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Best portable saw horses 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated October 1, 2020

Charlie OliverHi there, I’m Charlie Oliver. After putting in 30+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best portable saw horses of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

I will go through the main features and what you should consider when deciding which one to pick over the other. Now I’m going to recommend a few portable saw horses you can pick from to get started quickly and easily.

Let’s get to it!

Best portable saw horses of 2018

Before you spend your money on portable saw horses, start by familiarizing yourself with the various types. There are dozens of choices for an portable saw horses these days. These are composed of modern styling with modern technology to match it. Here are some good examples.

Here are the customer reviews of some of the best portable saw horses of 2018. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your comfort, style, or accessibility, we have picks to fit a variety of needs and budgets.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
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№1 – All Steel Folding Sawhorse – Pair Portamate PM-3300T. TWO 33-Inch Tall Fold-up Heavy Duty Saw Horses. Fully Assembled

All Steel Folding Sawhorse - Pair Portamate PM-3300T. TWO 33-Inch Tall Fold-up Heavy Duty Saw Horses. Fully Assembled

Set of two Portamate PM 3300 saw horses
Tops measure 36 inches long x 3 1/2 inches wide
33 work height for comfort and ease of use
Not found yet.

Why did this portable saw horses win the first place?

I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I was completely satisfied with the price. Its counterparts in this price range are way worse. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing!
















№2 – All Steel Folding Sawhorse Portamate PM-3300. 33-Inch Tall Fold-up Heavy Duty Saw Horse. Fully Assembled

All Steel Folding Sawhorse Portamate PM-3300. 33-Inch Tall Fold-up Heavy Duty Saw Horse. Fully Assembled

36 inch long x 3 1/2 inch wide top is perfect for all size jobs.^Comfortable (and rock-solid) 33 inch work height.^Stance footprint is 19 inches x 48 inches, and is extremely stable.^All-steel construction for years of use.^Fully assembled and ready to use out of the box.
Reliable! I really like this!
Can require care/upkeep.
Lacks durability.

Why did this portable saw horses come in second place?

This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture.
















№3 – WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair with Bar Clamps

WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair with Bar Clamps

Two (2) durable and lightweight sawhorses made of thermoplastic polymer material, designed to support up to 1,000 lbs. when used together
Includes two (2) detachable bar clamps which attach vertically or horizontally to meet your project’s needs
Foldable for take-anywhere convenience and convenient storage – shipped fully assembled
Not suited for novices.
The cover is not ideal.

Why did this portable saw horses take third place?

This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. I hope that the good reputation of the manufacturer will guarantee a long-term work. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment.
















portable saw horses Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy portable saw horses, right? No!

Toughbuilt C550 Folding Sawhorse

The C550 folding saw horses from Toughbuilt are some of the sturdiest available. Capable of holding 1100 pounds singly or 2200 pounds per pair they should stand up to most woodworkers demands.

The C550 is the replacement for the much loved 470 and has surpassed its predecessor in every way.


Although these are priced on the high end compared to most other saw horses in our review they are probably the only ones you’ll ever need and have a lot more features than any other saw horse.

These are some of the most veratile sawhorses you will ever see. The arms have built in notches that allow for a very square work surface to be built if you are looking to create a temporary table.

Portamate PM-3300T Sawhorse ​The Portamate saw horse offers a no frills alternative to the Toughbuilt above, however they have roughly have the load capacity.

Folding Saw Horse

There are two reasons for having a folding horse; portability and storage. A non-folding horse has a reasonably large footprint, which gets worse if you’ve got more than one and they don’t stack! One thing to bear in mind with a folding horse is how much weight it can cope with, you don’t want to compromise its integrity.

Tool Storage Area

This can take the form of a shelf on the lower section of the legs and can be somewhere handy to store your tools during a project. With this design the shelf can flip up to accommodate a folding horse and can provide additional structural strength and rigidity.

Most saw horses are pretty similar, feature dependent, but there is one type that is a little different.

Chainsaw Saw Horse or Log Saw Horse

This type usually has a profile that looks like an X. This means that you don’t have a flat work area on top. The X makes a perfect holder for a log and will keep it still while you cut it with a chain saw.

How to Make a Saw Horse

Five seconds on Google will give you a hundred different saw horse plans, so I’m not going to add another one to the list. What I will do is talk about features you might find useful. Once you’ve decided what you want you can search for some plans.

Personally I went for a rock solid design for my first horses with no extra features. Next time though I will definitely make them foldable; there have been a couple of times I would have liked to put them in my car to take them to a friends house but ended up sawing on the floor as they wouldn’t fit. I’m not yet sold on the adjustable height feature yet.


The best rated miter saw tables included on this chart actually only small part of the models of the market. There are many different manufacturers and models exist that it is impossible for us to list everything. However, many excellent tables are included at every price range and from a wide variety of quality makers.

Traditional Stands

This stand comes with wooden saw horses with a solid wood plank across them. From the name itself, traditional, it is the obsolete way of mounting the tools on a plank positioned above the ground. This is quite heavy, so you will find it hard to transport to any area of your home or working area. However, the upside of this is that it can be utilized in supporting a wide array of tools. So, if you are the type of person who often moves from one jobsite to another, this is not the right stand for you.

Rail Stands

This miter saw stand type comes with pull-out legs coming out from a horizontal rail. When the saw has been detached from the stand, it is easy to carry and compact as the rail and legs are just the ones that remain. This stand also comes with clamped crossbars designed for mounting to the rail. Considering the fact that they can be placed anywhere on the rail, they can house various saw types and tools. This is actually one of the best things about this product, making it a popular choice among woodworkers and contractors. It is said that the best rail stands are the ones that come with a padded feet located on the crossbars as they can be left on the miter saw and used without a stand. These usually come with slide-out extensions that can support long work pieces on fixed framework and rollers.

Wheeled 1-Hand Folding Stands

This stand type is one of the best creations of engineering as it is portable and versatile. It comes with a strong table with a wide foot at end and locked wheels at the other. To remove, all you have to do is release a catch and collapse it. In order for it to look like a 2-wheeled trolley, the next thing you need to do is bring it on an upright position onto its wheels. You will find it easy wheeling it around in an upright position, with the miter saw still securely mounted on it. All you have to do is release a single catch, and when you are done, unfold it again. With this stand’s ease of use and portability, you will not experience any hassle when you use it.

Compound Stands

This type comes with multiple parts. It has saw horse-style supports made of metal and a sturdy plank located across the middle. Thus, you can be sure that it will stand the test of time. Two of the best features of this stand are its light weight and portability, making your work stress-free.

Cabinet saws 

If you’re reading this guide, chances are you don’t need a cabinet saw.

These can weigh several hundred pounds, take up a lot of space, usually need their own wiring (rather than plugged into an outlet), and are simply the most powerful and capable table saws available today.

