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Best ems unit 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated September 1, 2020

Charlie OliverMy name is Charlie Oliver. I have been a freelance writer for 20 years, focusing mainly on technology related topics. I spent 43 hours researching and testing 19 different types of ems unit and found that material, variety of sizes, and style were most important.

The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing. Like most products, some outdo others, so use my top three list below to get started on your search for the best ems unit of 2018.

Best ems unit of 2018

Below you can find 3 reviews of the best ems unit to buy in 2018, which I have picked after the deep market research. Here are my top picks with detailed reviews, comparison charts and buying guides to help you purchase the perfect item for your needs. There are dozens of choices for an ems unit these days. These are composed of modern styling with modern technology to match it. Here are some good examples. Now, let’s get to the gist of the matter: which are the best ems unit for the money?

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
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4 points
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№1 – iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Unit Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief & Arthritis & Muscle Strength – Treats…

iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Unit Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief & Arthritis & Muscle Strength - Treats...

2 in 1: iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Unit Combines Two Therapies in 1 device.
WHAT IS TENS?: Stands for “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation”- a safe, non-invasive, drug free method of pain relief used by Physical Therapists and prescribed Doctors for over 30 years. The iReliev Bundle delivers low-voltage pulses to the skin to stimulate nerve fibers effectively blocking the pain signal to your brain. Also increases natural endorphins–a natural pain reliever. You can say GOODBYE to those pain pills that have been dulling your life!
Not found yet.

Why did this ems unit win the first place?

The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The rear part fits perfectly! It is mounted really tight and reliable.
















№2 – Famidoc TENS and EMS Combo Unit FDA Cleared Dual Channel Electronic Muscle Stimulator Pulse…

Famidoc TENS and EMS Combo Unit FDA Cleared Dual Channel Electronic Muscle Stimulator Pulse...

✅ TENS &EMS included. TENS, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is the use of electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. EMS, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses.
Inner parts not as hardwearing as other models.
Can be tricky for beginners.

Why did this ems unit come in second place?

Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office.
















№3 – FDA cleared HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit Electronic Pulse Massager Tennis…

FDA cleared HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit Electronic Pulse Massager Tennis...

Buttons are clearly labelled with words like “Neck”, “Shoulder”,”Back”, “Elbow”, “Hip”, “Ankle”,”Knee”, “Foot/Hand”, “Wrist”,not “Pulse-Width”, or “Waveform.” The large LCD display with new featured backlight shows you at a glance exactly what you need for your targeted area, including the type of massage”Knead, Acu (Acupuncture), Tap, Cupping, Scraping (Gusha),Random” and the time left on the cycle.
There is something wrong in the back.
The price might be something to consider for some.

Why did this ems unit take third place?

It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. We are very pleased with the purchase — the product is great!
















ems unit Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy ems unit, right? No!

What Is A TENS and EMS Unit

EMS units help to reduce spasms and to strengthen weak muscles. EMS devices operate from to 130 mega hertz. At these healing rates, EMS units help to reduce swelling and inflammation. EMS units are better identified in re-educating an atrophic muscle to awaken. The units are very lightweight and their electrical impulses are designed mimic natural muscle contractions. EMS units work very well in individuals whose muscles have become immobile due to a surgery, an injury, a health problem and various conditions that benefit from increased local circulation. The electrical voltage from an EMS device helps to change the chemical reactions, which affects muscle glycogen, fat and other nutrients that are stored within the muscle. Rather than going to a gym to work your muscles, an EMS unit gives your muscle a 95% workout increase without the muscle soreness after a workout. It features pad with connecting wires, which are applied to a particular muscle. The muscles will then contract and rhythmically relax via the EMS unit.

Long term pain or short-term spurts of pain, but which are endured for months and years, can now be eased without drugs, surgery, topical gels or creams. The electrical stimulation from a TENS device and a EMS unit is the method preferred. They send electrical pulses to the nerve and muscles, respectively, to help control pain. The two devices serve different functions, but they both provide comfort during chronic or acute nerve and muscle pain episodes.

An EMS unit works by sending electrical pulses to the injured muscle. It is a low frequency device which works precisely on the muscle areas that require a passive exercise method. Sport clinics and medical institutions use it to treat muscular injuries and paralyzed muscles. Its main purpose is to ease the pain from the muscles, but it also improves muscle tone and improves blood circulation. It serves as a rehabilitation, especially in atrophy cases. An EMS device can be used to work a group of muscles at the same time.

