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Best monitor stands 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated September 1, 2020

Charlie OliverHi, I’m Charlie Oliver. After more than 50 hours of research and testing, which included using 13 different monitor stands in five cities and interviewing product teams at five major companies, I made a list of the best monitor stands of 2018

My main objective is to write article on these subject so that buyers like you can have the best assistance and education in making that next purchase. What I would like you to remember as you browse my website is that I don’t work in the industry so the reviews I have are based on good old fashioned honesty.

Best monitor stands of 2018

Welcome to my website! If you plan to buy monitor stands and looking for some recommendations, you have come to the right place. However, after giving you the TOP list, I will also give you some of the benefits you stand to gains for using it. The rating is based on multiple factors: The 3 metrics ‐ Design, Materials, Performance, and other indicators such as: Popularity, Opinions, Brand, Reputation and more. Here we have compiled a detailed list of some of the best monitor stands of the 2018.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
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№1 – Halter Height Adjustable Monitor Stand – Printer Stand – Desk Shelf – Monitor Riser For Screens Up To 24″

Halter Height Adjustable Monitor Stand - Printer Stand - Desk Shelf - Monitor Riser For Screens Up To 24

2 Pack | Can be used as a: Monitor Riser – Printer Stand – Computer Stand – Laptop Riser – Desk Shelf & More!
Unique stacking columns raise design offer the most comfortable viewing level
Sturdy Plastic Construction to support most flat panel monitors up to 24″
Nothing, except that I wasted too much time making my choice.

Why did this monitor stands win the first place?

I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The material is stylish, but it smells for the first couple of days. I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing!
















№2 – Halter Acrylic Monitor Stand / Monitor Riser – 20.75W X 3.675H X 7.5D

Halter Acrylic Monitor Stand / Monitor Riser - 20.75W X 3.675H X 7.5D

Can be used as a: Monitor Riser – Printer Stand – Computer Stand – Laptop Riser – Desk Shelf & More
Stand positions monitor / laptop in line with your eyes to help reduce eye and neck strain
Enhance your desktop by creating more storage space and easy access
Limited official sellers leave room for fakes.
Inner parts not as hardwearing as other models.

Why did this monitor stands come in second place?

I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money.
















№3 – VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount Stand Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable fits 2 / Two Screens up to 27″

VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount Stand Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable fits 2 / Two Screens up to 27

COMPATIBILITY – Dual monitor mount fitting two screens 13” to 27” in size and 22 lbs in weight each with 75x75mm or 100x100mm backside mounting holes
FULL ARTICULATION – Adjustable arm offers 15° tilt, 360° swivel, 360° rotation, and height adjustment along the center pole. Monitor can be placed in portrait or landscape shapes
Small size.
Recommended hand wash only.

Why did this monitor stands take third place?

This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. I hope that the good reputation of the manufacturer will guarantee a long-term work. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new.
















monitor stands Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy monitor stands, right? No!


Do you always use multiple monitors for your daily activities? In case you do, then you need to find the ultimate dual monitor stand. Today, there are a number of high quality and elegant dual monitor stands you will find on the market, though not all will offer you the quality you deserve. This is the reason why you need to find the ultimate dual stand that will offer you a better view and great comfort. For you to find the best dual stand there are a number of factors you need to look out for some of these include; set-up, build-quality, and type among others.

Show less

Apart from the above factors, you may also consider the price, durability, and warranty among others. Below are the top best dual monitor stands reviews in 201to consider before making your order.


The above are the top best dual monitor stands reviews in 201that you will find ideal for your monitors. They are easy to install and offers a great comfort for a better view. Apart from this, the monitor stands are also durable as they are constructed from high-grade materials. You can now get the dual monitor stands online at an affordable price despite being the best.

For aesthetes

The sleek, stylish Fully Jarvis comes in multiple color options, but it’s more difficult to assemble.

People over feet tall need added vertical range to position a monitor at the right height, especially when switching from sitting to standing. The Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Monitor Arm Tall Pole has a 13¼-inch pole, almost double the 7-inch pole of the regular Ergotron LX. In our tests we found that the extra height provided an ergonomically ideal range for tall people. In other respects, the Ergotron Tall Pole is identical to the standard Ergotron arm; it’s just as sturdy and easy to assemble.

Who should get this

If you work at a computer for long periods of time, an ergonomic setup can help protect your health and well-being. To learn about ideal workstation setups, we referred to the work of ergonomics expert Alan Hedge, director of the Human Factors and Ergonomics teaching and research programs at Cornell University.

