and water purifiers.

It does not use any chemicals and, instead, uses its LED light. It is powerful enough to attract and eliminate bugs. On top of that, it is long lasting, researchable, cordless and comparatively cheaper than most bug zappers. It is a high-quality product, which is long lasting and has large area coverage. Have faith in the company which has been operating successfully for a long time now. It may not be aesthetically pleasing, but it is easy to use and gets the job done, giving you an insect-free and relatively healthier life.

X-CHENG Bug Zapper

Due to its price being relatively low, you can save a large portion of your money as this bug zapper takes care of your daily hassle of dealing with bugs with just a few dollars. You may also purchase another one to multiply its effect if the bug infestation is large or if your living space is big.

Hoont Indoor Robust Mosquito and Fly Trap

By simply switching it on, the trap uses UV LED lights to lure the bugs within 500 sq ft and zaps them quickly, leaving no sound or odor behind. It can operate round the clock and is said to be long lasting. Another plus about this bug zapper is that it has low energy consumption, making it economical as well.

It is a good and aesthetically pleasing device, which can be very helpful around the house to get rid of unwanted bugs, with minimal costs and a one-time investment that will last long.

Luditek 2-in-LED Bug Light Bulb

This innovative technology combines a light bulb and a bug zapper. Using efficient means through an LED light and UV rays, it attracts bugs nearby and kills them so that you will not have to deal with them. It is economical due to its conservation of energy. It is also easy to install and comes with a cleaning brush.

It is relatively cheap and highly effective. It does require the bulb to be cleaned, but its economic value outweighs the mere maintenance costs attached to it. It may not be aesthetically pleasing, but it is surely a quality product, eliminating the bugs that may have invaded your personal space. Relax and rest easy knowing that this bulb will make your life less stressful by removing the bugs from your life.

Hoont Powerful Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper Bulb

The Hoont bug zapper bulb can be installed both indoors and outdoors as long as the area remains dry. Using a high-intensity UV bulb that consumes only W of power, it kills bugs effectively within a 360-degree and 500 sq ft radius with minimum maintenance cost and no pesticides. The bugs are killed and land on the tray after being zapped which can be removed and cleaned. It operates regularly, meaning that you just have to leave this bulb on and rest easy.

Flowtorn BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

Flowtorn specializes in making outdoor environment control products. This particular model of the bug trap is available in various price ranges, depending on the coverage of the land. It does not clog up, making it efficient. It kills bugs quickly and efficiently. Keep in mind that it should not be used within 2feet of human activity, and it should not be hung on any household entity. It uses a 15-watt bulb and operates continuously. It is often used with mosquito-attracting cartridges, which are replaced on a monthly basis.

Depending on how much you are willing to spend and the radius of your land, this bug trap does seem to do the job pretty well. For this particular model, it is recommended to be used outdoors due to its area coverage limitations and a shorter power cord, but if you require a much larger coverage, then other models are available for a higher price.

Pest Sentry Indoor Insect Killer

This insect killer lamp features two UV lamps, each rated at 10W. The electric insect killer sports a sleek, minimalistic design, which can be a sight for sore eyes if you’re tired of all the bulky, heavy insect killers in the market. The insect killer lamp is sold along with a power cord that is twice the size of the usual cables sold in the market and a cleaning kit that makes maintenance a breeze.

Vex Zappers

This Electric Bug Zapper Racket and Fly Swatter Mosquito Killer is an electric fly swatter that’s just the thing you need if you’re looking for a small, affordable and convenient electric insect killer. This is another one of the racket-style electric fly killer options in the market. This bug swatter can actually be used both indoors and outdoors, so if you want a little extra protection on a picnic or you want to carry your pest control solution with you on a vacation, this is a decent buy.

Powering up to 3000 volts, Vex Zappers operate on rechargeable batteries. This makes them effective as well as affordable in the long run.

Features of Flowtron BK 80D

The Flowtron bug zapper looks like a lantern. So, you can not only use it as an insect killer but also as security lighting. If you are looking for an economical solution for insect problem then you should purchase this bug zapper.

If you want to avoid any disappointment during an outdoor gets together, then you should buy this model of Flowtron bug zapper. The device will take care of all your flying insect problems. With its glow tube, it can attract lots of insects and kill them instantly.

Features of Flowtron FC 8800

The Flowtron FC-8800 bug zapper is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Due to its bright light, you can use it as your garden light as well. With this device, you can easily enjoy your drink on the patio without worrying about any terrible bug experience.

If you don’t want your kids to complain about mosquito bites anymore then you should buy this bug zapper. TESCCI is a name for powerful electronic bug zapper that is very effective in killing mosquitoes and other flying insects. For a natural and chemical-free pest control, nothing can be better than the TESCCI 20W bug zapper.

Features of TESCCI 20W Electronic Bug Zapper

If you are looking for a natural way of pest control, then you should get this bug zapper. The device is very powerful and will reduce the population of flying insects in your premises within a very short time.

Covering an area of a ½ acre, this bug zapper is able to reduce the population of flying insects in your house and commercial places. The product is a powerful tool for killing a gnat, fly and other insects. You can relax by the pool with your family or go outside for a picnic without any interruption of flying insects.

Features of Sandalwood Electric Bug Zapper

As the bug zapper is very nicely designed, it will add a decorative flair to your garden, pool or yard. You can simply sit back and relax some wonderful time outside without worrying about the insect bites.

Zepol Labs has brought an outstanding fly trap in the market that is not only good at its performance but is very attractive looking as well. If you are worried about the flies and other bugs in your house then you should get this smart product and reduce the insect population of your house.

Features of Zepol Labs Mergence Wall Sconce Fly Trap

The product is manufactured based on thorough scientific research. It is effective in catching a wide range of insects including filth flies, bottle flies, house flies, moths, etc. The device is very effective and highly recommended for use at home or any commercial place.

This insect killer is perfect for residential use. It can cover a range of acre and eliminates mosquitoes and other biting insects using the nontoxic ultraviolet light.

Features of Flowtorn BK 40D

For residential purposes, this is the ideal insect killer you will find in the market. The product has received a lot of positive reviews from the customers.

If you are looking for a bug zapper that is ideal for both residential and commercial use then this is one of the best products you will find in the market. Using only 40W UV light, it is able to kill lots of flying insects within a short time.

Features of Insect Killer Zapper

Teza insect killer is appropriate for use in both indoor and outdoor. You can replace the bulb easily and use it for several years without experiencing any major problem.

You will get the double benefit if you purchase this bug zapper. It will work as an insect killer and garden light at the same time. Your garden path will be beautifully lighted and the area will be free of any flying insect.

Features of Gardner GT200 Insect Light

If you are looking for a non-chemical and noiseless device that you can keep in your home for a good night’s sleep then this is the product for you. You can also use it conveniently outside your home. It’s a great choice for places where the population of the insect is high.

We have just reviewed some of the best bug zappers you will find on the market today. The choice of bug zapper depends on your circumstance, budget and purpose. You should read our reviews thoroughly and then come to a decision about which bug zapper you should buy.