Differences Between TENS and EMS Units

Both units use low voltage (microamps) electrical impulses to stimulate body areas. A TENS unit stimulates the nerve endings while the EMS unit stimulates the muscles. Electrical energy in microamps (μA) means that the TENS unit uses impulses from 50 to 1000 μA. EMS electrical impulses range from to 30 μA. This is technical electrical information that simply means this low amount of current is beneficial but is not similar to an electrical shock. The devices are beneficial for relief from acute and chronic pain and EMS units are good for muscles. Dual units are available and those with chronic pain use both for best results. Therefore, the reduction of pain using the TENS and the stimulation of muscles at the cell level provides the best of both worlds. You will want a professional to monitor you to be sure the electrodes are placed correctly and that you are using the proper signal. The electrodes vary with their placement with each treatment.

Chronic Pain

Pain that lasts longer than six months affecting about 100 million Americans can be mild or excruciating. It can be merely an inconvenience or totally incapacitating. It can be continuous or intermittent.

When you suffer from chronic pain, the signals stay active in the nervous system for months and sometimes years and have a toll on one’s emotional and physical well-being.

The most common complaints of pain are from headaches, joint pain, backaches, and pain from injuries. Chronic pain includes sinus pain, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and specific body pains of the neck, shoulders, and pelvis. Conditions of pain can occur from general and specific areas of nerve and muscle pain and develop into a chronic state.

There can be an ongoing source for pain, or it could have been triggered by trauma, and injury, or an infection. Some people can experience chronic pain without ever having any body damage or previous injuries.

The more you think about pain emotionally the worse it gets. The stress, anxiety, anger, and depression, to include fatigue, act together with the pain and decrease the body’s natural painkilling chemical known as endorphins in the brain. Relentless pain can overwhelm the immune system creating other problems.

Chronic pain symptoms never go away and they can be mild to severe. The pain is expressed as aching, burning, shooting and electrical. The feelings are those of soreness, stiffness, and tightness.

The things to consider are

TENS and EMS units were once only available through medical prescriptions, but now you can buy them unit online.

The home TENS and EMS therapy is a safe and effective method for treating pain without using pain killing drugs. They are now less expensive to purchase so anyone can affordably purchase them for pain relief for a variety of muscle and nerve pain issues. It sure beats paying a chiropractor or therapist for the same type of treatment.

Pregnant women, anyone implanted with a pacemaker, or anyone with seizures should not use either EMS or TENS without first consulting with their healthcare provider.

Electrodes play a vital role in specific therapeutic modalities. For example,  electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is a therapeutic modality which creates muscle contractions using electric impulses. These impulses help stop the body’s pain response and are generated by the e-stim device and delivered through electrodes on the skin near to the muscles being stimulated.

Not only can electrical stimulation help improve muscle spasms and pain. It can help prevent muscle atrophy and build strength after injuries. With its ability to contract muscles, e-stim is also helpful in keeping muscles active, for example with spinal cord injury or strokes. Electrodes are the delivery system for the e-stim treatment.

Increase patient comfort with the 

Dynatronics Ultra Polys Round Electrode were designed to disperse the electrical currently evenly across the entire surface of the electrode. This conductive grid decreases any risk of “hot spots” which can cause discomfort during a treatment. In addition, the self-adhesive Ultra Polys electrodes feature a patented Multi-Stick gel which not only helps keep the electrode in place during treatment, but is also gentle enough on the skin to avoid irritation. The Dynatronics electrodes come in various shapes (round, oval, rectangle) and different sizes to give practitioners the ability to treat diverse areas of the body.

Dura-Stick Sensitive Skin electrodes were specifically designed to be used with TENS and other electrical stimulation devices for patients who have sensitive skin. The Dura-Stick electrodes feature a special blue gel which is meant to be gentle on sensitive skin without sacrificing effectiveness. With electrical stimulation, conductivity is important. These Dura-Stick electrodes have a stainless-steel mesh that enhances their level of conductivity. These reusable electrodes come with re-sealable packaging which can be easily labeled in included fields for patient name, first-use, and number of uses.


Identify the area of the body where the pain is located.

Electrodes can be placed in one of three directions vertical horizontal angulated. *** When removing the electrodes from the skin, peel from the side of the pad. Do not pull the pad off by the wire.