Ergonomic Workplace Design for Health, Wellness, and Productivity, Hedge recommends that the top of a screen be about to inches above eye level, because human eyes see more below the horizon line than above. To find the right height, Hedge advises, “the worker should sit back in their chair in a slight recline, at an angle of around 100°-110°, then they should hold their right arm out horizontally at shoulder level, and their middle finger should almost touch the center of the screen.” Getting your monitor position just right will let you see most of the screen without having to crane your neck. Hedge also recommends placing your keyboard just below your elbow level to ensure good posture and maintaining an elbow angle of 90 degrees or greater to prevent nerve compression.

On a laptop, this arrangement isn’t possible, because its screen and keyboard are so close together. If you use a stand-alone monitor to raise your gaze, you’re already helping your posture, but you may need a monitor arm to get the positioning just right.

A monitor arm can help prevent back and neck pain by properly positioning your screen. Especially if you alternate between sitting and standing at your desk, share a workstation with people of varying height, or just need easy, on-the-fly adjustments, you should consider a monitor arm like the ones we recommend here.

Monitor arms aren’t necessary for every person or every desk setup. If you don’t need to adjust your monitor’s height frequently, you can achieve ideal screen placement with a monitor stand, which is much cheaper and easier to set up, or even with a sturdy book or two. Our monitor picks come with adjustable stands that work for most people in most setups. But those included stands take up more space on your desk, lack the height to serve very tall people, lack the range for a proper sit/stand setup, and don’t move left and right, move forward and back, or rotate. If you need those features, you should get a monitor arm.

How we picked and tested

Everyone has a different body, a different monitor, and a different desk setup, so the wider range of motion a monitor arm has, the better. Vertical movement (up and down) is the most important range if you work at a sit/stand desk, but side to side, forward and back, and rotation and tilt are also crucial for achieving ideal ergonomics for a wide range of people, postures, and workflows.

A good monitor arm should support VESA mounts, the most common standard supported by most displays, including our picks. Monitor arms must also sturdily attach to the desk, and most secure themselves with a grommet or desk clamp. A good mount should be adjustable for a range of desk or table thicknesses and widths, and it should include cable-management options, too.

Monitor arms should be easy to assemble and disassemble, and they should come with clear instructions or supplementary videos online. We also like to see a strong warranty, indicating manufacturer confidence in a device meant to hold an expensive monitor (or two). We focused on desk-mounted arms for this guide, since they’re the easiest to assemble and don’t require putting holes in your wall. But if you want to clear off even more desk space, you can opt for a wall-mounted arm.

We tested by assembling each monitor arm, attaching each arm to a Dell UltraSharp U2715H (our previous pick for the best 27-inch monitor), and mounting each to a desk. For each arm we assessed the setup process, sturdiness, and the range of movement, and we had people of varying heights use and adjust the monitor in both sitting and standing positions.

Improve Your View

The monitor you’re using right now might have come bundled with your desktop PC, or maybe you bought it back when 1,240 by 76was considered high resolution. Since you spend a huge part of every day looking at it, however, it pays to be picky when picking the right screen. Price ranges vary widely, as do the quality of panels. We’ll walk you through the latest trends in display technology, as well as the specific features to look for when buying your next desktop monitor.

Display Trends

Popular panel types used in desktop displays are Twisted Nematic (TN), Vertical Alignment (VA), Patterned Vertical Alignment (PVA), Super PVA (S-PVA), Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment (MVA), and In-Plane Switching (IPS).

You’d be hard-pressed to find a desktop monitor that does not deliver full HD imagery. To do this, the panel must have a native resolution of at least 1,920 by 1,080, and it must have a 16:aspect ratio to do it without stretching or cropping the picture. Graphic design professionals who require a high degree of image detail should be looking for a WQHD or UHD monitor.

In the not-too-distant past, most LCD monitors used cold-cathode florescent lamp (CCFL) technology for backlighting, but nowadays LED-backlit monitors are ubiquitous, and with good reason. LEDs offer a brighter image than CCFLs, they are smaller and require less power, and they allow for extremely thin cabinet designs. CCFL displays are generally less expensive than their LED counterparts, but they are few and far between these days. Now we’re seeing monitors that utilize quantum dot technology to offer superior color accuracy, increased color gamut, and a higher peak brightness than what you get with current panel technologies. The next wave of monitors will feature Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology that promises ultra-high contrast ratios, true blacks, and a super-fast pixel response. Expect these displays to carry a hefty price when they hit the market.