It wouldn’t be surprising for a cabinet saw to outlive it’s owner (and maybe the next generation, too), and they’re mostly used by specialised schools, factories, and professionals who demand the most capable of saws.

Basic features

You’ll want to make sure there’s a good power button on your table saw – being easy to turn off in an emergency is important, and they often have the ability to add a padlock to prevent unintended use.

Beyond that in terms of basic features, you need to be concerned with dust removal, table inserts, ripping capacity, and extensions.

Dust removal is always tricky and many table saws struggle to do it effectively. Generally there’ll be a port where you can either attach a bag or shop vac. There’ll alawys be at least some cleanup after cutting, though.

The table inserts are simple to understand – they fit into a slot in the table around the blade. Zero clearance inserts are important and you should look for them.

The ripping capacity basically tells the size of the table surface – and so, the size of material you’ll be able to work with. Obviously this is much smaller on portable saws than stationary.

You’ll mostly see extensions on portable table saws. They’re designed to attach to the table of the saw, to hold larger pieces and ultimately increase the ripping capacity.

You should always buy a great blade to go with your table saw. The “stock” blades they come with just aren’t as good as a proper blade – and, it’ll hold your saw back if you don’t upgrade.

There’s several different types – blades specifically for ripping or crosscutting, general use blades, and dado blades to name a few.

This last bit is more of a saw function than the blade itself – but it’s worth noting that blades can be adjusted up or down to set the cut depth, and also can be beveled between 0 and 4degrees.

Quick Stats: 

Based on all of our analysis, this great table saw from Dewalt came out on top by being better than the next best saws in almost every regard.

In particular, the fence is truly outstanding and blows the fences on comparable saws out of the water. It’s also lighter than the next best option, and has a great rip capacity.

Why We Chose the Dewalt Dwe7480

We have another section below to help you choose the best jobsite table saw, so in this section we considered “portable” to just mean benchtop saws.

Given that we’re talking about portable saws here, we also considered things like tool weight, size, and general portability.

Who It’s For

The Dwe7480 (and portable table saws in general) is designed to not only make accurate cuts, but to also be highly portable, small and neat, and affordable.

It’s a great choice for beginner woodworkers, or any sort of hobbyist or home owner. It’ll sit nicely on top of any bench space or surface you have available and is very easy to store when not in use.

There’s also an option to get a stand with this saw (although it’ll cost you extra), which means it may be attractive to some contractors or professionals. Although with that said, you’d probably be better to go for a jobsite saw. You can see our thoughts and suggestions on those, later in this article.

Equipped with a good blade this is a very capable saw indeed. It’ll easily take care of a variety of standard cuts, accurately ripping and cross cutting lumber and other materials.

Why We Chose Skil 3410-02

It wasn’t hard to crown the Skil 3410-0as our winner in the “best budget table saw” category – it stands out head and shoulders above the other options.

When searching for a budget table saw, one of the most important factors to your decision is obviously the price. But even with price in mind, the saw still needs to be functional and effective.

Thankfully, the Skil can do what you need. It’s a powerful and capable saw that can make precise cuts as needed – some of the other options struggle to do even that.

For the price, you get a low of saw with theh Skil 3410-0- it easily dominates this category as the best choice.

Who It’s For 

The Shop Fox W18is for any professional or serious hobbyist who wants many of the features of a cabinet table saw, but at a much lower price point.

It’s a very capable table saw – powerful enough to handle thick hardwoods and other types of materials. With a 50 inch ripping capacity there’s plenty of space to work with, and the whole machine is a pleasure to use with an amazing fence and miter fence, and overall great build quality.

The closed cabinet is also a great feature – it makes dust collection with this table saw very effective, and pretty much the same as you’d expect from a full on cabinet table saw.

Why we Chose the Powermatic 1791230K 64B

The Powermatic 1791230K 64B easily claims the title of “best contractor table saw” in our analysis – there’s another option or that might be preferable for certain buyers, but overall we feel the Powermatic comes out on top.

Powermatic are legendary in the table saw space, and have been around for decades. With that in mind, you can expect their build quality and overall usability to be astounding, and it certainly is.

The 1791230K 64B ticks all the boxes. It gets the “basics” right: A 4hp motor combined with a thin kerf blade will make short work of even thick hardwoods, the table has a stable base, a cast iron surface, and great dust collection.

On top of all that, it also nails the “small” things. As regular users of table saws will know, it’s the small things that really make a difference.

The fence is amazing – it’ll glide smoothly along its rails and is always reliably accurate without having to double check for squareness. The same can be said for the miter gauge, it’s well built and also has rock and pinion angle setting, positive stops, and an extension plate if needed.

The safety features are also up to the quality you’d expect – you get the standard loadout of riving knife, blade guard, and anti-kickback pawls. They all have quick release for tool-less mounting, adjustment, and removal.

Our runner up was the Sawstop contractor table saw – Sawstop initially found fame with their “flesh detection” device that stops a saw blade dead if it touches flesh. They’ve more recently made the transition into making full size table saws.

The Sawstop contractor table saw is actually pretty good – but it simply can’t stand up to the Powermatic 1791230K 64B.

Powermatic has been building contractor table saws for decades, and that shines through in the quality of our winner… the Sawstop alternative does of course have their flesh detection tech which is a significant safety boost – but beyond that, the Powermatic is preferable in every way.

Why we Chose the Powermatic PM2000 

We’re big fans of Poewrmatic here at Woodwork Boss – They’ve been around for a very long time, and really know what they’re doing when it comes to producing high end power tools.

This timeless Powermatic build quality is only part of the reason we chose the PM2000.

When it comes to features, the PM2000 is totally stacked.

There’s a monstrous motor which draws 230v – Needless to say, this is powerful enough to make short work of almost anything you could ever want to cut.

On top of that there’s the reliably flat and smooth cast iron table surface, the silky smooth and laser accurate fence, and robust steel blade height and bevel adjustment handles.

The PM2000 is heavy, weighing 600lb with its cast iron cabinet. You’ll feel the quality of this beast every time it’s fired up and used. Very sturdy, and minimal vibration.

The Powermatic PM2000 has been around for a long time, and we specifically recommend the latest model – the 17920007K. It’s also notable for the immense year warranty.

The swivel handle design needs some improvement

As a product of one of the leading provider of superior products, the Black & Decker WM12is a great portable workbench of all time. It is strong and has a capability of withstanding a weight of about 350 pounds. Elegant, simple and highly stable. It opens and closes easily and is made of steel tubes for strength. With retention grooves for versatility in clamping of various materials and swivel pegs, this fixture is a must-have for any craftsman looking for a workbench. It has non-skid legs to give the whole body a firm grip on the ground. The bench is flatly foldable for compactness and storage. This is highly recommended if what you are looking for is a bench that can be moved from place to place.