Shortwave Diathermy

Short Wave Diathermy Units can use either inductive and capacitive electrodes. Capacitive electrodes uses two applicator electrodes on both sides of a treated area, for example superficial areas like knees or elbows. Capacity electrodes like those created for use with Intelect Shortwave Diathermy device also come in different sizes (80mm, 120 mm, 16mm) in order to give practitioners the ability to effectively treat diverse patient issues in different parts of the body.

Inductive applicators use a single electrode positioned directly over the area of treatment. Inductive electrodes are good for use with deeper soft tissue injuries such as cervical radiculopathy or low back pain.


Biofeedback units focus on physical processes that are normally regarded as automatic from the autonomic nervous system and give patients a way to regain control in these areas. Biofeedback units can be used to help patients regain movement and function of daily activities, for example reducing stress that can lead to chronic pain.

The Perfect Electrodes for Biofeedback

In Biofeedback, treatment protocol is to arrange electrodes cm apart. The Biofeedback Triode Electrodes spaces the silver-silver chloride, electrodes the standard distance of 2cm apart and are designed for use with the MyoTrac or MyoTrac Infiniti Biofeedback Devices. These durable electrodes can be used for extended treatment times and were designed with nickel plated brass snap backing to prevent corrosion.


Trivarion Buffered Large Iontophoresis Electrodes were designed to be the most comfortable electrode available on the market today. Not only were the Trivarion electrodes designed with a larger ground surface area to decrease current density, they are also buffered using Carbon-Ag / AgCl technology, engineered to maintain correct pH during treatment. With the Large Trivarion Iontophoresis Electrode, practitioners are able to deliver up to an 80 mA/min. dose from a 3.5cc medication fill during an iontophoresis treatment.

Soothe muscles with therapeutic pulsing

Choose from the programs; TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), Sport or Massage.

In Manual mode you are given full control over frequency and intensity for every pad.

x AAA batteries are needed for operation. Batteries not included.

Improves mood

It is a fact that has been proven medically that regular body massage causes relaxation due to its mental effect. A medical report on the effects of massage on one’s mood is attributed to the lowering of the level of cortisol which is a stress hormone. According to the findings of the Touch Research report, University of Miami, as it lowers the stress hormone, it also influences the production of more serotonin and dopamine which are regarded as the feel-good hormones.


Before spending your hard earned cash in buying an electronic pulse massage, you have to establish its effectiveness. The effectiveness is determined by how operational or faulty it is. It is also the measure of its intensity to stimulate the muscles.

Very easy to use

This best-selling electronic pulse massager from Syrtenty is made with premium quality electrodes for TENS unit which are reusable even for several times if used with proper care and storage. At the same time, it ensures durability because the unit electrodes last longer with its double resealable packaging. Even more, its universal replacement electrodes for all TENS, EMS, and IF units are using pigtail pin type connector. Most notable is that this product is FDA CLEARED and has these medical-grade TENS electrodes that are latex-free and pre-gelled for your convenience.

This best-selling electronic pulse massager from United Surgical is the top two in this review. This product includes a complete set of electrodes with four individual electrodes in all, with a TENS manual, a TENS unit, 9-volt battery, some lead wires, instructions and a carrying case. This electronic pulse massager is very portable and comes with flexible and adjustable settings. Moreover, it features five modes of operation: the burst, modulation, strength duration 1, strength duration and normal. The electro muscle stimulation for pain management and rehabilitation carries through the way to improve your muscles and remove stiffness. Also, it can record over 900 hours automatically using its time and record sessions.

This best-selling electronic pulse massager product from HealthmateForever bags the top one in this review for its limited warranty. Furthermore, this product is packed with buttons that are clearly labeled whether where to place its part. More so, it has a large LCD with new featured backlight that shows you at a glance exactly what you need for the area of your target. It also features the most advanced 1modes and easy to select the right button to help you relieve your pain. Plus, it has very great four outputs for the same 20 levels of intensity without reducing the stress.

ESO Solutions ddesfsawebwzvrez

Austin, TX — ESO Solutions, Inc., a leading data and software company serving emergency medical services, fire departments and hospitals, announced today that it has released “Secrets of Smart ePCR Buyers,” a free educational resource to help EMS software buyers make the best decision for their agencies’ patient documentation software. “Years ago, ePCRs were basically electronic versions of old paper forms, and choosing the best system for an EMS agency’s needs was straightforward,” said Kenny Schnell, Vice President and General Manager of ESO’s Electronic Health Record product line. “Today, EMS patient documentation software has grown to be much more sophisticated, both in advanced capabilities and in keeping with the latest NEMSIS and state-level EMS reporting requirements,” he said. “Add in the need for quality officers and chiefs to be able to use software to analyze the EMS data that ePCR/EHR systems generate, and buying the right software becomes a mission-critical decision,” Schnell said. “Yet there’s little guidance for EMS software buyers, which is why we created this guide.” “ESO EHR is the next generation of ePCR,” Schnell added. “If an EMS agency’s approach to patient documentation hasn’t evolved over the past few years, and if they haven’t looked at upgrading from their old ePCR system, that agency is going to get left behind.” “Secrets of Smart ePCR Buyers” is formatted as a practical, vendor-neutral guide that can help make the buying process easier for EMS agencies of any size.