Although its popularity has faded recently, 3D technology is also an option on some monitors. Passive 3D uses inexpensive polarized glasses to create depth, and active-shutter 3D uses battery-operated glasses with lenses that turn on and off in sync with a 120Hz panel to deliver 3D imagery. Passive 3D doesn’t require a 120Hz panel, and images remain bright, but it is prone to motion artifacts and doesn’t always look good from a side angle. Active 3D typically offers good side viewing and does a good job of displaying jag-free images, but it produces more crosstalk than passive technology, and the glasses are usually uncomfortable and require charging. Either way, if you’re interested in 3D, expect to pay a bit more for a monitor that can handle it.

Features Of This Riser Include

Modern design and stylish layout give it a great visual appeal to any room.

Strong aluminium alloy legs with a rubber covering that easily supports devices like a computer monitor or laptop with even weight distribution up to 22lbs.

Mount it! C omputer Monitor Riser 

This tempered glass with aluminium hardware is the ideal stand for a monitor or laptop with a maximum capacity of 6lbs or 30 Kg.

Creates more room under the monitor in order to store your mouse, laptop, keyboard or other gaming peripherals.

Assemble in less than minutes

Integrated wire management system keeping cables out of the way.

Landscape and Portrait function depending on your preference.

Adjust Pole that sets your monitor height to the most comfortable position.

Dual monitor mount features include

Dynamic and fluid design. Easily adjustable joints can be tightened independently, allowing you to work in a more comfortable, ergonomically correct position while working or playing.

Flexible setup. Both arms are able to extend and retract. The tilt function allows you to set your screen viewing angles. You can also rotate the screen from landscape-to-portrait setting.

Easy to assemble. Sets up in just minutes. Simple to follow instructions. Easy layout of hardware kit and mount.

Height adjust. Loosen, set and re-tighten to your personal height level to your screen, helping to reduce eye and neck strain.

Triple Monitor Mount 

Do you need a triple monitor stand that can comfortably hold up to three 28-inch screens? All with no need for any drilling or fastening to a desk.

Why not have the option to run screens simultaneously? This means you can be working on multiple tasks at once or experience a panoramic view while gaming. Fully immersing your gaming experience with the extra periphery and an expanded view.

Have the flexibility to adjust your monitor screens for optimum comfort and best viewing position. Helping you free up necessary desktop space to properly organise your gaming or work area.

Triple mounting brackets support up to x 28-inch screens side by side.

Heavy-Weighted Metal Base for a balanced and stable to support and distribute the weight of individual screens.

Height adjustable poles that can be adjusted independently providing an opportunity for custom settings.


Ensure the monitor looks attractive beyond being flexible and of robust construction. Good choice of high-grade materials ensures ultimate sustainability.

After presenting the above factors, here are the Top Best Dual Monitor Stands in 201Reviews. Take a glance at them and make a choice, it will serve your needs to satisfaction.

Designing and engineering are done the VonHaus Manufacturing. This product illustrates you with a much attractive method to mount two monitors side-by-side. It holds 1to 27-inch monitor and screens of television screens up to 17.LBS in weight. Ensure that your monitors are well-matched with this dual mount stand so as to aid you in rational decision making. The selling functional features will let you think the best well-working location. There are no tools you need to change the screens to your favored viewing position. The stand mainly features a self-supporting design and also a weighted support for ultra-stability and use in roughly any environment.


Monitor mounts, especially if they are holding up larger monitors, are quite heavy. Some stands will actually lean forward at a noticeable angle when loaded up with displays. Look for a stand with rubber or plastic under the front portion, which will solve this problem. For safety, we do not recommend installing a multi-monitor mount on a glass desk.


Newer style mounts incorporate an “elbow” design in the arms. The arms have articulated joints that allow you to angle them in, meaning you can surround yourself with your screens. It’s a very cool effect, and this style of mount is becoming very popular. Older mounts without articulated arms can have a “wingspan” as much as feet long, which is impractical for today’s level of use. Imagine having your monitors spread feet apart in front of you, and imagine the crick in your neck that would result after a couple of hours.


Make sure your desk is large enough to accommodate the mount and monitors. A mount with arms might place the center monitor at about the halfway point between the front of your desk and the back. You might find it best to purchase a larger desk along with your mount, to maintain a proper viewing distance.