Versatile and ideal for any DIY user

This is a solution for enthusiasts, hobbyists, novice artisans, construction workers and professionals looking for a tough fixture that doubles as an ideal workmate. With over seven decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, Keter Plastic comes as a reputable company with popular brands of various products. Keter workbenches are a good example. This folding table comes with adjustable feet made from aluminum with the whole system setup taking less than a minute. What else do you need from a workbench that saves you lots of time and ensures efficiency? Keter Adjustable folding workbench is durable, is built with adjustable clamps for firm holds, a rough surface to cater for a wide variety of materials to be repaired on it, as well as being able to withstand up to 700 pounds. This workbench is recommended if you need an adjustable workbench for various projects.

It easily opens and folds for compactness

That this product has made it in the list for Black & Decker, is no surprise; as the manufacturer designs them to cater for the needs we all look for in a work table, that makes for a great companion. Giving you freedom with convenience and carrying out a myriad of tasks, it comes as a versatile and durable workbench, which is lightweight, making it so durable. It interestingly comes with a quick release handle for a snap folding process and easy transport, as well as when it comes to its storage. The solid frame and sturdy structure offers great performance as well as ensuring your safety when you’re working. The WM1000 has a strong and spacious bamboo surface with a heavy gauge and strong steel frames that can hold up to 550 pounds. It also comes with swivel pegs for versatility in clamping. This workbench is recommended for those who want a safe and versatile workbench.

Small for large projects

This is another versatile, attractive, durable work table that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to delivering what it is claimed to do. Though it only supports a total weight of 200 pounds, it is compact and supports the weight without a wobble. What is even amazing and what makes it portable is its ability to fold and save on space and storage. A one hand clamp system allows for smooth operation as well as providing great freedom in the adjustment of saws for a task. This Performance Tool product comes with a printed grid for measurement needs as well as a protractor and a ruler for more convenience and work efficiency. Its jaws are specially designed to be warp-resistant and can be customized to fit the desired angle to hold differently shaped materials. This is a good choice workbench for carrying out different projects at home; it is highly recommended.

My Kind of Saw Horse

Then I discovered the folding metal types. Most of these metal sawhorses were heavy and awkward. I eventually found and fell in love with Dewalt’s heavy-duty DWX72work stands which offered me more features than the plastic folding types.

Time Needed

Job site sawhorses like the ones we build will take a PRO 1minutes to build and a DIYer 30 minutes, assuming all of your tools are set up.

Building a sawhorse is super easy and there are several ways to build sturdier, stack-able and more permanent versions. Here is how we build ours.

Measure and cut your lumber to the dimensions listed above.

Install Leg Bracing

Install horizontal bracing approximately 1/up on each side of the sawhorse legs. Fasten a brace to each side, both legs.   This adds rigidity and strength to the sawhorse, but prevents it fro stacking.

Note – If you want these sawhorses to stack make one set to 2-inches longer to stack over the shorter set.

Cutting & Power

All available saws that we regarded attracted from a conventional 120-volt routine. Unless you are purchasing cabinet design table saws, most small to method devices, and all the saws on our selection, work on a 15-amp store.

In the benchtop and contractor design devices, there is very little difference in horsepower, and they usually run between 1.and HP. There was quite a difference in radical blade changes per moment (rpm), and without stock available; they went from 3650 to 5000 rpm.

There was also some difference in the cutting detail – they varied from ¼ inches wide to over ½ inches wide with a vertical blade. Fifteen-amp devices, however, are usually, intended to cut slimmer wood.

Total cost was around 20 bucks.  Step was to cut the pieces for the top of the sawhorse.

This configuration gives the top strength and set the angle for the legs. The pieces here are 4inches in length. If you want a smaller horse then 3inches is more of a standard size.

I used screws to join the pieces together. No glue as I want to be able to replace pieces as they wear out.

The angle of the legs is not something you need to measure. Just lay the leg against the beam and the angle you get is the right one. The bottom of the T  beam creates the angle you need. You can mark where to drill for the screws while you have the leg against the center beam.

The next step was to mark the location of the legs using my framing square.  Next I lined up the legs with the marks and screwed them in.

I made sure they were square to the T beam by using my framing square.

After I drove the first screw in I used my framing square to make sure the leg was square to the top before I drove in the next screw.


The strength of a workbench is of utmost importance. You’ll subject it to pounding, clamping, pushing, and stacking heavy materials on top of it. If the workbench isn’t strong enough, it will start wobbling and eventually break after a while.

A sturdy top is also critical for most types of work. Most manufacturers provide a plywood, particle board, or MDF work surface. Of these, the MDF is the smoothest but plywood is stronger. You need to consider if you are going to be pounding on the top and if so, you want to make sure you buy one that will offer soldi support without the top breaking.


Generally speaking, these are the largest types of table saws. Big, powerful and anchored to the table, workbench or cabinet, stationary table saws represent the most expensive versions of this product.

Saw Blade Essentials

An essential part of every table saw is the blade. There are numerous types of blades and they are classified based on their diameter, the type of material they cut, the type of material they are made of, teeth count, and other features as well. All these divisions, and more, are explained in this article.

Blade Adjustment

Another thing to consider when buying a table saw is which way the arbor of the saw tilts, and with it, the blade of the saw. While there aren’t any crucial differences between left-tilting and right-tilting saws, I still addressed this issue, as it seems to create a lot confusion.

Electric Pole Saw

Those who want to avoid the trouble of oil or fuel and wants to use a pole saw for more likely residential purpose the electrical saws are the great option. Using the tool is easy. Just plug it into and see you are ready to go for your experiment.

Cordless Pole Saw

This type of pole saws is great for their portable feature. Keeping this in mind you can purchase the cordless saws if you own large properties, lawn or planning to go for a camping activity. Comparatively this type of saws cost a little more because they equipped with Ni-cad, Lithium-ion typed powerful motors. For this reason, these can perform well and cut the tougher tree limbs and the thick undergrowth evenly. If you intend to get a long-lasting performance, then we recommend you use a lithium-ion battery-powered pole saw.

Gas Pole Saw

Another fact is as they equipped with a high-end engine, so they used to be heavier than others were. So if weight is your main concern, then you might not like this type of pole saw. Otherwise, experts recommend using these gas powered pole saw.

Especially if you want to accomplish heavy-duty chores, then we must say these will be best for you. Therefore, these are ideal for the biggest trimming projects and reach the end of a taller tree without the need of climbing up in person.

WORX WG30Electric Pole Saw

However, where most of the cases users get worried about the noise, it produces less noise. For the price, you will enjoy a most pleasant pruning experience than ever. Moreover, the machine is capable of reaching up to feet height and allows you are cutting straight into tree branches without putting much pressure.