EMS and TENS Therapy

EMS is an acronym for electrical muscle stimulation, while TENS is short for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

Both pieces of equipment use low-voltage, gentle electrical impulses to stimulate the body for the purpose of healing or controlling pain. That, however, is where the similarity between EMS and TENS ends. Each machine has a completely variant purpose and is used for different reasons, and to treat different conditions.

Choosing Between TENS and EMS

The first step in choosing between EMS and TENS devices, is to know what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you suffering from a condition like fibromyalgia and you need to manage your pain so you can have a more productive, higher quality of life? If so, you’re looking at a TENS machine. On the other hand, if you’ve been injured and are rehabbing your muscles or range of motion, or are trying to prevent atrophy while you heal, an EMS machine may be your best bet.

Dedicated units

Most older forms of electronic logging devices, known as electronic onboard recorders (EOBRs) or automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs), have been the dedicated-unit type. Two examples that have been available for years are Omnitracs’ MCP series and PeopleNet’s current products used by many drivers employed by or leased to larger carriers.

Many of these units provide ELD functionality in a single device package tied directly to the ECM by a cable and plug.

Like mobile phones, such units use connections to the cellular network and GPS functionality to deliver on the ELD rule’s requirements for recording location, mileage and engine hours. Data storage occurs using a combination of the internet cloud, back-office servers and the device itself.

A notable exception among devices available for years now exists in the base model of the Continental VDO RoadLog, which is limited to hours of service recording and inspection-report functionality. With no connection to the cellular network with the device, fleets and owner-operators manage data storage via a USB-connected drive to transfer records to a laptop or other computer.

Other dedicated devices may pair two pieces of hardware, bridging the gap between the traditional single-unit EOBR and the two-piece BYOD systems readily available today. In most cases, those devices are in evidence on the quick-comparison chart when a BYOD and a dedicated version exist from one manufacturer. While the J.J. Keller Encompass and Rand McNally DC200 systems both are BYOD-capable, they also are offered with company-branded Android tablets that come preloaded with software: the Compliance Tablet from Keller and the TND from Rand McNally.

Any fleet or owner-operator willing to make the investment in dedicated tablets can turn a BYOD system into a dedicated one. For years, Bill Frerichs of St. Louis-based Frerichs Freight Lines has run the BigRoad logging app on Android tablets dedicated to his trucks. Though Frerichs at press time still was evaluating his options for mandate compliance, moving all of his trucks’ tablets to ELD functionality could be as simple as signing on with BigRoad’s program for leasing engine-connection hardware to pair to the tablets.

Jack Schwalbach, who manages the private fleet of Reinders, a Wisconsin-based turf and irrigation products company, did just that with Geotab. “We have dedicated tablets,” Schwalbach says. “The tablets are used just for logging – the data plan, we have locked down. Everybody’s got their smartphone on their own, so they use that” for anything else.

Continental VDO RoadLog

VDO RoadLog has a built-in thermal printer that provides an instant hard copy that resembles a traditional paper logbook grid for an inspection officer to review. A paper printout eliminates technical issues involving transferring log data that otherwise might lead to drivers handing over their personal cell phones to an officer or having the officer climb into the cab to review an electronic logging device screen. VDO RoadLog ELDs work with VDO RoadLog Office, an online fleet management tool for automated compliance reporting designed for fast, secure data transfers and automatic online record backup. The product also helps automate IRP and IFTA reporting, as well as pre-and post-trip inspections.

VDO RoadLog is designed for easy installation and use and is available without monthly fees or contracts. Optional features include Driver/Vehicle Track & Trace, Load & Trip Management, VDO RoadLog Office Advanced and VDO RoadLog Office Premium.