Some of the monitors in this list were reviewed two years ago. Don’t let this put you off: they’re still available to buy today, and not a great deal has happened in the last 2months in terms of PC screen technology so they’re not out-of-date. It’s not like the smartphone market.

Screen size and design

In many cases, the once thick surrounding bezel has been removed in favour of a tidy, nearly frameless design and modern backlight technology allows for much slimmer, neater displays. This is handy if you want a multi-monitor setup, where the gaps between the displays will be as thin as possible. Some models are also available in different colours.

The panel should be supportable at a comfortable height, which means you’ll want a fully adjustable stand.

Choosing the right monitor isn’t easy at the best of times. There’s a huge range of different models out there, and no two monitors are quite alike in image quality, specifications, features or price. To help you decide which is right for you, we’ve scoured through hundreds of in-depth reviews to select the best budget, Full HD, WQHD and 4K monitors that you can buy. READ NEXT: Best laptops 2018.

Despite already being listed in the

Expert Reviews best gaming monitor roundup, the Acer XF270HUA is a spectacularly good monitor for everyday use. It might be a little more expensive than your regular 60Hz 1440p monitor, but at £480 and its wide array of features, it isn’t breaking the bank.

With a three-side borderless design, the XF270HUA is an improvement over the older XF270HU and XB270HU monitors that we reviewed in 201The XF270HUA has a stunning IPS panel that manages to reproduce accurate colours which are splendid for movies and games. Its 2,560 x 1,440 resolution is a big advantage over rival 1080p monitors. Its 1440p resolution produces a sharper, clearer image.

For gamers, it has a low input lag, 4ms response time, 144Hz refresh rate at 1440p, and AMD FreeSync for those looking to benefit from tear-free gaming with a compatible AMD graphics card.

If you’re looking to game or want a monitor that can do it all, the Acer XF270HUA is a fantastic choice.

Dell SE2416HX

The Dell SE2416HX may have an attractive price for its 24-inch display, but this older monitor suffers from dimmer-than-average brightness (averaging 17nits) and slow response times (milliseconds) that result in image smearing when viewing fast-paced video or games. Viewing angles are quite good, thanks to an IPS panel. Its color accuracy is solid (0.11), if not the best we’ve seen, and its 10percent of the sRGB color gamut is in the middle of the pack. It does have an attractively sleek design, with inputs for both HDMI and VGA, but it lacks any mounting support. It is covered by only a basic one-year warranty.

On Stage SMS6000 Studio Monitor Stands Pair

The On Stage SMS6000 stand is height-adjustable from 3to 5inches and can support speakers up to 100 lbs. Leveling spikes in the base, steel construction. Allows for the perfect placement of your studio monitors.

Purchasing The Right Studio Monitor Stand For You

For Musicians just setting up new studios it may be best to experiment with a cheaper studio monitor stand to really get a feel for the different monitor bases and the functions they perform. Many of the cheaper studio monitors in our review proved to be extremely durable and of good quality construction.

Neatness and general Appearance

Modern studio monitors are built with a variety of different finishes, designed to suit professional studios, small home studios, studies and even general living spaces.  Wood laminate finishes fit nicely into a general home setting or a sleek commercial style studio.  Many other stands come in elegant black metal finishes, an elegant, but durable option which may be better suited to your purposes.

Some stands also offer separate cavities, keeping your power and audio cables neat and hidden from view. Other brands such as the DR Pro SMS1BK Studio Monitor Stands are supplied with adhesive cable clips that can be affixed to the back of the stand. Should you have numerous cables and wires snaking around your studio, cable management could be something to consider.

Some features a bit niche

When the classic 16:aspect ratio fails you, nothing does the trick like a cinematic, 21:display. Although it’s not ideal for streaming TV shows or playing one of myriad games that don’t support it, the Acer Predator X3is a model example of what an ultra-wide screen should be. Flaunting an eye-catching aluminum bezel and a polygonal stand that resembles a crow’s foot, this massive 34-inch panel is a spectacle to behold. What’s more, armed with Nvidia’s G-Sync frame-smoothing tech, you don’t have to worry about enabling VSync and stressing out your graphics card. The Acer Predator X3does all the heavy lifting for you. Save for the ho-hum speakers and missing ports, this is about as immersive as a gaming monitor gets.