Consider the Weight

This is the most important fact about a pole saw. Either you are looking for a pole saw, pay attention to its weight. Because of you are going to hold it in your hands for a long time. In this regard, we would like to recommend buying a lightweight garden tool. It should not be heavy still ensures the highest quality. In the comparison, gas powered pole saws are a little bit heavier than others did whereas corded saws are easy to carry.

Design is a Fact

Design plays a vital role in a pole saw because it shows how easy to use it. Considering the fact reviewers recommend choosing a compact designed tool in their pole saw pruner reviews. So it would be easy to operate and maneuver for a gardener. Not only this, when you own a lightweight, compact pole saw it would help you to cut the most stubborn brunches with ease.

Wrapping Up

Remington Ranger Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw which is the best one for gardening.

To help you we have made this buying guideline after a long-term research. Here you will get to know which the top rated pole saw are, why we have added them and how they help you in trimming trees. Further, all the pole saws we have added to the list have a good value for the money, offer reasonable price and lasts for a long time.

If you are keen to buy a new one, then have a glance to all the above models. They are ensuring the highest quality materials and help you cut the hardest reach branches without putting any extra effort. However, they require low maintenance so you should try once one of these tools to suit your needs.

Hybrid saws

As the name implies, hybrid saws have features of both the cabinet saw and the contractor saw. They generally have the same power motor as contractor saws. They have a partial cabinet with the motor contained, which helps with dust collection and noise dampening. They can be tuned to be very accurate, yet they are lightweight and small enough to be moved around the shop.

Needs vs. wants

The next task is determining what you need to do with the saw. Be honest with yourself about how you plan to use it. Do you need to break down large sheets of plywood to build cabinets? Do you build furniture with relatively thin boards? Think about what you plan to do with the saw 80 percent of the time. If that consists of ripping hardwood less than 1” thick and occasionally cutting joinery, then a 1.7horsepower motor in a contractor or hybrid saw is plenty adequate. However, if you regularly need to rip thick maple, then you need an industrial strength saw of horsepower or more. Don’t make a purchase decision based on exceptions.

Shop around

A table saw is definitely an investment. Because of the expense involved and the importance to the quality and enjoyment of your woodworking, it is worth your time to shop around. Search for reviews from reliable publications, talk with fellow woodworkers and read discussions on forums.


The hacksaw is a versatile tool used for a slightly different type of cutting, including the ability to cut through metal etc. The design of a hacksaw consists of a frame, which the blade is locked into. when the blade is worn out you can simply remove it from the frame to replace it with a new one.

Razor saw

A razor saw is a type of saw that has many more teeth along the blade. It is a great companion for craftsman, model builders, DIYers and wood workers alike. While the blade is shallower than others, it has a straight handle out the end of the blade.

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

While the Grizzly G055LX is a fairly big machine, the SKIL 3386-0provides you with a smaller option if you don’t need that much power or lack space for the equipment. This 9-inch band saw is very competitively priced and as such is the best band saw for the money. Powered by a 2.Amp motor, this product is ideal for novice woodworkers since it’s nice and easy to use. For example, the rack and pinion adjustable table allows you to change the angle and height without fuss. While a simple feature, we like the articulating LED work light which provides great visibility when lining up and cutting.

Other features that make the SKIL 3386-0very user-friendly include the rip fence for straight and accurate cuts and the miter gauge for crosscuts. Such features add to the versatility of this band saw though the product is not without its issues. One fairly common problem seems to be with a sudden drop in power. This is likely down to the drive belt coming loose. Thankfully this is easy enough to tighten. Because this is a more budget band saw, the construction isn’t as high-quality as more expensive products. One result of this is some vibration when it is in use so this is something to keep in mind. Despite this, it’s a great band saw for smaller-duty projects and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Drive belt has been known to come loose on occasion

When you need a band saw that you can easily transport and store, a portable band saw is probably what you’re looking for. The DeWalt DWM120K is the best portable band saw on the market right now. It has a powerful Amp motor with variable speed control which is great for working with different materials on different applications. It offers an impressive 5-inch capacity for cutting round or rectangular stock which is among the best in the industry for a portable band saw. Aside from this power, the DWM120K is designed with durability in mind with an integrated hang hook as well as a serviceable steel shroud and rubber bumpers.

Because this is a portable band saw, it’s important to know how comfortable it is to hold. The front handle is of a generous size for plenty of hand space, reducing the chance of hand fatigue. The ergonomic soft grip back handle and the excellent overall balance contribute to the comfort provided. There are very few negatives to this product, especially when it comes with a 3-year limited warranty as well as a hard case! One problem experienced by a minority of buyers was that the included blades weren’t as strong as expected. Otherwise, this is a great quality product that should serve you very well indeed.


As the name suggests, the vertical band saw features a vertical blade. Vertical band saws tend to be used for cutting wood. In this case, the saw remains stationary and the workpiece is fed through it. The ability to move a workpiece freely means that you can create a variety of complicated cuts with different styles and shapes. You can also perform other functions such as sanding and filing. Because you need to feed material through the blade, it could be argued that the vertical band saw is more dangerous than the horizontal band saw. The smaller size of this machine makes it ideal for small home workshops.


Horizontal band saws tend to be floor-mounted and have a blade saw that is horizontally positioned. This type is very versatile and can be used for cutting wood, plastic and metal no matter the shape of the object. They hold the workpiece stationary as you swing the blade through it. The horizontal band saw allows you to perform straight cuts with precision however they cannot make curved lines. Operation tends to be fairly quiet especially when compared to other power tools and little in the way of mess is made. However, these machines do tend to be quite large which means they’re not ideal for smaller home workshops that lack the necessary space.

For cutting other materials such as metal and plastic

There are other creative ways in which you can use a band saw. Some examples include resetting the edge or face of a board, making veneer and processing small logs. But did you know that there are industry-specific band saws too? These are used in restaurants and retail settings to cut meat, for example. Another example is the forestry industry which also uses band saws for making initial cuts as well as for ripping timber.

Saw Blades

Band saw blades vary by width which is from the tip of the teeth to the back edge of the blade. When you’re looking to cut a straight line, you want a blade that is as wide as your particular machine allows. This will allow for faster feeding and a straighter cut. Cutting contours also requires a nice wide blade (again as wide as the machine allows) but it should still be narrow enough that it can cut the required shape.

Teeth per inch (TPI is another important thing to consider with regard to your saw blade. More TPI will provide a smoother but slower cut. Fewer TPI is the opposite with a faster cut but rougher finish. The number of teeth in a blade can be anything from or to 3Choosing the right one helps obtain the finish desired as well as the appropriate feed rate.

Depth of cut

The depth of cut refers to the thickness of the material that you’re able to cut with the band saw. It’s the distance from the table to the upper blade guides. The wider the distance, the more room you have to cut bigger, bulkier materials. Most standard band saws offer around to 12-inches but even those only with 6-inches can have a riser added which effectively doubles the cutting depth. Band saws for industrial use can be up to 36-inches.