Coretex Drive

The FMCSA-registered Coretex Drive electronic logging device is a purpose-built tablet-based in-cab system that links drivers to vehicles and vehicles to dispatchers. Working in harmony with Coretex 360, Drive gives drivers the information they need to do their jobs efficiently and safely. Built around a modular app framework, Coretex Drive also offers single-pane-of-glass access to turn-by-turn trucking navigation, messaging, jobs, DVIRs, checklists, fatigue information, real-time driver feedback, IFTA data collection, vehicle service management, tracking, replay and a choice of custom applications.

Geotab Drive

Geotab Drive is a FMCSA-compliant device for monitoring hours of service, DVIRs and driver identification. The app syncs data between the Geotab Go plug-in device and a tablet to provide automatic duty status changes, violation alerts and end-to-end inspection workflow, all in one user-friendly platform. Geotab Drive is compatible with the company’s Go and Go devices, IOX-USB and Android or iOS. In addition to electronic logging, Go’s capabilities include IFTA data collection, engine diagnostics, driver scorecards, safety/risk management functions and data integration for management; more custom additions are available from the Geotab Marketplace.


GPS Insight’s ELD-2000 system bundles a GPS tracking, alerting and reporting device hardwired to a ruggedized Android tablet designed with an intuitive user interface. The electronic logging device also offers messaging for drivers and dispatch to reduce the number of phone calls and streamline communications with individual drivers or the entire fleet, as well as navigation to allow management to dispatch audible and visual directions using designated truck-specific routes for each job to drivers.

Pedigree Technologies Cab-Mate One

Pedigree Technologies recently launched Cab-Mate One as the most affordable and easiest electronic logging plug-and-play device to install (five minutes). The Cab-Mate One is the third addition to the company’s FMCSA-certified ELD Chrome offering, built on the award-winning, intuitive and reliable OneView platform.

Not only are packages based on a customer’s specific needs and budget, the offerings also are developed using customer feedback and real-life applications. This means Android-ready ELD Chrome offers FMCSA compliance with options for expandability into a full suite of comprehensive business management tools, from basic ELD to trailer, equipment and asset tracking and tire pressure, tank level and temperature monitoring. ELD Chrome was designed to enable consistent real-time visibility and actionable information with reliable connectivity and a fleet manager-approved interface.

Pegasus TransTech Transflo ELD T7

Pegasus TransTech’s Transflo ELD Tis a BYOD device – smartphone or tablet – that is easy to use and available for both Android and iOS. At less than inches, the device is durable and compact. Plug in and activate in minutes without a mechanic or special tools.

Electronic Logging from Quartix

Vehicle tracking specialists Quartix’s Electronic Logging product puts its current and future customers into compliance with FMCSA’s mandate.  It can be installed on its own or partnered with the company’s comprehensive vehicle tracking services. Available on the Google Play Store and compatible with Android tablet devices, Quartix’s Electronic Logging uses simple menu screens and input fields that allow drivers to log and change their duty status with minimal effort. “Having been in the vehicle telematics industry for over 1years providing fleet owners with management reports extending from real-time GPS tracking to IFTA filing figures, we are delighted to be able to further support our growing long-haul trucking customer base with our FMCSA-compliant solution,” says Ed Ralph, Quartix chief operating officer.

UTech GPSTab ELD Edition

GPSTab ELD Edition provides a powerful suite of tools to help you manage your fleet and comply with FMCSA regulations (AOBRD option coming soon). Evaluate the product risk-free with the company’s 30-day money-back guarantee with no contract and an “If Repealed” buy-back program and free software option for 2017.

It features live GPS tracking, location sharing, document scanning, driver scorecards, IFTA accounting, messaging, flexible reporting, detention hours tracking and telematics. The ability to share live shipment locations with customers reduces unnecessary tracking-related correspondence, enabling dispatchers to manage more accounts and focus on customer service. Tracking intervals from five seconds to one hour supply fleet owners with accurate, relevant information for better fleet management. Monitor location, speed, miles traveled, route selection and other driver activities to improve overall fleet safety and operations.

Alerts help drivers prevent violations, and proof of detention time and document scanning help drivers get paid faster.

Zonar Connect

Zonar Connect is a dedicated electronic logging device-compliant tablet that also offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for dispatch, management and operational functions, as well as a camera, navigation, Android compatibility and over-the-air updates. Zonar Connect is connected even when outside of the cab, allowing the driver to submit completed documents and electronic DVIRs to dispatch without returning to the truck. The tablet recharges in its in-cab cradle and integrates with the company’s Ground Traffic Control to help provide fleets with better visibility of assets on the road.