Bug zappers give protection from the biting insects that can cause skin irritation and other harmful diseases. Even the annoying buzzing sound made by these insects is enough to ruin a perfect day out. A bug zapper can save you from the torture of these insects. Manufacturers have been researching for years to come up with a product that will be effective in killing insects without harming the environment. The modern bug zappers are very effective and have special features to make your life more comfortable. If you are thinking of buying a bug zapper for your home or office, here is a checklist that you must follow.

Indoor or outdoor: The bug zappers designed for using indoors can be quite different from those that are meant for outdoor purposes. There are some bug zappers in the market that can be used both indoors and outdoors. You must decide where you will need the bug zapper most and then buy the product accordingly.

Design: You will find bug zappers with different designs. Some look like lanterns which you can hang from anywhere; whereas, others are more horizontal looking appropriate to be kept on tabletop or shelf. Some even look like a decorative piece. Depending on your taste, you should choose a design that will look good in your house or garden.

Size: The size is an important factor to consider. If you go out a lot on picnic, camping or hiking then you should buy something portable and compact. If it’s meant to be used only at home then you can buy something bigger and heavy.

Cost: The different bug zappers in the market have variable prices. You should not buy products that have very low prices. In such case, you will actually be compromising with the quality of the product. However, the best products are not necessarily high priced. You should read online reviews to see the ratings of the products before buying them.

Manufacturer: Buy the product of an established brand. These brands have been researching on the product for many years and are likely to manufacture better product than the new brands.

Energy efficiency: Since the bug zappers need electricity to operate, you need to think about your ongoing electricity cost. So, find out which bug zapper is more energy efficient. Some bug zappers can be charged using solar energy as well allowing you to conserve energy.

Different brands offer various special benefits. You should look into those and get the recommendation of your friends and colleagues as well before buying a bug zapper.


COtraps imitate human breathing. Insects feel the released carbon dioxide at a distance of dozens of meters, and take it as a sign of human vital activity.


Indoor Insect Traps Various traps for these squeaky creatures have been designed to be used indoors. Certain chemical devices may be placed in apartment rooms. However, buyers have associated the notion of indoor traps with light/heat traps for mosquitoes. The sales leaders “in this street” are products from Flowtron, Dynatrap and other brands. Indoor traps can either be powered via an outlet or USB, and both types have their own advantages.

Dyntrap Insect Trap uses four protection levels at a time. The trap attracts mosquitoes thanks to the warm UV light given by a fluorescent lamp, and releases COWater attracts female mosquitoes caring about reproduction, and a ventilator pulls insects into the cage. It is recommended that the contents of the cage be changed about every 5-weeks.

Best COInsect Traps We have already written that these traps imitate human breathing, releasing carbon dioxide. They then pull the attracted insects into a net, or a receiving container. But where is the gas in the device taken from? There are two ways. The one is the supply of COfrom a special balloon. The second mode to supply gas is a photocatalytic reaction. It occurs when UV light contacts with certain metals. During a chemical process, a little gas is released – an amount which is safe for a person, even being used indoors (excluding any extreme conditions). On the contrary, this amount of COwill be very sensitive for insects.

Hoont Indoor Insect Killer

One amazing thing about this mosquito killer is that it eliminates both bugs and insects without the need for harmful chemicals or pesticides. While the product is easy to use, it also does not require any maintenance.

PestiTech UV Backlight Electronic Mosquito Killer  

The product operates in complete silence. Users will be able to save money using the product due to the thirty percent increase in energy efficiency. The PestiTech insect killer can stand freely or hung on walls when used.

Aspectek Insect Killer

The product is affordable and will not make you break the bank. The product can help to get rid of mosquitoes and other harmful insects. One amazing thing about the product is that it can easily attract insects and also get rid of them.

Stinger Cordless Rechargable Insect Zapper

NK6Solar-Powered UV Bug Zapper, Insect Killer & LED Garden Lamp Included UL Adapter best mosquito traps best bug zapper to help you choose the trap that is most suitable for your needs so that you can enjoy both your indoor and outdoor activities without worrying about mosquitoes.

When your area is infested with mosquitoes, it is essential to find the best mosquito control. If not, you will only waste your money for buying an ineffective trap. Here are some tips I would like to share with you so that you can make your best choice.

Highly Functional

Here are the mosquito trap reviews that I have prepared to guide you in selecting the best outdoor mosquito trap. best best mosquito trap for outdoor. With its excellent insect-killing capacity, functional design and safety features, you can get the most out of this device.

User-Friendly Device

After deciding whether you should let it stand on a stable surface or hang it, you can use it right away. There is no need to assemble it before using it whatsoever. Its cord is also long enough so that you can find a good spot regardless of the distance.

Things I don’t like

If you are looking for the best mosquito killer that you can safely use outdoors, the Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/Acre Coverage fits the description. With its great features and great price, you will certainly benefit a lot from this unit.

Economical Choice

It only takes 15W for this trap to be able to work effectively in annihilating the insects that roam around your vicinity outdoor. This basically means that it will definitely not make you spend a lot in order to prevent yourself from getting bitten by any insect.

Mosquito Magnet MM4100 Patriot Mosquito Trap

Mosquito Magnet MM4100 Patriot Mosquito Trap is a highly functional trap that you can utilize for very large outdoor areas reaching one acre. It is made of strong quality materials, giving it the strength to last long and withstand outdoor conditions. With its 50ft cord, you can quickly place it in the right area that is far from you so that it is able to catch mosquitoes or different insects before they can go near you and bite you. This device uses a smart technology that makes it possible to release certain substances (moisture, heat and carbon dioxide) that can encourage various insects to come near it. Such substances work hand in hand with a certain type of attractant based on which area it is employed. As a result, the mosquitoes or certain varieties of insects are automatically caught by the trapping device and eventually die. This best mosquito trap, best bug zapper can efficiently do its job day in and day out to catch great amounts of mosquitoes. Unlike the typical mosquito trap that uses a collection tray, this trapping device has a well-designed net that stores all the trapped insects until they are thrown away.

Pull Quote

The fly light is an ideal way to deal with an indoor infestation where you can control the amount of other light.

A fly light is an ideal way to deal with an indoor infestation where you can control the amount of other light, like in an attic or a well-curtained room. At night, whatever flies are bugging you will be drawn to a fly light like moths to a flame—it will totally catch moths too—and get stuck in the glue for easy disposal. Professional exterminator and owner of Ask the Exterminator, Rick Steinau, particularly recommends these traps for stinkbug infestations, as they trap and kill the bugs without squishing them and releasing their foul smell.

Bigger lights (with bigger glue boards) would theoretically catch more flies, but my testing shows you don’t need an expensive system to catch a lot of flies in a short time.

Kamp-Rite Insect Protection System

The best larger, tent-style net is the Kamp-Rite Insect Protection System. It’s essentially a tent with a mosquito net inside and full rain protection. If you’re somewhere with a lot of mosquitoes (and are planning on sleeping by yourself), this is a good swap for your regular camping tent. Although it’s a full tent, it’s still small enough to fit on top of any military cot. IntrepidXJ’s review at Backcountry Post says it’s large enough to fit someone taller than feet, perfect for car camping. It’s also incredibly versatile. Because it has sturdy legs, you can set it up on rocky ground or anywhere else you might not want to set a tent otherwise.