If you’re mostly cutting smaller pieces of wood then a portable band saw may well be enough for you. Otherwise, you should always overestimate and get a machine that offers slightly more depth than you need. That way you’re covered for all eventualities! You’ll also want to look at the throat which refers to the width of the cut. For bench-top saws, this will usually be between 1and 14-inches while cabinet models are wider.

Motor Size

Horizontal and vertical band saws are both powered by electric motors. As you’ll have seen in our reviews, most smaller and bench-top band saws have a motor that is 3/to HP. This is more than enough for most cutting needs at a small home workshop. Professional band saws have much larger motors which reflect the amount of work they have to do. You will find that some band saws have motors with variable speeds. This allows you to adapt to the material you’re working with.


The most common band saw accessories include miter gauges and ripping fences. These are often included with a band saw but be sure to check in advance of purchase. Such features are very useful when it comes to crosscutting and with ripping operations. Other accessories include circle cutting attachments, height attachments, and LED lights.

If you’re particularly keen on any of these accessories then try to research how much these will cost if they’re not included in your initial band saw purchase. One of the most useful features is often the LED light. Not all are of great quality but those that are can really help illuminate the immediate work area and improve all-around accuracy.

Reciprocating Saw Blades

There are two main types of blades for a reciprocating saw. Metal and Wood Blades.  Metal blades have more short teeth closer together and are used to cut through a pipe and other metals.  The wood blades have longer teeth that are spread farther apart and are used for cutting wood.  The most common blade you will see is bi-metal blades.  There are other blades such as pruning blades, flush cut blades, but the metal and wood are the most widely used blades.

For the money​

This inch miter saw is by far the best commercial grade miter saw in my opinion, and if you have a shop, this is the unit for you.

Dewalt DW716

This double bevel compound miter saw features a cam-lock handle that is easy to adjust, and the tall fence is ideal for those oversized decorative moldings. You can check out my Dewalt DW 71review here​.

For the DIY Homeowner

I like the versatile Dewalt DW70 for the homeowner or the DIY hobbyist.

Why you might ask? I have always believed that picking any sort of tool as a homeowner or a DIY hobbyist, is a much more difficult decision than for the shopowner.

The shopowner uses his tools to turn a profit, and those profits can be used to purchase more tools for specific uses.

Cordless vs Corded

A good option for those who need to be more mobile with their mobile saw, it is important to keep in mind that a miter saw uses alot of energy during operation.

This means that even the best cordless miter saws are unlikely to last more than a couple of hours on a single charge.

While having the option to go cordless is definitely a nice to have, you will have to consider buying battery packs if you need to work cordless all day long.

Depending on the product, the battery packs are usually 18V or 24V.

Another option is to go for a miter saw with a lithium-ion battery, though these tend to be more expensive.

Sturdy Design

One of the most striking features of the bow saw is the strength. Its ergonomic design ensures that it can handle demanding tasks, especially on a construction site. Being lightweight, you will need to apply minimal energy to get the job done.

The saw is coated with high impact orange enamel paint. This ensures your saw is free from rust and corrosion. Besides this, the bright color reduces chances of losing your saw in the yard.

Tough Cover

The saw features an orange paint covering to reduce cases of rust or corrosion. And, if you working in a bushy area you wouldn’t have to worry because you can easily locate your saw. Another likable attribute of this saw is the protective sheath.

Strong Blade

Nothing is more disturbing than having to change blades regularly because of premature snapping. Most users of this saw have praised it for its effectiveness. Some have used it for a long time with minimal breakage. What makes it even more effective is its simple handle which features a knuckle guard.

Some have used it for a long time with minimal breakage. What makes it even more effective is its simple handle which features a knuckle guard.

Irwin 218HP300 12-Inch Combi-Saw

Looking for a bow saw to cut either wood or metal? If yes, don’t look further, Irwin 218HP300 12-Inch Combi-Saw is your best partner. The saw is flexible enough to cut both metal and wood without any hassle. Let’s first see some of its top features before we dive straight into the detailed review.

Safe and Easy to Use

The excellent Irwin 12-Inch Combi-Saw features knuckle guard which protects your fingers when sawing. The saw features a compact design for ease of storage and handling. Its innovative handle design offers ease of blade replacement. Moreover, the saw comes when ready to use, so there is no assembly required.

Its innovative handle design offers ease of blade replacement. Moreover, the saw comes when ready to use, so there is no assembly required.

Extra Length

This saw is often referred to as a beast of a bow saw because of its incredible length. It measures 3inches long and inches tall, but its blade has a massive length of 3inches. This bow saw is therefore suitable when dealing with specific jobs such as logging, heavy-duty farm, and construction work as well.

Steel Blade Construction

The 2inch Swedish Steel blade features incredibly hardened teeth which are perfect for all types of sewing tasks that you’re likely to handle while out in your outdoor adventures. Besides, its innovative design and construction quality makes it a perfect tool for handling sawing tasks around your garden and home as well.


When you are not using the Filzer Buckster bow saw, you can effortlessly fold it downwards into a cylindrical tube. This feature makes the saw easy to transport and store. Also, during camping, a foldable bow saw is simple to pack into your backpack.

Strong and Powerful

The Filzer Buckster bow saw is incredibly strong. This saw will undoubtedly blow you away with its incredible power. This tool can saw through logs cleanly and quickly. This powerful tool can easily cut a log which is as much as 1inches in diameter! You can accomplish any task out there by use of this bow saw.

This powerful tool can easily cut a log which is as much as 1inches in diameter! You can accomplish any task out there by use of this bow saw.

Tension Adjuster

A good bow saw should have a tension adjuster. This doesn’t need to be very elaborate, a lock handle and a thumb screw will serve the purpose. This allows you to adjust the blade’s tension that will, in turn, enhance the efficiency of the work you’re doing.

Bright color

You should also consider buying a bow saw which is bright in color. A bright may be helpful when working amongst thick tree branches or undergrowth shrubs. Instead of the hassle and waste of time when trying to look for your saw, your saw will stand out brightly within your environment.