Incorporation into the Training Plan

EMS strength training should coincide with maximal strength weight lifting. The two modalities are synergistic, though the introduction of EMS must be phased in to allow a smooth progression of the workload. Modern sprint training uses a triple-periodized annual plan, with three maximum strength phases, though only the first two include EMS. The third maximum strength phase is shorter, with a more moderate strength improvement goal.

In our case, the first two maximum strength weightlifting phases lasted seven weeks with a “313” loading system, that is, three weeks of high intensity lifting, followed by one week of medium intensity, followed by another three weeks of high intensity lifting to maximize adaptation.

Apply EMS work during the second and third weeks of each three week high intensity block. As our speed work, followed by lifting, occurred on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with speed endurance work on Saturday (Tuesday and Thursday were reserved for low intensity work, with Sunday off), we used EMS on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which gave us a total of twelve EMS sessions during the whole max strength phase.

This sequence allowed for the optimal number of EMS sessions in the phase with optimal recovery. (EMS doesn’t require 4hours for recovery, as it bypasses the central nervous system; however, this schedule optimized the recovery for the other training elements). The volume of explosive power and sprint work must increase seven to ten days after completion of the max strength/EMS phase for the optimal incorporation of the new abilities and to compensate for the drop in CNS stress.

When adding EMS to a program, expect your peak performance up to two weeks later than before, as you’re now tapering from a much higher workload.


Though modern stim equipment allows for a number of muscle groups to be stimulated simultaneously, never work more than two muscle groups at a time. The athlete must be able to determine where the stimulus is coming from. Keep the limbs straight and unsecured. Never stimulate antagonists at the same time for safety reasons. This also allows the athlete to concentrate on the contraction in isolation for learning reasons.

As a rule, sprinters require much less current to achieve a maximal contraction because their higher percentage of white fiber provides less resistance. The better the sprinter, the more this is so. EMS units have a “rise-time” feature (the time it takes to ramp up the contraction from zero to max) that is either preset or adjustable. Where it’s adjustable, choose the shortest time the athlete can tolerate, usually half to three-fourths of a second.

Crank It Up

To give you an example of what I mean by cranking it up, my athletes would often have to bite down on a piece of leather or a stick while being “stimmed.” Is it really that painful? Well, it should feel like riding up a very steep and long hill on a bike. That’s the type of “burn” you should feel.

Twofold Effect

Low intensity exercise has a positive effect not only on recovery from high intensity work but on the high intensity work itself. While high intensity exercise is anti- circulatory as it pumps up the muscles (restricting blood flow), low intensity exercise promotes circulation, which aids in nutrient transfer and hastens recovery.

The Treatment

EMS used in a pulsing mode for ten to twenty minutes at very low intensity assists with recovery by stimulating circulation and the exercise it provides promotes capillary density. The effects can be enhanced if the legs are slightly elevated during treatment. These sessions can be carried out at the end of the day, before bed, at least two hours after your last workout.


EMS can play a role in the rehab of a variety of injuries and is used extensively in clinics to treat the VMO with knee cases. But its value in the rehab of hamstring injuries is poorly understood and under appreciated.

The selection of isokenetic machines over EMS contributes to a lengthening of injury downtime as the fluid resistance on which these machines rely hits the muscle all at once, causing muscle shortening and irritation. Often, effective treatment including EMS can have the athlete back in action within ten days.

Injury Assessment

Immediately after the injury, with the leg in its normal straight position, run your hand along the hamstring to feel for a depression in the muscle to determine if there’s been actual fiber separation (a third degree tear). In all but severe cases this won’t have happened, meaning it’s a first or second degree strain where a quick recovery can be expected.

This must be checked before swelling sets in and fills up any depression and afterwards the muscle should be wrapped, iced, and elevated in the usual fashion. Do not test or stretch the muscle, as further damage could occur and, regardless of the findings, the initial treatment remains the same. Surprisingly, it usually takes only 7hours for the injury to heal, but extension injuries can occur above and below the original site and adhesions can form if the tissue isn’t mobilized sufficiently.

During the initial 7hours, the athlete should stay off his feet as much as possible and an EMS pulsing mode can be applied above (not on) the injury site three to four times per day to reduce swelling and promote the transfer of nutrients to the site. After 7hours, very gentle EMS pulsing can be applied to the injury site once per day while retaining the pulsing routine four times per day above the site.