Only 1080p

Depending on your budget, it might break the bank in classic Alienware fashion, but Dell’s 25-inch gaming monitor won’t let your screen tear. That’s because, whether you’re using an AMD or Nvidia graphics card, there’s a configuration designed with specifically you in mind. Taking away some of the heavy lifting away from the GPU that would otherwise be spent on VSync, a software technology that accomplishes a similar thwarting of screen tears, the Alienware 25’s 120Hz refresh rate might actually be viable. In that case, you can expect the screen to garner up to 120 frames-per-second, so long as your graphics card can handle it and it isn’t being bottlenecked by your CPU. The 1ms response time is merely a bonus.

Limited appeal beyond pro gamers

You might not believe it at first glance, but the BenQ Zowie XL2540 is every bit the gaming monitor that the Asus Predator X3is. And though it may not seem it from the outside looking in, it does its job remarkably well too, sacrificing dazzling lighting effects for a zippy 240Hz refresh rate and nigh-instantaneous 1ms response time. There’s no G-Sync or FreeSync, as this monitor assumes you already have a rig that’s plenty capable of eliminating screen tears on its own. Instead, this monitor keeps it simple by supplying you with lots of visual presets, an “S Switch” control pod for managing those presets and even a pair of adjustable light screens.

Ineffective gaming modes

If you’re running games using AMD- or Intel-based graphics and want to get into ultra wide displays without spending a fortune, this is the monitor to look out for. At 3inches diagonally, the LG 34UC79G-B is equipped with AMD FreeSync for screen tear elimination and a 21:aspect ratio best suited for games and cinema. Despite the resolution being lower than a lot of other widescreen displays on the market, there’s no denying that the LG 34UC79G-B pulls off a crisp image nonetheless – and with stunning color accuracy at that. Plus, you can change the height, which is more than can be said for even some of the pricier 4K monitors available today.

Get the list here.

There is a wide range of gaming monitors to choose from, in the market. But they might be quite hefty for your pocket.

It is one of the best gaming monitors in terms of energy saving and eco- friendly usage. G257HU comes with a sleek monitor designing ensuring the optimum convenience on any desk or table. It widely supports HDMI cable and DVI input for a versatile viewing option on the monitor. It is one of the smallest monitors on this list but probably with a preferred size. The zero frame designing with an array of color option makes it an ideal monitor for gaming and other purposes.

It delivers sharp and vivid images all thanks to its full HD resolution and IPS technology. Its wide angles offer, crisp white, deepened black and strong colored images.

This handsome visual effect is because of Acer CrystalBrite Technology that lets you enjoy the every moment with finest details. In addition, this monitor is RoHS compliant and a mercury-free unit that uses the Eco Display technology to conserve energy and cut down on your costs. Acer has incorporated a blue light filter with few anti-glare technologies that cause less straining on eyes.

This gaming monitor comes with no drawbacks.

Asus has always kept the customers in mind. This time also an all-new Game Plus Technology allows the gamers to select the four different Aimpoint type suiting the game environment.

A 144Hz gaming monitor that redraws the screen up to 14times each second to deliver sharp and crisp image quality. Its SmartFrame helps in defining the specific screen areas for a brilliant gaming experience. It boosts the RGB of the selected area that grabs your attention to the specific screen area where an enemy movement is expected.

Philips 242G5DJEB is incorporated with special gaming pre-sets and Smart Keyboard to keep your gaming in control.

Specially designed for Real Time Strategy game mode where you can easily adjust the screen size according to your preferences. For an intense and competitive gaming, this monitor helps in achieving the difficulty of the targets easily. The ultra-low input lag and no screen splitting make it an efficient gaming partner.

This beautiful range from Philips is a completely new definition of entertainment that offers MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) that gives direct access from your mobiles and other portable devices to project high definition images on this monitor.

Not only you can enjoy best mobile gaming on a big screen, but also you can charge your mobiles so that they do not run out of battery while playing.

You can also enjoy the multi-connectivity it offers like HDMI, Dual Link DVI and Display Port to experience an uncompressed audio and video content.

Stand offers only tilt view.

Acer G257HU is an affordable gaming monitor that offers a stunning display with high resolution bringing impressive graphics to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.

A new generation FreeSyncgaming monitor is a professional display that renders quick graphics and the AMD FreeSync eliminates blurring and tearing of the images. It has an array of connections and can connect all the needed gaming and entertainment sources. Its fully adjustable and sleek designing makes it an ideal monitor to have at your home and office. AOC offers a 144Hz refresh rate that is 2.times effective than a standard monitor.