Globe Electric 23W

This means that a yellow light does not actually repel them, but rather it’s a matter of them being attracted to brighter light sources in the vicinity. They are very much attracted to colors in the white and blue spectrums.

Globe Electric’s yellow fly light is actually a 2watt energy user but has an output equivalent of 100 watt thanks to its energy saving coil design. They have an average lifespan of 10 000 hours of burn time before giving in, that’s just more than a year of use which is a lot better than some of the other energy saving coil lamps in the same price class.

Energy saving lamps have a tendency to be sensitive to moisture and water exposure, so be sure that they are installed in a rainproof lamp holder to avoid early burnouts.

The Globe Electric 100 Watt Enersaver is a good choice for replacing your patio or porch lights to make your outdoors time bearable.

The bulb only uses Watts of energy but has an output of 40 watts, which is more energy efficient than the previous light but does not have half of its output per unit. It works equally well as a mosquito light bulb.

What really stands out is that their average lifespan is about 25 000 hours, which is the equivalent of two and a half years of constant burn time, quite brilliant considering the price per bulb.

These LED bug lights are exact in dimension to standard 40 watt bulbs and will also need to be placed in a waterproof fixture for outdoor exposure.

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

This electric bug zapper works by attracting insects to a UV light source, directly opposite to the function of our previous two products. The bugs have to pass through a high voltage grid to access the UV light and are electrocuted this way.

It makes use of a 1watt UV lamp which is really energy efficient making it great for around the house. Insects also see the UV light from quite a distance so the area that this light will serve is about half an acre, ample for a suburban size plot.

It’s important to note that because this bug blitzing product actually attracts insects, it should not be positioned close to the house or the area you are trying to keep them away from. It might also be unpleasant for most people to hear the insects getting zapped at high voltage, so best to find a spot that’s out of view for this fly light trap.

Aspectek 20W Commercial

The nice clean lines and clinical design of the Aspectek 20W make it a brilliant product for eliminating insects in commercial food areas and other places where strict hygiene is a concern.

It uses two Watt UV tubes as the attractant and has a 2800 volt zapping grid, the highest voltage available on this type of product truly making it the best bug zapper on the market. It is also super easy to clean with a sliding draw that collects the dead insects.

Unfortunately it cannot be used outdoors where it is exposed to any elements, but would be perfect to situate it in a sheltered position under the eaves of a barn where bugs and flies pester farm animals.

The Aspectek 20W has proved its worth as a trusty bug buster and you can be assured that your insect problem will be neutralized in spaces where bugs are not welcome.

How They Work

Flowtron’s BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer is great for around the home where it can be installed behind your carport or garden shed, attracting and eliminating bugs a distance from your living area. It is nice and compact and the carriage light design is pleasing to the eye, a good choice for the average homeowner.

Electronic Indoor Insect Killer Zapper 40W

If you are seeking for a safe but effective electric insect killer to do the job for you, this indoor insect kill is a perfect choice for you. It is professionally designed to destroy any insect including mosquitoes quickly and easily. You will find it extremely safe to use because it is totally chemical free. It is a true companion inside your place (house, hotel or even restaurant).

GrinLife Ultrasonic Pest Control

This mosquito repeller is an electronic device that repels mosquitos using innovative, powerful ultrasonic wave bands. It has a coverage area of up to two thousand feet and can be used to repel all kinds of pests, including mosquitos, ants, flies, cockroaches, and mice, within an entire full-sized home.

Designed specifically to be completely safe, this mosquito trap does not include any chemicals and will not zap your hand if you get too close to it. It is an electronic mosquito repellant, but it does not include active electrification that can harm humans or pets. Instead, it safely, quickly, and efficiently eliminates your mosquito problem using powerful electronic waves that will harm no living things except for the pests you want to eliminate.

Not for Indoor Use

The Flowtron BK 15d is not designed to be an indoor bug zapper. It uses ultraviolet light to both attract and attack mosquitoes and other small insects. Using a 1W bulb and shaped to resemble a traditional lantern, the Flowtron BK-15D is a safe and non-toxic way to get rid of unwanted pests.

Non-Clogging Grid

The complaint that many have about electronic insect killers is that to their trapping grids become clogged with the dirt, debris, and dead insects. This unit has a patented non-clogging trapping grid that prevents dirt and debris from caking on the outside of the unit. The unit is safer, and there is none of the short-circuiting or unexpected combustion caused by the remains of dead insects.

Versatile yet Effective

It is versatile thanks to a wire chain that allows it to be hung in different locations in your home, or it can be set on a flat surface.

Its electronic power grid is strong. When mosquitoes come in contact with it, they die.

Over time, this indoor bug zapper will collect dead bugs. The removable and washable tray makes getting rid of the bug carcasses easier. Many consider this to be the best indoor mosquito trap for use in your living room, restaurant, office, or even in hospitals.

A Well Crafted Machine

This battery powered bug zapper is made of a high quality ABS plastic. This sets it apart from less-expensive knockoff models that eventually just fall apart in your hand. This device is designed to stand up to frequent and repeated use. So if you feel like you spend a lot of time swatting bugs, this is the best mosquito killer for you.

Effective and Satisfying

If you have had to deal with a pesky mosquito problem, you understand how annoying it is to have them buzzing around your head and not be able to do anything about it. With the Executioner, you can simply grab the device and in one motion to press the on button, swing and execute. You will hear a satisfying pop and will see a blue spark indicating that the pesky mosquito is no more. Probably the best mosquito racket.

A Powerful Punch

The AC powered electric grid that charges this monster bug zapper is equipped to produce more than 5000 V and 2.A of electricity. This device has one purpose and that is to completely decimate the mosquito population in your area.

Although the device is designed to be located outdoors, if your home is within the acre area of protection, your home will also be an insect free zone.

It Generates Heat

The device takes advantage of 340 W bulbs. You can also expect the area around the device to get warm once the machine is up and running. For the best results, keep this device at least 30 feet away from your home and away from areas that are used frequently by people.

It is Bright

Many people are surprised by the power of this device, as well as how brilliant the light it emits is. It is nothing like the low light outdoor mosquito control devices people are accustomed to. It is not designed for indoor use, and you would not want to put it outside of your window. The device can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Larger Killing Area

While the Stinger outdoor insect killer does share some characteristics with other devices of this type, its flat panel design provides it with a killing area that is up to 50 percent larger than other devices of its kind. And the unique grid design minimizes the chances of bugs clogging up the screen.

No Stun Setting

One of the problems that people have with other racket bug zappers of this type is that they just don’t work. They might just leave the mosquito stunned, only a to allow them to get back up and fly around again. Not with this product. One swipe of the racket and their biting days are over.

The device is designed to be practical, and its goal is to kill mosquitoes in just one move. Regardless of if you swing forehand or backhand, the mosquitoes you touch die when they reach the electrically charged surface.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

These rackets are perfect for a barbecue or a cookout. You’re able to keep yourself from getting bitten and keep your food safe at the same time.

Although its plastic design may give the appearance that this device is a toy, it is anything but that. It is a powerful tool that many professional exterminators use as they go about their tasks.

Easy to Use

One of the nice things about the device is that it has an easy to press on switch. When you hold down the switch, a green light turns on, letting you know that the racket is charged and ready for use.