From the third day on, high intensity EMS can be applied to all other muscles to maintain fitness during the recovery period. Additional therapy should include Active Release Technique (ART) if possible, to further reduce the prospect of adhesions.


Some foot massagers are designed mostly for stress relief and relaxation. Others provide certain therapeutic benefits, like improved flow, pain relief and reduction of inflammation. Very similiar to acupuncture mat benefits. Think about your needs properly when choosing.

Know your feet

The first step in choosing the best foot massagers for use in the home is to know your feet. To be able to do this, you need to ask yourself a few questions such as.

Blood circulation

Because of a mostly sedentary life-style we’ve become unaccustomed to utilizing our muscles on a frequent basis. The feet muscles seldom get any work out and circulation is normally impaired by uncomfortable and tight shoes. A to 20-minute massage therapy before heading to bed can drastically improve flow in the lower limbs, which is especially important for people struggling with diabetes.

Lowers blood pressure

An elevated blood pressure level has become quite common in many people. It can be triggered by a variety of things like an unbalanced diet and stress, but in many instances it has no specific cause and is thought to be an outcome of genetics and environmental factors. A study performed on health care staff doing work with seniors enduring from dementia – work that is very stressful and both mentally and physically taxing – revealed that a 10-minute foot massage treatment up to times a week led to an enhanced mood, lower blood pressure and less anxiety.

Amp Rating

It is indicated in the surge protector the power you will use when you plug your RV. You should choose a surge protector that is appropriate for your use. Doing this will lessen the risk of fire, overheating, and various electrical problems.

Joules Rating

You also need to check the protection rating, which is measured in joules. If there is too much energy due to spikes, the surge protector should dissipate the heat. You should look for a unit that can protect you from dangers that can occur due to overheating.


Weight is also a very important factor especially if you wish to transport your RV surge protector. You should choose a unit that is lightweight and must not add significant weight to your RV.

A good RV surge protector should not always be expensive. There are lots of cheap ones that also perform well. You just have to weigh your options so you can evaluate better.

LED Display

Almost all of the models presented above have displays that also act as indicators or cautions. Some of them are hard to comprehend during daytime and nighttime. You should choose one that has a bright display so you won’t have any difficulty in reading.

Plug and Play

Ease of use is very important, especially for beginners. Plug and play is preferred by more experienced RV enthusiasts, as it does not require much time to operate.

Some models generate noise when it is being operated. It can be distracting and annoying especially if your RV is parked somewhere quiet. Choose one that creates less noise compared to other models.

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Here’s what you need to know about smart home security…

Yes, the home security market is a veritable hodgepodge of options. That’s great because there’s bound to be something that’s right for you, but it’s also a challenge to sort through the mess of stuff on shelves today to find that perfect device or comprehensive system. Fortunately, we’re here to help you make sense of it all so you can move past the product research phase to enjoying a functional home security package.


Salient Eye that convert spare Android or iOS devices into cameras for free. All three work well, but we’re partial to the Android-only Salient Eye because it lets you arm and disarm your camera and will even turn on a siren if it detects motion while you’re away.

Camera-equipped doorbells such as SkyBell and are also available. They send alerts to your phone when someone knocks or rings the doorbell and give you the option to pull up a live stream — they’re basically digital peepholes so you can see and talk to whoever’s at your front door whether you’re home or away (as long as your phone is connected to a cellular data or Wi-Fi network).

Want more details? Be sure to check out our security camera buying guide.


The XPDS was designed for the multiple sufferer. If you suffer from things like sciatica, chronic back pain, or other ailments, this is your unit. It was designed to run different relief sessions at one time.


Why waste time inputting the same information multiple times? take care of the rest.

Eliminate redundant data entry and improve report accuracy. ESO Fire uses your EHR data to automatically file NFIRS reports for medical aid calls. Plus a whole lot more.

Things to Consider

Before you jump in, there are some things you should know about and consider before you make the leap, especially considering this is a relatively new technology. In fact, buying a bad massager could even be bad for your health. Before you buy, here are five things you need to know.

FDA Approval Electric pulse massagers are a form of pain therapy and are subject to FDA approval. An FDA-approved device means the massager has been officially tested by the government and its results have been determined and verified. You wouldn’t want to take a pain reliever that wasn’t FDA-approved, after all.

Lightweight The best handheld massage devices are small and light enough to carry around with you. They should be easy to maneuver and not so heavy to be uncomfortable. They should also be light enough for easy transport. Weight varies, but some pulse massagers weigh as little as six ounces.