Japanese and Western saws

All Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke; Western saws, as we all know, cut on the push stroke. Once you’ve made the switch, you’ll find the pull stroke quite natural. It has two overwhelming benefits: following a line is much easier, and that makes sawing far less fatiguing, both physically and mentally. Japanese saws designed for cutting joints are called dozuki saws. (The word dozuki refers to the shoulder of a tenon.) Dozuki blades are very thin because they’re pulled taut as you cut. All dozuki saws have a blade stiffener, or spine, that runs most of the length of the blade and into the handle. The handle itself is always long, narrow and generally wrapped with rattan to improve its grip. It can be held with one hand or with two for additional control. The entire saw is very lightweight. A Western-style saw for cutting joints also has a blade stiffener, or back, and so it’s usually referred to as a backsaw. A backsaw’s blade must be relatively thick so it doesn’t buckle when pushed. The backsaw’s handle can be an elaborately shaped grip or a simple turned knob. Both styles are held with one hand. Most backsaws are heavier than dozuki saws. The dozuki saw’s thin blade cuts an extremely narrow kerf (Photo 1). A backsaw’s kerf is often twice as wide, or more. That means you’re removing half as much wood with a dozuki and exerting half as much effort. Your muscles can relax, so you can concentrate on following the line (Photo 2). A backsaw requires much more effort and mental anguish, particularly when it’s dull. Dozuki saws stay sharp for a very long time. Most saws have tempered teeth so hard they can’t be sharpened with a file. When the saw gets dull, you pop in a new blade. Backsaws generally have softer teeth. When they get dull, you can file and set them yourself. Backsaw teeth are so small, however, that sharpening can be a real challenge. Most woodworkers don’t bother and simply continue to use a dull saw, with disappointing results.

Blade length

Dozuki saws have blades of two different lengths: short (to in.) or long (9-1/to 10-1/in.). Length doesn’t determine the size of the teeth. Two blades of different lengths by the same maker usually have the same number of teeth per inch. A saw with a long blade is best for most work. You can take a long stroke and cut fairly deep each time you pull the saw. Short blades are best suited for small work or shallow cuts, when fewer strokes are needed.Click any image to view a larger version.

A Japanese dozuki saw is ideal for precision work because it’s so easy to control. It cuts on the pull stroke. An English-style backsaw, of course, is just the opposite; it cuts on the push stroke. The dozuki saw blade is very thin and makes a much narrower kerf. The less wood you remove, the easier it is to guide the saw.

It’s easy to cut right on the line with a dozuki saw because its tempered blade stays extremely sharp for a very long time. Even if you miss the line, you can start over again a hair breadth’s away.

Cutting small parts is safe and easy with a dozuki saw. Dozukis are designed to make splinter-free crosscuts that are as smooth as glass. Make your own miter box to guide the cut.

The teeth on most dozuki saws are designed for crosscutting. They have small, angled tips that score the wood like the blade of a knife. These teeth do a fine job with short rip cuts, such as dovetails, but some specialized dozuki saws have teeth designed primarily for ripping.

Most dozuki saws have replaceable blades. When your blade gets dull or damaged, just drop in another one. (Dozuki teeth are very hard, so it’s virtually impossible to sharpen them.) This blade rotates out of its stiffening spine when you tap it against a block of wood.

Tips for using a Dozuki Saw

If you’re years old and have never used any kind of handsaw before, learning to use a Japanese dozuki pull saw should be a breeze. For the rest of us, forget everything you know about saws. Dozukis are that different.First, you have to get used to cutting on the pull stroke. The trick to doing this may seem silly, but it’s very effective. Wear a blindfold. Don’t worry about following a line. Just feel the saw cut.Pull with your elbow, not your wrist. Steady the saw by locking your wrist in position.Don’t press down hard. Let the saw do the work. Dozuki saws cut so effortlessly that the weight of the saw itself is almost enough to get it through the cut. Pushing down too hard on a saw can make it bind or, in the worst case, break off some of the saw’s teeth. (A dozuki will work OK with a few missing teeth, however.) You can take off the blindfold now. Always start your cut on the far side of the workpiece (see photo, left). Take long strokes, but don’t pull the blade out of the cut. Short strokes invite more error. On crosscuts, tilt the blade up about degrees. This is the ideal angle of attack for the blade’s teeth. Try sawing with two hands. Square yourself to the workpiece and pull the saw toward your belt buckle (see photo, bottom left). Put one hand in front of the other, or hold them side by side, as though you’re praying for a good cut. Your plea will be answered! This stance makes it easier to steady the saw and stay on a line, but it’s perfectly reasonable to stand to one side and saw Western-style.

Start your cut on the far side of the workpiece. Dozuki saws cut on the pull stroke, so this rip cut is actually going downhill, with the grain. Lean the workpiece toward you for a better angle.

Hold your dozuki saw with two hands and pull it square to your body. Holding the saw with one hand, Western-style, works OK, but this method gives you even better control.

The Basic Miter Saws

As you can see from the name, you will only buy this basic tool if you want to do basic work such as your miter cuts. They have no options for the bevel. If you want to make a wide variety of elaborate cuts, then you will certainly not be able to do that with this type of miter saw.

Even with this being said, these types of cuts tend to be accurate. Since they tend to be basic, they also come cheaper. If you are a beginner or casual word worker, this could easily be the tool for you.

Compound Miter Saws

The compound miter saw is a notch higher than your basic one owing to the fact that you can now make bevel cuts. By bevel cuts, we mean cuts that are done at an angle. You can adjust this saw to give you either miter or a bevel cut.

Compound miter saws come in different options. For example, you can have one with a single bevel and another with a dual bevel. The double bevel can cut at an angle either to the left or to the right where a single one can only cut at an angle in one direction.

To cut the other side, you will have to move the work piece. The dual bevel type really makes the work easier and more accurate as you will often notice that the bevel cuts match quite well.

Sliding Compound Miter Saws

If your calling is in the woodworking shop and you spend most of your time here, you will need a more versatile tool and there is none greater than the sliding miter saws. Since it is the most versatile of them all, it is also the most expensive of the lot.

It comes with all the features of the other two saws above while it is also able to use its sliding arm to cut wood that is both thicker and wider. If you do not work with large stoke a lot, there is really no need to spend too much money buying this type of saw.

Features to Consider

We believe that the one thing you need to consider when buying your miter saw is your safety since this can actually be quite a dangerous tool. Electric brakes and fence guards are becoming standard safety features in most of the good products. Also, check the blade.

Most of the saws will come with a standard blade. If you want something for finer work, you will have to consider purchasing a blade separately. Check the power of the motor so that you are sure it will be able to perform the task for which you need it. Look for a machine that has an effective dust collection system.

It is essential that if you are going to buy a miter saw you do your research adequately. It always helps to plan in advance because most of the times when you buy while you are in a hurry, you limit the choices that you have.

Features to Look for in a Miter Saw

Amps: This is a measure of the power of the motor. Higher amps produce more cutting power.

Positive stops: Some saws have pre-set points that let you quickly set the saw angle for the more commonly used angles. This reduces the set-up for making cuts.

Depth stops: This adjusts the height of the blade to control the depth of the cut into the work piece.

Electric brakes: This feature reverses the flow of the electric current and can stop a blade is roughly two seconds. This helps improve productivity when making multiple cuts at the same settings.

Blade guards: The guards should be articulated to provide a better view of a cutting line. The guard lowers to cover the blade when the saw is raised.

Spindle locks: These lock the blade and shaft in place to make it easier to change a blade.

Dust bags: A dust bag is mounted directly on the saw and is connected to the dust chute.