The flyswatter operates using two AA batteries. As a safety feature, the racket will not transmit electricity unless the on button is depressed.

Phase 3

As the mosquitoes get close to the trap, they are swept inside by a powerful vacuum and are locked in a cage where they are left to dehydrate and then to die. Once a mosquito or other flying insect finds themselves in this trap, there is no getting out of it.

Large Powerful Swatter Mesh

One thing that sets this racket apart from others is that it has a larger than average swatter mesh and a stylish design. Unlike other rackets that only use two AA batteries, this rechargeable racket is able to produce up to 2500 V of electricity.

Use it Anywhere

It works outdoors or indoors. All it needs is direct sunlight. Some have placed the product on their lawn or in their garden. Others have placed it on a table because it looks ornamental. It has a hook that makes it easy to hang on a wall or to place in any location where you are dealing with a lot of mosquitoes.

Tennis Racket Bug Zapper

As its name implies, this electric fly zapper/mosquito zapper is shaped like a racket. It has an exterior plastic frame with either two or three electrified wire meshes.

These devices usually have an on/off switch in the handle of the racket. In order for these devices to work, you must manually swing the racket and hit the mosquito.

A Bug Light Zapper

Once the mosquito is within the range of the electric insect killer, it comes into contact with an electric grid or mesh that kills it. Some of these devices will also use a chemical attractant to direct mosquitoes to the electric grid or mesh. Our reviews will help you to choose the best bug light zapper.

Solar Bugs Zappers

A solar bugs zapper is an electronic insect killer that relies solely on solar energy. The solar panel should be in moderate sunlight and usually requires an eight hour charge to power the UV bulb that attracts the mosquitoes.

When the mosquitoes come into contact with the wire mesh, they are greeted with a 300 V electric shock.

Bug Vacuum

A unique style of electronic mosquito repellent is the bug vacuum.

This electric bug repellent handheld device will suck in the mosquitoes that are flying around you, and then provide them with a high-voltage shock thanks to the electric grid built in its base.

Effective Range

Purchase a device that is the right size for the area that you need covered. If you purchase a device that is too small, you may find that your home or other living areas are still infested with mosquitoes. If you purchase a device that is too large, you may find yourself spending money on electricity, large UV lights, and other accessories only to be providing mosquito protection for the entire neighborhood.

Take into consideration the climate where you live. Certain climates have more mosquitoes and will require a more powerful device.

Use of Attractants

Mosquito killers use a mixture of UV light and heat to attract mosquitoes. Some devices include chemical attractants that mimic the odors that are produced by our skin. These attractants do increase the effectiveness of the device. However, they need to be replaced frequently and can get quite expensive.

Electronic mosquito killers can use up to 5000 V of electricity to kill mosquitoes. The last thing that you want is for your child or your pet to become an electrocution victim.

A good device will have safety switches, safety grids, and other fail safes to prevent someone from being electrocuted.

Inside or Outside

Outdoor mosquito traps are not effective inside the house because of their size. Instead of repelling mosquitoes from your home, they will actually attract them.

Conversely, you would never want to put an inside mosquito killer outdoors. They are not designed to stand up to the elements.

If price is not an issue, your best bet is to purchase an outdoor mosquito killer. This is because they create a bug free environment around your house and inside your home at the same time.


It is good to consider the landscape where you are putting your device. You will want to consider the weather, as this will affect the type of mosquitoes that you have in your area and how frequently they will attack. If you live next to sitting water or if you have a lot of shade, chances are the number of mosquitoes in your area will increase.

Wind Direction

As we mentioned earlier in our mosquito killer reviews, mosquitoes are terrible flyers. When they get caught up in a gust of wind, they do not have the strength to fight the wind and must travel wherever the wind pushes them.

Factoring in wind direction when placing your trap will improve the chances of you killing more mosquitoes. This is especially important if you are using a trap that uses a chemical attractant.

The Cost

If you are going to spend money on a mosquito killer, get a good one. While the initial investment maybe a little more, the long-term benefits are usually worth it.

Some additional costs include buying a new bulb, replacing chemical attractants, or replacing sticky bands. Bug zapper reviews are a great place to learn about the potential expenses.

A Device That Works 2Hours a Day

Most bug zappers are designed to work day and night. However, when you read mosquito killer reviews, you see that they are more effective at night, especially if they use UV light.

So find one that is designed to work 2hours a day to provide you with the best protection.

Steep Discount

Manufacturers will offer mosquito killer online discounts that you may not find at brick-and-mortar stores. Additionally, manufacturers will often release new models first on their own website and later offer them at brick-and-mortar stores.

And, best of all, when you order a product online, it is delivered directly to your home.

People complain of a loud ventilator sound and the absence of a timer. The reviews differ very much. Some inform about the hundreds of creatures captured. But, for example, Dan Bar Joseph was not lucky: “Within 1.months I counted mosquito trapped within the units! … may be the mosquitos in Florida are really clever and the machine is made for Alabama mosquitos only”.

Mega-Catch Mosquito Traps

This machine from Flowtron has become extremely well-known because of its efficiency in controlling insects including mosquitoes. The machine is operated by a 40 watts bulb that provides it with uninterrupted service. The area covered by the machine is an astounding 1-acre radius. It is feasible to hang the device just about anywhere by the metal ring at the top. You can use this mosquito killer from Flowtron both indoors as well as outdoors since it is weather-proof.

Aspectek Electronic Indoor Insect Killer

Being affordable, this particular 20 Watt, 1.5-inch indoor mosquito killer not only helps to eliminate the mosquitoes but a variety of other bugs too. It attracts and kills the insects by using high-voltage grids of metal. The insects are lured by the ultraviolet black light produced by the machine which covers a region of 6,000 square feet.

Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control

Having the capacity to cover a vast area of acres, this mosquito killer from Flowtron is suitable for both outdoors as well as indoors. However, it is most efficient outdoors along with some baits. Moreover, the device is highly long-lasting since it is manufactured from top quality industrial plastic. The bugs get attracted by the machine which features luminous UV-tubes and get killed when they come in contact with a high-tension electric grid.

Burgess 144Propane Insect Fogger

This particular machine from Burgess has been designed to kill insects including mosquitoes mainly outdoors. It is possible to fog your yard with the help of this device which can keep it free from bugs for hours. There is hardly any smell present in the fog which is highly effective in getting rid of mosquitoes.

Flowtron Powerful PV-440 Mosquito Zapper

The area covered by this device is acre. An additional advantage of using this machine is that it only runs on electricity and does not depend on flames or gas. A vacuum action is employed by this mosquito killer which kills the insects by dehydrating them.

Mosquito Magnet MM4100

This particular mosquito trap manufactured by Mosquito Magnet is incredibly quiet as well as odor-free and it can successfully pull in numerous types of bugs such as mosquitoes, black flies, midges, moths and additional flying pests. Mosquito Magnet MM4100 unit covers an area of as much as one acre of land in size. It includes a patented CounterFlow advancement that combines dampness and heat to attract and trap the mosquitoes successfully.