Warranty A warranty is pretty much self-explanatory, so I won’t belabor the point. It’s still something you want to look for. Nobody buys a new car or an expensive TV without a warranty. Pulse massagers are a lot less expensive, but a warranty is a good way to gauge a product’s quality, especially with longer warranties. If a company is willing to stand by their product for two or three years, chances are it’s pretty good.


You also must not interfere at emergency sites as you could block access or otherwise slow down respondents.

Please note that none of the above information constitutes legal advice. If you have any specific questions or concerns, consult with a licensed attorney.


A handheld police scanner is portable and small. You can carry it around or clip it to your belt. Some models are small enough to fit in your pocket. They operate on batteries (often rechargeable), and have a lower range than base and mobile models. You can purchase a larger aftermarket antenna to extend the range of your handheld scanner.


Most larger cities have switched over from analog scanners to digital systems. These systems have better reception and sound quality. Even though digital police scanner are more expensive than analog ones, you will need to shell out the extra money to purchase one if that is what is commonly in use in your area.

Scan and Search Speed

This is a measure of how quickly your device can scan through channels. If you have a large number of channels to scan through, high speed can be important. If you are only listening to around channels, look for a scanning speed of about 1per second. If you have more channels to scan through, you might want to consider a higher search speed like 50 or 100 channels per second.

Service Search

You can use this feature to search through pre-programmed frequencies. This can be a quick and easy way to locate the appropriate frequencies for police, firefighters, and so forth. You will find that it is especially handy for traveling.

Squelch. This suppresses static.

WX button. With this button, you can do a quick check of NOAA weather channels and other pre-programmed frequencies.

Number Keypad. You can use this to punch in frequencies.

Search button. Use this to hunt for unknown frequencies.


Excellent antenna. The antenna that comes with this scanner is surprisingly effective.

Clear, loud speaker. Incoming transmissions come in loud and clear.

Simple interface. This scanner isn’t fancy. But, it’s very easy to use.

Very reasonable price tag. This product is cheap compared to most other scanners.

Auto sleep. This feature switches the scanner off after a certain amount of time so that a sudden blast of static doesn’t wake you up in the middle of the night.

Sturdy construction. The shell is made out of reinforced, high quality plastic.

Built-in AM/FM clock radio with snooze. You can use this scanner like an alarm clock if you want.

HomePatrol comes with an automobile mounting kit. Of course, the HomePatrol works just as well at home as it does when you’re on the road.

You can mount it in your vehicle. The mounting bracket is sturdy enough to withstand many chips and dings.

Makes recordings. Like the BCD436HP, this scanner allows you to record as you listen.

Easy to use software. HomePatrol is slick and intuitive. Anyone can use it.

Large touch screen. The 3.inch display has a backlight and is super responsive.

Colored display. This scanner probably has one of the best displays on the market.

High quality built-in speaker. Incoming transmissions sound much clearer on this scanner.

Long battery life. This scanner comes with a car charger, but it also has good battery life.

Organizing a Bicycle Unit

Prior to organizing a bicycle unit, you must gain the support of your administration. Without such support, the unit cannot succeed. It will be helpful to have some statistics available from other agencies, indicating their success rate. These stats include the improvement of response times and the ability to have greater access to patients. To benchmark and compare, you will need to be able to look at stats for at least the year prior to deployment of the bicycle unit. You should see a decrease in the response times and an increase in the ability to gain access to patients.

Purchasing a Lift Chair

Purchasing a lift chair is quite easy. You can visit any of the showrooms located in Sydney Or you can simply visit the ILS website, go through the catalog, choose a lift chair and buy the lift chair online. Hiring a Lift Chair If you only want to have the lift chair with you for a short period you can hire the chair as well. Here again, you can first select the lift chair of your choice. Then, you can contact ILS and make arrangements to hire the chair for the period you need to have it.

The post A Quick Guide To Selecting The Right Lift Chair appeared first on ILS.

Remote Switch

This manual method is very useful for treating conditions such as drop-foot or to accurately stimulate your muscles when you want them stimulated.

Private Health Fund Rebates

Private Health Fund Rebates are available from most private health insurers for a TENS Machine. Normally a letter of recommendation from your doctor or physiotherapist is required. Please contact your private health fund for their specific requirements.


The NeuroTrac Rehab also has a unique thumb activated remote to manually trigger electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Simply press the button for your muscle to receive electronic stimulation and start contracting immediately.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your ems unit wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of ems unit



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