This refresh rate ensures lag free and smooth gaming. G2460PF is a perfect monitor that displays spot-to-spot screen for an easy targeting of the enemies. AMD FreeSync technology is a perfect solution for high profile games that eliminates tearing and stuttering by synchronizing the GPU with the monitor.

This further ensures the fastest frame rate and prevents any lags and blurring of the images. G2460PF facilitates HDMI-MHL, Dual Link DVI, 4x USB and VGA connections.

Along with this, a USB port is located on the side of the monitor for fast charging. For the audio output, this monitor is incorporated with 2W speakers and a headphone jack. With its HDMI-MHL connection, you can hook up your smartphones to stream the media and charge alongside.

The 1ms response time of this display offers a fast-moving action without any smearing or blurring of the images. In other words, you get a wonderful gaming experience that renders the desired competitive edge.

Lacks in super slimbezels.

This display has a Flicker-Free technology that uses the backlight system directly to provide a healthy and comfortable view for the eyes.

The last but one of the best gaming monitor that has set a benchmark in the gaming world with its true testament that ‘gaming is in detail.’ Every component is though and made meticulously that has reached a new height in gaming consoles.

The ultra-fast 1ms response carries out dramatic transitions and fast movements smoothly without any noticeable lags.

Its every feature screams out the perfection and skills used for making this BenQ ZOWIE gaming monitor. The angular stand is the next generation compact base that is slip-resistant due to its rubber finish.

Although it renders an amazing audio with its inbuilt speakers, there is a headphone jack placed to hook your headphones for a best virtual experience. Behind the neck of the monitor, there is a red organizer box to manage your cables and keep your desk neat and tidy.

Its two ports incorporation has allowed the user to connect gaming consoles and HDMI devices at the same time.

Though, no need of plugging and changing of the connection. As said by the BenQ manufacturers that gaming is in detail, every feature and function of the BenQ ZOWIE monitor is tried and tested by the professionals, and BenQcolor experts keep up the color contrast, tone, and shade of the graphics. This facilitates in achieving a peak performance.

BenQ understands the color flexibility require in gaming, and for this 20 levels of color, vibrancy is added into the monitor settings to meet the gamer expectations. For an unprecedented visibility and control, this monitor has a Black eQualizer technology to brighten the dark scenes. This helps in combating your enemies in any critical situation.

Panel technology

Twisted Nematic (TN), Vertical Alignment (VA) and In-plane switching (IPS) are three types of the panel that are technologized in the monitor.

TN is the most affordable and offers fast pixel response at quick refresh rates. The only drawback is that it is prone to color shifting when viewed at larger angles.

VA comes second in the row, popularly known for its native contrast ratio, intensified black and robust colors. The only drawback it is known for is its ghosting effects that create a hindrance in gaming.

IPS, on the other hand, is best of all that provides an all-rounder color quality, solid greyscale performance and viewing at wider angles. It lacks the ability to match the pixels of TN and thus are subjected to motion artifacts.

Refresh rate

Gaming monitors should have a fast refresh rate. It is measured in Hertz (Hz) and most monitors are built to deliver 60Hz of refresh rate. This means that the screen is refreshed 60 times in a second. The fast-moving images might appear to be blurry, or the panel may suffer from screen tearing, a notion when we see the screen in two splits. Always look for a monitor with a high refresh rate of 120 Hz, which eliminates screen splitting and burr images.

Other features

Also look out for other features like the audio and video inputs, connecting ports and price. Dual HDMI ports is an ideal requirement for most of the gaming consoles, so make sure the monitor you are buying is equipped with a HDMI port. Various adjustments in a monitor is another feature to look for your comfort and best gaming experience.

Screen size, panel technology, and remaining features are the parameters to decide the price of a monitor. As the features are upgraded the price also increases. So if you are planning to purchase a 24-inch monitor then shelling out 300 dollars is not a big deal. For a full-blown 27-inch and 30-inch monitor be ready to spend between 600 and 1100 dollars.

What to Expect from a 300 Dollars Gaming Monitor

For some purchasing a gaming monitor under 300 dollars might be expensive on the other hand, some keep it as a backup option. Whatever your case may be, with the above list provided you would not make a wrong decision to purchase the right monitor for gaming. All the six monitors are quality products on their right.