Lentek Electronic Flying Insect Killer

Created by Lentek, this specific Flying Insect Killer makes use of ultraviolet light to capture pests. Being handy as well as light-weight it is convenient to use this particular zapper outdoors and requires minimal maintenance as well. Additionally, there is an insect collecting tray positioned towards the bottom of the device that can be very easily taken out and cleaned.

AKAGO Indoor UV Light and Suction Fan Mosquito Trap

This AKAGO Indoor UV light and suction fan insect trap can be utilized in totally darkness in order to get the best results. This can be leaved overnight in a room to ensure that your room is free of mosquito and bugs the following day. Non chemical and non toxic, this is safe to use. No harmful effects to kids and pets as well.

Hoont Powerful Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper

This mosquito killer machine is made to secure you from annoying mosquitoes. This is easy to use just plug it into a power outlet. The high efficient lights lure flies and other insects. Once they fly close to tis machine, the airflow generated by fan will pull them fast into high volt electric grid.

Main features of the Flowtron mosquito killer

The Pestzilla bug zapper is ideal for indoor use as it is capable of killing mosquito, flies and other annoying insects. If you want an insect free environment, than you should consider this bug zapper. In addition, it comes with a very wide ultra violet electronic bug zapper. This device gives you all time protection for all kinds of insects and flies.

The Pestzilla fly zapper can cover an area of about 6000 square feet for kitchens, home, hospitals and schools and so much more. This pest killer can also be used for industrial or commercial purposes. The pestzillar insect killer comes with a high voltage electrically charged grid that quickly kill insects and flies as soon as they come in contact with the grid.

Insects and flies are usually attracted to the pestzilla bug killer thanks to its very bright blue ultra violet bulbs, the insect get killed when they touch the device, the electrical grid shocks them to death. What you need to do is to plug the zapper and stay and watch it kill all the insects that have been disturbing you all these time. The device electrocutes them on the metal surface. Another interesting feature of this device is that it is fully assembled, so when you purchase it, it is ready for use.

The bug killer comes with two detachable chains that are meant for wall mounting or ceiling. You can as well place the device on the fridge, shelf or any other flat surface. You do not need to come in contact with the bugs when getting rid of the dead insects. This is because the device has a collecting tray. You only need to remove the tray after use, discard the insects and then clean it. This bug zapper comes with an enclosed metal grid to prevent any accidents from happening.

DT150 Ultra light Trap

The designers of this trap included three ways of protection. The first protection technique is the use of ultra violet fluorescent bulbs that releases a very warm light that attract insects and flies. The second method that lures insect is an exclusive surface coated with TI0titanium dioxide. This one releases carbon dioxide that mosquitoes cannot resist. Last but not least, there is a strong and quiet vacuum fan that sucks flies and insects and keeps them in the cage. In this cage, the insects are still alive and can’t escape when the trap is switched off.

In addition, there is also a special twist-to close device that makes sure flies and insects don’t escape. The DT150 ultra light trap is ideal for travel, pantries, patios as well as RV’s. you can also place the ultra light trap in any place such as a garage, protected places and so much more.

Technical details

It’s a known fact that wherever you go, you are likely to come across a lot of mosquitoes. There are also times that insect repellants might not work for you. This is due to the reason that these are only likely to keep flying insects away for a couple of hours. Thus, it is even a wiser idea for you to invest on a quality mosquito trap. A mosquito trap is suggested to be used at home. It should also be visibly placed on an area where flying insects usually lived such as the yard as its breeding ground.

Good news, it will be easy and simple for you to make use of high quality and appropriate mosquito trap. This is simply because of the fact that there are many products and brands that claimed to be the most reliable in the field. Therefore, you need to invest more time in looking for the best trap that meets your unique needs.

But sometimes, the ease of access to brands and models of mosquito traps in the market makes it even difficult to opt for the best one. If you will go online or you will visit a store to buy a best mosquito trap, you will usually encounter a lot of mosquito traps that claim to be the best and the most reliable in this field. With a lot of products and models that claimed to provide for the best support and assistance, it somehow just makes things really confusing.

No matter what promises they make, it will still be ideal for you to take time and research for the most excellent products. It is in researching that helps you find the best products to complement your needs.

Here are the tips to help you choose a good mosquito trap. You must keep all these things in mind for you to make the most of your money and your time.

First and foremost, never rush into buying a product that you first see or encounter. Take the time to ask your friends who has once used mosquito traps before.  They might offer you some significant tips and experiences on the specific brand to choose. You can also do your search online and search for testimonials from users of those products.

Secondly, look for brand that will fit in your space or once that can be placed in a good location on your backyard. The position of this device is likewise essential. You could also search for more brands which will meet your taste. There are mosquito traps that also make use of propane tanks to tempt the mosquitoes. And, there are also odorless traps that make use of these elements.

Also, invest a small amount of money. Search for best mosquito trap that provides a good deal and a product that complement your budget. Investing in a high quality mosquito trap will be the best decision you will ever make for your home.

A closer look at the Executioner Zapper

These products are easily the most effective mosquito killers available in the market. The reason it is called mosquito magnet because it attracts mosquitos like a magnet. Generally, the mosquitos detect a human by the carbon dioxide we release during respiration. This product, on the same principle, emits carbon dioxide, along with heat and moisture. These are the ways that mosquitoes detect humans, so this tricks the mosquitos into believing that it is released by a human. When the mosquito gets near, the vacuum pump sucks the mosquito inside and kills it.  It is a brilliant idea, and probably the best route if you have a space that absolutely needs to have mosquitoes controlled.

Patriot Mosquito Magnet

Find here. The reason the Patriot magnet is at the top of our list is its portability and affordability. As compared to others it is the smallest machines available in the market. It works by releasing C02, moisture, and heat to attract mosquitos. Once they get near, they are trapped. It works very silently and has no odor. The biggest benefit of Patriot magnet is that it can be used to kill other insects as well. It can cover an area of one acre. The disposal of the killed mosquitos is very easy, and you will never have to lay hands on their dead bodies.

Independence MM3200

This model works the on the same principle as Patriot does. It emits carbon dioxide, heat and moisture to attract the mosquitos. Once they are trapped inside a rigid net, they die. However, it has few features as compared to Patriot. It has a medium sized net which needs to be changed every 2days. The benefit of Independence MM3200 is that it is cordless and runs on batteries giving an elegant look to your yard. It can withstand tough weather conditions.


A mosquito swatter racket allows you to swing at mosquitoes, and zap them when you make contact.

They are shaped like tennis rackets, but they are not just ordinary swatters. These are powered by batteries and designed to give an electric shock whatever comes in contact with the paddle. It is made as an alternative to the sprays which may be hazardous to the environment. They come in various price ranges and can be used against all type bugs. The have an advantage over the mosquito magnets by being affordable. However, it has to be used manually to kill the mosquitos. Following are the best swatters available in the market.

Find here. 

It can be powered either by a solar panel or DC adapter. It can be used both in the indoors and outdoors. It can work up to 1hours on a single charge.  They claim to cover 1/an acre.  We think the range is a little less, but still enough to cover a typical pool or patio.

Electronic Mosquito Killer

One of the best mosquito killer today is the electronic repellents which use ultrasonic, sonic, and electromagnetic energy. This type of mosquito killer is attracting more and more people because of the ultrasonic and electronic sound that this kind of mosquito killer produces to drive away these insects.