Table extensions: These extensions attach to the side of the saw to support longer material and still be able to make an accurate cut.

Digital display: A few miter saws have digital readouts that make it easier to set more accurate angle and bevel settings.

Laser guides: A laser light projects onto the work piece to help you guide your cuts more accurately.

Blades: Steel blades are inexpensive and are adequate for cutting soft woods but will quickly get dull when cutting hardwoods. High-speed steel blades are harder than common steel blades and will stay sharper longer. Carbide-tipped blades cost more but will last longer.

Something else you should consider before making a purchase is what kind of stand the table saw in question has, or if it has a stand at all. A cabinet saw will come enclosed in a cabinet, so of course, it has its own stand. A hybrid table saw will also usually come with some kind of stand and may even have wheels.

A contractor may come with some kind of portable folding stand, and a bench top saw while being compatible with many stands, is usually designed to just sit on top of a work bench or normal table.

It is up to you to weigh your own needs to figure out what kind of stand you need. Some table saws, such as larger cabinet saws or hybrid saws, will have a completely enclosed stand where the motor is concealed on the inside, thus protecting the motor, but also making the saw heavier and less portable.

Smaller models such as the contractor saw or bench top saw will usually have open legged stands. These are much lighter, more portable, and may fold down into a small package for convenience, but they also do not do as good a job at protecting the motor as an enclosed case and stand. If you do get a table saw that does not already have a stand included in the build, you can always get one so long as it is compatible with your model of saw.

Motor Power

This is something that we touched on before, but the point is that you will want to make sure that you get a table saw that is powerful enough to get through anything you need to cut. This will, of course, depend on your own needs and what you will be doing with the thing. A smaller table saw with a or horsepower motor will probably do for smaller at home and DIY jobs, and for cutting softer materials such as some woods.

However, if you are going to be using the table saw for big projects and tough materials such as hardwood, tiles, ceramics, and metals, you are going to want a bigger table saw that has between and horsepower. Like we said before the bigger hybrid and cabinet saw models are going to have more powerful motors than the smaller bench top and contractor saw models.

Some Accessories You Can Get

When it comes to table saws, they always come with a range of features, but they can usually still do more. Doing more with a table saw usually means getting some extra accessories. Here are just a few accessories that you can consider getting to make your table saw cutting experience both easier and safer too.

Push Stick

A simple little accessory that you can buy to make cutting much safer is a push stick. A push stick is usually just a smaller piece of wood with a handle and a protruding edge which lets you hook it onto the piece of wood you are cutting and push it through. This allows you to keep your fingers at a safe distance for the blade so as to not risk cutting one of them off.

The other choice is an extension wing and these help to increase the width of your table which is convenient for wide pieces, especially for ripping things such as big planks of plywood. These extension wings can extend the width of your table saw on either side of the blade by several feet. ​Table Saw Stand ​If your table saw does not come already with its own stand, you can always choose to get one. Like we touched on before, a cabinet or hybrid saw always comes with a stand, but that is not the case with all contractor and bench top models. Getting a stand eliminates the need for a work bench or table and it makes setting up your table saw in various places quick and easy.

There are many different table saw jigs or sleds out there which you can choose from. There are miter sled jigs which increase the miter gauge capacity of your table saw, there are small parts jigs which makes cutting very small pieces easy, and there are bowl jigs which are specifically designed for cutting circular bowls.

There are also chair seat cutting jigs, jigs to make building a pyramid easy, and jigs to elevate your work piece as well. Plus there are also a wide range of jigs that make it easy to create wood joints such as miter joints, finger joints, box joints, dovetail joints, and much more.

Simply put, whatever the purpose may be, there is usually always a jig that you can get to make the job at hand much easier than it would otherwise be.

Keep A Schedule

Perhaps the most important thing to note when it comes to table saw maintenance is to keep a steady and strict schedule as this is the best way to ensure that your table saw will always be in working condition. As a general rule of thumb, you should perform regular maintenance on your saw at least once per week if you use the thing for more than one hour per day on a daily basis.

Fence Maintenance

The next thing to do in terms of maintenance is to make sure that the fence is parallel to the blade. You can do this by using a special paralleling tool or by using two blocks of wood that are the exact same length.

Simply measure the distance from the front of the blade to the fence and from the back of the blade to the fence, then make adjustments accordingly. This is important for ripping because a fence that is not parallel to the blade will result in uneven cuts.

The Blade

Something else to do during maintenance is to check the blade. First and foremost, if the blade has any cracks or broken teeth it will need to be replaced without a doubt. You should also make sure that everything holding the blade in place is in one piece and firmly attached. A broken or loosely attached blade can be very dangerous.

This saw has a different cutting system and has an option to extend the pole to reach the branch from the ground. You can cut high branches easily and quickly and the pole is highly durable and strong.

You can cut branches in any way you want with this branch-cutting saw. The pole has lock system which helps the pole to stay in place while cutting. The pole is fiberglass made and light in weight. So you can work easily.

Corona RS 7265D Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw

If you do a trim of your tree branch occasionally and don’t want an expensive branch cutting saw then do consider Corona Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw. You will get strong, durable and comfortable saw for cutting tree branch.

The blade has carbon, which makes the blade sharp and strong. This saw has the option to replace blades. The handle of the saw is comfortable and helpful to work.

How We Picked

It is a very important feature of a saw. If the saw has blunt blade then it will be no use and your cutting will be hard and rough. So make sure the blade is sharp enough to cut your tree branch.

Rust Resistant Material

While working in the garden, the saw has to come across with water, hot temperature condition. The saw material must have the rust resistant feature. If the saw gets ruined during the work then no need to use that saw ever.

Skil 5480-0Circular Saw Kit

This circular saw from Skil features two efficiently designed handles which determine more grip while working.  Furthermore, the dual point line of sight can impressively show you result in smoother edge and less sanding. As it is Corded, it shows its power at its finest and the wide shoe serves the cutting constancy with smoother bevel and miter cuts. It definitely deserves to be on the list as it can charm you with its superb performance and look. To clear out more doubts I have added the details so that you can decide easily about owning it.

Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw

The circular saw from Rockwell is compact and strong enough to make your work smooth and easy. Moreover, if you think its thinner and lighter diameter blade can melt your heart with its superb performance then this thing is definitely made for you. However, this circular saw comes with left-handed blade design and it performs neatly and superbly. Besides, despite its mini-sized blade feature, it stands out at its perfection for cutting the edges like a pro.

You would definitely want a thing for yourself which understands you’re the needs of your hands and acts accordingly. Then I would say this is an ideal option for you to think of. It is strong and durable enough to divide and rule the pieces wonderfully.

SKILSAW SPT67WMB-0Circular Saw

The circular saw from SKILSAW comes with a brake which gives a break to help you get ready for the next cut. And I think this feature is strong enough to mark it as one of the best saws. Therefore, it’s all-around features make it a perfect circular saw to buy. However, the corded circular saw also features rough magnesium housing which helps to keep the soul the of the motor cooler and give a long-lasting performance.