For under 300 dollars gaming monitor one should expect to get a response time of 1ms, full HD resolution display and 144Hz refresh rate on a 24-inch monitor. IPS or TNS will be present in the monitor, thus you can choose according to your needs.

To conclude, if you are using a cheaper version than these, you will be happy to have an upgraded version as your gaming partner.

Shelf monitors use brackets on the base of your monitor whereas universal mounted one has brackets around the face of the picture tube.

No, those discs are for re-installation of the basic software of your PC.

Black colored are 2.0 USB ports that can connect your keyboard and mouse. Blue colored are the 3.0 USB that allows any external hardware connection.

Yes but the pivot is a little stiff. Extra but firm pressure is required to tilt the display.

Stage monitor designs

Now you know the differences between powered and unpowered monitors, you still have to tackle a few more considerations. One of the most practical among these is the form factor that best suits your monitoring needs.

Here, we’ll take a look at different monitor designs and the situations in which they work best.

Stage wedges

A popular, low-profile design for monitoring, stage wedges are a cabinet type that sits on the stage floor and is angled upward toward the performer without blocking the audience’s view. Among the most common monitor designs, the wedge is well suited for situations where each member of a group has a dedicated monitor.

The well-regarded Yamaha SM12V Club Series V Monitor is an example of a compact wedge-style monitor appropriate for individual monitoring applications.

The Yamaha SM12V Club Series V Monitor is a highly respected wedge-style monitor used in many professional venues.

In-ear monitors

For some players, a monitor mounted on the stage simply doesn’t offer the needed flexibility, clarity or mobility they want. For these performers, in-ear monitors can be an excellent option providing precisely the mix they want.

Built for even and accurate response across frequencies, ear-bud style monitors like the WESTONE UM Pro 30 are becoming a popular option for bands playing venues of all sizes.

The Westone Pro UM 30 is hand-crafted to deliver a broad and even frequency response using three individual drivers with a crossover.

See the complete Musician’s Friend line of In-Ear Monitors.

Shop the complete Musician’s Friend line of In-Ear Wireless Systems.

Side fill monitors

Ideally used as a complement to individual wedge monitors, side fills sit just offstage and deliver a complete mix that the entire group can hear. These speakers offer a fuller mix that can help musicians deliver more solid performances. However, as individual wedge monitors have improved, the need for these more elaborate systems is becoming less common.


As an alternative to the wedge-style monitor that sits on the floor, monitors can be stand mounted. While this may be visually more disruptive, in some monitoring situations—particularly for keyboard players—they may be ideal. Stand-mounted monitors may also make sense in bands where performers share monitors.

The Yamaha BR12M 12” 2-Way Monitor can be used either as a floor wedge or pole mounted monitor for additional versatility.

The Yamaha BR12M 12” 2-Way Monitor is a hybrid wedge-style or pole-mounted monitor with corner protectors and balanced acoustic design.

Specs to consider

You now know the different types of stage monitors and the different designs they come in. However, you still may be wondering about some specifications to help you differentiate between models. Let’s look at some of those specs and what they mean.

Frequency response range

Speakers color the sound of an audio signal based on how they handle different frequencies. In some cases, you can find a frequency response graph showing its comparative output at different frequencies. In other cases, you might simply find descriptions of the speakers’ tonal profile in its features list.

Speaker cables

It’s not pleasant to get your new speaker delivered only to realize you don’t have the necessary cables to plug it in. And while it might be tempting to go for the cheapest option for wiring it all up, keep in mind that good cables can go a very long way in sound quality. Musician’s Friend has a full range of affordable, quality speaker cables to choose from online.

Take a look at our Audio Cable Buying Guide for more detailed info.

Monitor and speaker stands

If you will be mounting your monitor, you will need to purchase the mounts along with the speaker in most cases. Musician’s Friend stocks both pole mounts, for a portable solution, and bracket mounts for more permanent fixtures. Check out the full assortment of monitor stands and brackets.

Stage accessories

Whether it’s a hand truck to haul your monitors and other gear, earplugs to protect your hearing or gaffer’s tape to keep your cables under control, you’ll find all the critical stage accessories at the Musician’s Friend.

We want you to be pleased with your gear purchase, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and generous return policy so you can order with confidence.

Desk convert depth

The distance from the front all the way to the back of your table top should be at least 30” to accommodate your needs. Lesser than that and you will be facing your desk with your monitor so close to your face that might potentially impair your vision in the long run.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your monitor stands wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of monitor stands



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