The good thing about this is that it doesn’t only prevent mosquitoes from getting near you but as well as other types of insects.

How Does It Work

There are four different basic parts of an electronic mosquito killer, and these parts are the ones responsible for killing these insects. Let’s find out what these parts are and how they do their jobs for you.

Here’s a video on how an electronic mosquito killer works to eliminate your flying insect problems.


The housing is the casing of the device; wherein it holds all the other parts. This is typically made out of metal that is electrically grounded or plastic. It is also shaped just like that of a lantern, a rectangular cube or a cylinder. The housing also prevents animals and children from touching the insides of the device.

Can be Used Outdoors

Another good thing about there is mosquito killers that can be used outdoors. Whether you are having a picnic or whatever outdoor activity that you are planning to do, you can safely do it because you can bring your electronic mosquito killer with you. If you and your family spend a lot of time outdoors, then choosing an electric mosquito killer that can be used outdoors is essential.

Now that you know the different benefits that you can get from using an electronic mosquito killer, it would be best to know some of the tips to consider when buying one for your home. Below are the different factors to look for when purchasing an electronic mosquito killer.

One of the factors that you need to consider is your budget. There are a lot of electronic mosquito killers today and choosing an affordable one with good quality is essential. Always remember to avoid sacrificing the quality for the price. You don’t want to end up buying a new one, just because you decided to purchase a cheaper mosquito killer, which will only make you spend more.

Size of the Electric Mosquito Killer

The next factor that you need to check is the size of the device. For you to be able to do this, make sure that you have enough space in your house for it. There are mosquito killers that are available in different sizes, so choosing the best one for the space that you have is important.

Cutter Backyard Bug Control

With this mosquito killer you get a concentrated bug spray that you hook a water hose to and spray. It is 3ounces of power which can repel and kill mosquitos along with other types of insects for up to weeks, even if it rains. This 3ounce bottle can treat up to 5,000 square feet. It is made using 0.16% LAMBDA-CYALOTHRIN and most users agree that it is a great way to keep the mosquito population down in their yard.

Spectracide Triazicide Once and Done!

This safe mosquito repellent will not harm plants or vegetables yet it kills over 130 insects as soon as they come into contact with it. It kills them whether they are on the ground or hiding underneath the ground. It comes in a 3ounce ready to spray container so that all you have to do is hook it to your water hose. According to most users, it is an ideal solution when it comes to mosquito repellent for yard each insect season.

Ortho Bug B Gone Insect Killer

With this fly bug there will be no more trouble from mosquitoes in your area. It is designed for both outdoor and indoor use. Easy to use, it requires no addition of insecticides to use. It is non-smelly and poison-free. It is good for use in bedroom, hotel, office, warehouse, or any other place where there are mosquitoes. It is energy efficient, while its unique high voltage kills traps and kills insects with ease. It holds up for real long.

Dynatrap Insect Trap

This mosquito trap protects you to nearly half an acre. It features an all-weather durable construction for greater endurance. It is pesticide chemical-free and odor-free and operates quietly. It requires no costly attractants or propane to achieve its purpose. It is expertly engineered for 3-way protection against mosquitoes and other flying bugs. Its powerful and whisper-quietly vacuum sucks in mosquitoes into a collection cage where they die. It has a UV fluorescent bulb for generating warm light to attract the insects.

Electronic Bug Zapper

It is a highly effective insect killer for indoor use that utilizes UV bulbs to draw the insect and then eliminate them on its grid. It is simple to clean and use. The mosquitoes are trapped into a removable and washable tray. It includes a cleaning brush for making the cleaning easier. It has a protective and corrosion resistant outer enclosure for ensuring the indoor mosquito killer is safe for people and pets. You can use it at home or work place.

Solar-Powered UV Bug Zapper

This solar-powered model of a mosquito killer attracts and entraps insects like mosquitoes to their death. It features LED light bulbs for providing local illumination on the patio, walkway or garden, attracting the bugs. Optimally, it works in a range of nearly 3000 sq. ft. it is super sensitive to the high and also the low level of the sun as well as general light. You can excellently keep mosquitoes and other disturbing insects away when you use this trap. It is very efficient and eco-friendly.

Electronic Indoor Insect Killer

This is an ideal mosquito killer for indoors like the kitchen, bedroom, workplaces, or hospitals. It covers as wide as 6,000 square feet, eliminating any mosquitoes around. It is chemical-free and comes with an easy to wash collection tray. It kills mosquitoes and other flying bugs instantly. It is a great poison-free pesticide control device.

TaoTronics Bug Zapper Electronic

This electronic bug zapper from TaoTronics is one of the very best insect killers designed for outdoors. It emits a wavelength light that is a magnet for mosquitoes and other insects, getting trapped when they fly near. It is safe, containing no-chemicals and odorless solution. It features a protective mesh screen that separates you from its electric grill to avoid being shocked. Its collection tray is removable and easily washable. This zapper is so versatile that it stands on its own. It is a great device for eliminating any trespasser insect.

The models highlighted in the above top best electric mosquito traps reviews are superbly designed to trap and eliminate mosquitoes with efficacy. They do so without producing any disturbing sounds, and they are completely safe for pets and humans.

Three years ago

We refreshed this guide by beefing up the mosquitoes section with more research, adding two more suggestions for keeping mosquitoes at bay (oscillating fan and yellow bug light), and reporting back on our (failed) attempts to grow carnivorous plants.

Four years ago

We finished some mosquito repelling/killing research for our anti-bug piece. It took a little longer than we would have liked but it’s better to get your supplies ready before the next mosquito season starts so we figured we would post it now.

The Executioner is the weapon of choice for actively hunting down insects that fly or are too large to squish without making a mess. It’s more effective and less messy than a fly swatter and will let you take out bugs in a variety of circumstances. It’s also superfun to use.

While I was researching this piece, an avid gardener from Tennessee told me that some gardeners use electric swatters like the Executioner to scrape and shake smaller bugs off of plants onto the electric grid, which allows you to kill harmful pests infesting your plants without using pesticides.

The Executioner works on larger bugs as well. Wirecutter founder Brian Lam has used one in Hawaii with great success to stun half a dozen large roaches and another half dozen flies and mosquitoes (and beetles) before flushing them down the drain. The greatest benefit is that you’re catching roaches without having to squash them (roach guts smell and can potentially stain fabrics).

During testing, I pressed the button and touched the grid to see how powerful the Executioner’s voltage was. And although it makes a satisfying pop and gives you a spicy jolt, it won’t leave you tased on the ground either: Its shock is more powerful than licking a battery, less powerful than a loose lamp wire. The main thing to remember is to not touch the zapping grid when you’ve got the safety buttons activated.

If you want an old-fashioned solution, or you just like killing flies, the Enoz Wire Mesh Head Fly Swatter is my swatter of choice. It’s a well-made, simple, and inexpensive flyswatter. If you only get the occasional fly in your house, this is the tool for you. Yes, it has drawbacks (like the mess it creates). But it’s simple to use and doesn’t need batteries. The Enoz isn’t as good as The Executioner for large bugs, requires a bit more skill and patience, and will definitely make more of a mess, but its inexpensive price can’t be beat.

In reading numerous user reviews, I found that plastic flyswatters break easily and don’t have as much snap as the metal kind, an important feature to give your kill stroke that added sting. I ordered this metal-handled swatter and gave some things around my garage a good whacking (there weren’t many flies around that day). With a 20-inch length, this flyswatter has an effective range of a foot or more, depending on how far you choke up on your grip. I really beat the crap out of this thing and it didn’t break, although the joint between the swatter and the handle did loosen a bit. The vigorous swatting did scratch some paint off of a metal door, but you shouldn’t have to be that heavy-handed to kill a fly.

Cutter Backwoods Dry

Of all the sprays we tested, Cutter Backwoods Dry with 2percent DEET felt the best on the skin. It goes on in a thin, even layer and offers about three to four hours of protection against small things that want to bite you.

First things first: Let’s talk about efficacy. Fortunately, a lot of scientific research on bug repellents exists. After reading gigantic stacks of papers and articles, we found that they all point to one repellent that’s best in both safety and efficacy: DEET. Hands down, DEET is the safest and best-working bug repellent out there.

Many people have asked us why we didn’t test any products with picaridin, a bug spray with a non-DEET active ingredient. We have much more in our full guide about picaridin (and other non-DEET repellents), but in short, picaridin is a newer bug repellent that hasn’t been in use as long as DEET has, so we don’t have nearly as much safety data on it. If you’re worried about DEET, don’t be—it’s the safest repellent for the most people, from kids as young as months old to pregnant women. And even though DEET hasn’t been tested on pregnant women in their first trimester, experts suggest that all pregnant women use insect repellents that contain DEET, because the danger of Zika to an unborn baby is higher than any potential danger from DEET.

The percentage of DEET in a bug repellent determines how long it will last, not how well it wards off bugs. So the higher the percentage, the longer it works. We think the best formula for most folks contains about 2percent DEET. According to some of this research we mentioned, this amount should give you about three to four hours of protection without you having to reapply it, plenty of time for a summer picnic or an afternoon hiking trip.

You could get by on a lower percentage of DEET. Many of the main offerings from brands such as Cutter and Off have a 1percent concentration, and several sprays out there have only to percent. But according to the CDC, you should choose a repellent with at least 20 percent to ward off ticks as well. And because ticks can cause Lyme disease and other nasties, we think protecting against them is important. Our pick has 2percent DEET.

Out of all the sprays we tested, Cutter Backwoods Dry was the easiest to apply and the most pleasant to wear, and it offered the most reliable sprayer. It can repel disease-carrying mosquitoes (and to a lesser degree, ticks) for about three to four hours without you having to put more on. DEET does have a bit of an odor that can put off some people, but we found that Cutter’s smell faded after 20 or so minutes.

A word of warning: 100 percent DEET can damage both leather and plastic materials. But we are not advocating using high concentrations of DEET. The max you should use is about 30 percent, tops. Our pick has 2percent DEET; we tested it on a bunch of different materials and fabrics and saw no damage. As a precaution, make sure to wash your hands after applying, and don’t spray it around tents or your fancy kayak.

Products for a full infestation

All of the exterminators said any serious infestation requires two steps to resolve: Identify the pest, then remove the source.

For sure, bug sprays, ant and roach traps, and other anti-insect products are effective, but we’re just not ready to get into the kind of research that involves making sure stuff with potentially harmful pesticides are worth it. We’ll get to other types of insect-killing gear over time, though. Consider this guide a starter.

Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper

Stinger Cordless Rechargable Insect Zapper has a design of a modern lantern. It is absolute attractive for an insect killer.

The mosquito killer is portable and rechargeable. It has 62square feet radius. Moreover, it uses black UV light technology to attract insects effectively.

It has 3.hour run time and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

FLowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device

FLowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device has acres coverage outdoor and 1,200 square feet indoor which is enough to protect you and your family from mosquitoes and other harmful insects.

The device uses 120 watts UV lure power. With its unique design, the device can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

For its powerful performance and large coverage, it is ideal for barns. For convenient usage, the mosquito killer has removable collection tray.

Brand: Flowtron

Mosquitoes have continued to pose a threat to many lives since time immemorial. However much people have tried to come up with technologies of exterminating the insect, the mosquitoes have continued to pose resistance. Think of Zika virus and realize how disastrous mosquitoes can be. But with this incredible technology of electronic mosquito killers, human race have a future. Let’s embrace a healthy lifestyle by buying the ultimate mosquito killer from the top best mosquito killers in 201reviews.

Aspectek Indoor Electronic Insect Killer

Aspectek has introduced this electronic indoor insect killer which has got greater effectiveness. It is capable of providing better ways for voltage for controlling insects like moths, flies and mosquitoes. It is capable of making up area which is around 6000 square feet which is out of any insects and mosquitoes. There is back light in the machine that is capable of attracting insects without the emission of messy chemicals, spray and fumes. It is useful for home, office, hotels and restaurants.

Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Killer

Mosquito killer can be considered as zapper light that is designed from Retro Lantern style. It can be used both indoor and outdoor with greater efficiency. This mosquito killer is available with greater and reasonable cost. It can work with solar energy that is 100 percentages. This is the way through which you can save energy by saving much amount of environment. The white light can illuminate while making the switch on and also by killing mosquitoes using the UV light.

Mosquito Magnet 

The Summit Mosquito Dunks are organic, easy to set up and use, and quite effective, killing mosquitos beginning with their larvae. You’ll get a large spread of effect as well, due to the ability of each dunk to exterminate mosquitos within 100 square feet of area.

If you’re worried about sprays or other forms of mosquito killers messing with your garden or yard, these mosquito dunks are perfect for you since they’re safe to use as well as organic, meaning they can be left where they are, without you having to worry about throwing them away.

They come in various quantities, but you’ll be able to decide how many you need if you decide to purchase these mosquito killers for yourself.

They’re easy to set up, kill the source of mosquito infestations, and won’t harm any part of the environment that they’re stationed in.

KOODER Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer

The KOODER Zapper is a safe way to get rid of mosquitos, or anything that flies into its path – it’s powerful, efficient, safe, and can be left on for long periods of time even without human supervision.

It operates in a simple way – a light attracts mosquitos to its core, which electrocutes them once they get close enough, a method that has proven to be successful in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.

It isn’t tacky, and it’s quite easy on they eyes – you can place it anywhere you’d like it, and it won’t stand out, in a negative way.

The KOODER Bug Zapper puts insects in their place, especially when they get close to its electric wings. This zap lamp is effective, safe, and beautiful to have in your home, or wherever you decide to position it.

Why we chose this subject

There are so many variants of electronic mosquito trap products available in the market, each promising different features, technologies, and unique values.

Thus, choosing just one that might suit your exact needs might be difficult, and thus, we compiled this guide to help you with that purpose.

Whether you are looking for a mosquito trap to protect you in your camping and outdoor trips, or to repel insects and mosquitoes from your tropical house, we will try to help you answer your questions and making your choice.

How Electric Mosquito Trap Works

As mentioned, the basic principle of electric mosquito traps, or more formally known as electrical discharge insect control system, is to lure insects with lights and zap them with high-voltage electricity.

The exterior casing holding the parts together, usually made of plastic or metal. Metal housings are usually electrically grounded to ensure safety.

Electrical transformer to change the 120-Volt (or 220-Volt) electrical line voltage to high-voltage (2000-Volt or more).

The core process driving the electric mosquito trap revolves around the transformer, increasing the voltage supplied by your main electricity to at least 2,000 Volt.

The transformed high-voltage electricity is applied across the wire grids surrounding the light bulb. Attracted by the light illuminated by the light bulb, an insect will fly into the wire mesh and will be killed instantly.

We’ve discussed that there will be some differences between indoor and outdoor usage of electric mosquito trap products, let’s delve deeper into the subject.

The main issue about outdoor usage is the weather, and thus, the housing of outdoor products are usually designed to be waterproof.

Typically outdoor mosquito trap products are designed to cover wider areas, for obvious reasons. Depending on whether they use chemical attractants or not, they might also have a minimum distance requirement from human activitites.

Product Recommendation

We will divide our product recommendations section into two categories: indoor and outdoor.

That way, we hope you can understand your needs better and make a better choice to cater that needs.

Known Issues

Being a plug and play device, you can expect this product to be generally free of technical issues. However, several users have complained that their devices did not work properly when arrived. Make sure you check your product thoroughly.

Uses propane as its fuel

A five-star-rated product in this mosquito-killing niche, this electronic bug zapper by Pet Sentry is a well-designed accessory with a powerful 20-watt system that kills flying adult mosquitoes on contact. It has a convenient 16-inch design that blends well in homes. Its chemical-free system does not harm humans nor the environment, while its powerful design is perfect for both commercial and home use. To optimize coverage, this bug zapper comes with two high-quality UV bulbs that attract mosquitoes well. Its safety compliant design meets RoHS, CE, and GD safety standards, while the high-quality materials used to manufacture it withstand everyday abuse well without losing their shape and or functionality. Other desirable attributes that have made it the go-to product for most homeowners are its stylish and low profile aluminum body that does not clutter space, a removable and washable tray that eases emptying of killed mosquitoes, and the 100% money back guarantee that its manufacturer offers.

Kaz Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper

A perfect mosquito killer for use indoors, this cordless, portable, and rechargeable zapper from Kaz is a premium accessory that never disappoints over the years. Instead of worrying about chemicals and or paying premium amounts for professional services, all you have to do is recharge it to capacity and let it do the legwork for you. It has an impressive 3.5-hour run-time. The black UV light that it emits attracts mosquitos and other insects better that white light (up to 62square feet) while its advanced contact based killing mechanism work instantly, no matter the insect in question. All components are premium and designed to withstand everyday abuse. Its functionality is impressive while the decent amount that Kaz charges for it has made it a sought-after product all over the world. All you have to do is purchase an original one and install it between 10-1feet from human activity for best results.

Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer

Designed to attract mosquitoes from areas up to an acre in size and kill them on contact, Flowtron BK-40D is a top-rated electronic insect killer that offers value. Fitted with a powerful 40-watt bulb (attractant) you do not have to spend a lot of money on the refill attractants found in some comparable products. The advanced killing grid offered is not only powerful but also has a non-clogging design that enables it to kill continuously for several days while its premium construction using the best quality parts withstands abuse well without losing its functionality over time. Once you have purchased an original, for instance, and installed it as needed, you do not have to worry about it rusting and or losing its functionality over time. Pricing is decent while the protective outer enclosure that it comes with protects pets and children from injuries when left unattended. You will appreciate its value.

You’re putting it on before your sun cream

Apply your repellent all over areas of your skin that are exposed, but don’t make the mistake of over-applying. ‘You want to just cover all areas of exposed skin,’ explains Dr Mahto. ‘Applying it more heavily does not provide better or longer-lasting protection.’ And it goes without saying that you shouldn’t apply your cream or spray underneath clothing or to any areas of wounded or irritated skin.


The Mosquito-Magnet-MM4100-Patriot-Trap is a silent and odorless mosquito trap that attracts and captures mosquitoes and other biting insects. It works for large yards up to an acre of land. The mosquito trap is easy to operate and it is recommended that it be run 2hours a day at the beginning to break the breading habits of the mosquitoes. Yard placement is also critical when it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of the unit. It must be placed up wind of the mosquitoes and it must be placed in a clear area where there are no obstructions for the mosquitoes to be drawn to the trap. The patented trap creates a CO₂, heat and moisture combination that resembles mammals and attracts mosquitoes to the trap. There is then a vacuum that sucks the mosquitoes into a ridged net where the mosquitoes die. The Mosquito-Magnet-MM4100-Patriot-Trap includes a 50 foot cord with yard clips to keep the cord from creating a yard hazard. The propane and magnet attractors need to be replaced every 2days to be effective. The Mosquito-Magnet-MM4100-Patriot-Trap comes with a year warranty.

USB Led Lamp

No led lamp has a insect killing function. So, why do some people claim that LEDs repel bugs and insects? For the same reason that bug lights do not attract insects. LED lights, specifically the bulbs typically used in residential lighting, emit very little light in the UV spectrum. LEDs also emit little heat from their light source, further reducing their attractiveness to bugs. Thought LED light bulb attract fewer insects than a typical incandescent light, using a warmer color temperature which contains less of the blue wavelength of light is the best chance you have to keep those invaders astray.

Pure Enrichment

Pure Enrichment is a newer style trap that can be used inside of your patio. It comes with a 2-year warranty, makes cleanup easy with a removable bug tray, and zaps insects of all types with 2100 volts of power. Most people state that it works very well in their covered patios to keep them bug-free and they say that it looks more appealing than traditional traps. Other people are not as impressed with its performance, stating that the light does not work for very long.

Indoor Electric Bug Zapper

Most people want to know, “Do bug zappers kill mosquitoes?” The answer to this question is, “Yes.” Bug zappers work very well. However, you do need to place them in the right areas. You should hang them low to the ground and away from where you are going to be. They draw mosquitoes and other insects. This means if you are sitting near it, you may be bit more often. They will work better when the sun goes down than they do during the day; so keep this in mind.

FC-8800 Diplomat

I’ve been through the same stage and I know how hard taking the right decision can get. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of best mosquito killers. (just a word of caution these are not your typical insect spray)I hope after going through this article, you’ll have a decent knowledge about all the options you have. As a result, you’ll know which one suits you the best.

It’s a great bug zapper for your money

It zaps insects with a voltage which can reach up to 1200 volt.


A mosquito killer must be effective. Otherwise, it’s a waste of your money. Buying an ineffective mosquito killer will only bring tears to your eyes. Especially, if you have ever-growing mosquito population. So, choose wisely. Make sure you choose one that has a large killing radius and can attract a lot of mosquitoes. If possible buy something that targets both adult mosquito and larvae. Look for popular brands that have a good reputation. They tend to deliver better products.


While buying a mosquito killer, one should always avoid products that can harm the environment. Mosquito killers that use DDT are harmful to the environment. These should be avoided. The insecticides used in fog based mosquito killer are not harmful if used at a low concentration. The best choice, in my opinion, is an electric mosquito killer. As it uses electricity we don’t have to worry about mother nature.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the bug zapper by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your bug zapper wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of bug zapper



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