Moreover, it’s outstanding beveling capacity helps you to slice through every material unstoppably. And it definitely gives you a satisfying result. Hence, slice like a pro with this superb and versatile circular saw which not only works smoothly but easily as well.

SKIL 5280-0Circular Saw

This circular saw from SKIL has a beam laser guide which will give the best output with accurate cuts. So it definitely goes to the list to own it. Besides, its motor gives outstanding performance and the lightweight makes it super easy to use. Moreover, it has a dust blower which will keep the sawdust free from cutting lines.

However, the circular saw comes with a bevel adjustment (with positive stop at 4degrees) which defines its variety of cuts. Thus it contains every attractive feature that makes it an ideal saw, so what else do you want.

DEWALT DWE575SB Circular Saw

This guy from DEWALT comes with an electric brake which is the most attracting part of the tool. However, the circular tool is constructed in such a way that makes it very easy to use. you will not only find it very compact but lightweight as well. Besides, as it is compact, you can operate it smoothly and comfortably. Furthermore, the DEWALT will also give you a cute bag so that you can carry and move anywhere you want.

Moreover, it will also provide blade cradle for putting to blades for use. Hence, it is extremely well-made and long-lasting and it definitely deserves to be on top.

SKIL 5180-0Circular Saw

This circular so from SKIL can impress you with its new and impressive design. So if you are looking for one which can attract you with its look, then this is your thing. Furthermore, its weight is reduced to 1percent to relieve you from all the bother. Besides, the power of the electric motor has been booted up so that you can slash any material faster. Additionally, it also features laser beam which increases visibility for accurate cuts. However, this thing comes with a safety feature so that you don’t face any risk. Hence, this circular saw is made for all the pros and semi-pros because it is designed that way.

DEWALT DWE57Circular Saw

Like other models, DEWALT has always given the best circular saws to experience. This model is no different. It is sturdy enough to break any material smoothly and pleasurably. Besides, its output will show you how accurately it cuts the material and how perfectly the fraction comes out. However, DEWALT has never compromised with its power and speed, and I can assure you that they have made the most efficient motor to impress you. Moreover, talking about its cutting capacity, it is just like a child’s play. You can even make angular cuts very smoothly and you won’t face any hassle.  Additionally, the saw comes with dust blower that blows all the dust and your worries away. And as for its blade quality, it works like cutting a butter.

How to choose good compact circular saws

When selecting the correct type of mini circular saw, you should consider a couple of important facts. One of the most important things to look for is the cutting ability. Get to know the amount of cutting depth the potential mini circular saw can perform at 00 (that is the maximum cut offered by the respective saw when beveling is not that case). Also, you should consider if the respective product can adjust the base plate (which is important when you make longer cuts).

Be sure that your saw has the correct type of the blade to cut the materials. Some compact circular saws are offered with several blade types to facilitate you to perform different tasks. Going for such product can be beneficial on the long run.

Next, you should know the RPM of the saw; the higher the RPM the more the efficiency of the machine. In fact, the compact circular saws with more speed, better control and higher RPM are capable of cutting tougher materials.

How to use a circular saw

Ensure that the work area is safe enough before start using compact circular saw. If you have long hair, loose clothing or any accessories worn, you should secure them before switching on the machine. It is better to wear essential protective wear such as eye and ear protection. You should make sure that all the parts are properly attached before switch it on. Place the piece of wood solidly (clamping is better).

You should start the blade before moving in to the material. Once the blade is on the material, you can push the blade carefully along the guideline (laser guides are easier). Usually, the compact circular saws come with user manuals. Some of the manufacturers provide instructional videos too. Depending on the brand of the mini circular saw you have selected, you can perform a YouTube search and find such videos to make things easier for you.

Hitachi C10FCE2

Compound miter saws differentiate from basics in that they are capable of handling both single and dual bevel cuts, making the quite flexible. Crosscuts, miter cuts,bevel cuts, and a combination of either should be no problem.

These are slightly more difficult to operate, but produce a higher level of detailed result, also causing them to fetch and increased price. If you need bevel cuts, start here.

Purpose of Band Saw

Ensure that you clearly know your requirements. Do you need the band saw for metal or wood work? The type of blades used for these two purposes are completely different and if you don’t know your requirements you could end up buying the wrong band saw with the wrong blades.

Pattern of Band Saw

You should also look at the tooth pattern of the blades. Inorder to choose the right tooth pattern, assess the thickness of the material being cut. If the material is very thin, then make sure the blade has more teeth for every inch. On the contrary, thicker materials should have fewer teeth per inch.

Band saw blades

The blades come in various materials, sizes and tooth designs. The type of band saw blade is determined by the maximum width capacity your portable band saw can accommodate and the minimum radius you will cut. Blade widths range from 1/8” to 1” against a minimum radius range of 3/16” to 7”.

Additional Features

Extra features of the portable band saw include lights that are built into the machine to illuminate the areas you are cutting, light weight to make it easy to carry around and they have efficient handles to make it comfortable when cutting.

Make The Tires Last Longer

One easy way to lengthen the life of your portable band saw’s tires is by simply keeping them clean. You can install a cleaning system just by using an old toothbrush.

Chop off the toothbrush handle to a short length and heat it so that it bends at 90 degrees. Bolt the shortened handled onto the band saw’s bottom wheel.

Adjust The Blade

Using a medium-grit oils stone you can fine-tune your saw’s blade by rounding the rear edges so that you can cut tighter curves and ease the process of backing out of a cut. Carefully rub the stone against the back of the blade as it is running.

This is a great portable band saw that is small enough to use with just one hand. It is also very light in weight and can easily cut dozens of steel rods to your desired lengths in just a matter of minutes. However, due to its one-hand operation, it is slightly less powerful than other brands.

Things you should know

Knowing what size and type of miter saw you need is extremely helpful. However, there are other considerations you should make before choosing a miter saw. Let’s look at some other features you should look at as well as some terms you should understand.

Amps. Power is measured in amps, and you should make sure you have enough for your needs. A 15-amp motor is the most popular among users and manufacturers but, in truth, it is far more power than the average woodworker needs. A 10-amp motor is fine to use because even though they are more often utilized in a smaller, ½-inch miter saw; they are perfectly fine to use with a larger model.

Electric Brakes. These are an essential safety feature so make sure that your miter saw has them. Hit this trigger, and the flow of electricity will be reversed which stops the motor as quickly as within seconds.

Blade Guards. An articulated blade guide is the best choice. This type of blade guard will keep out of the way when the saw is in use so you can see what you are cutting but will cover the blade once the saw is lifted.

Positive Stops. These are points on the miter saw set by the manufacturer to allow you to make precise cuts without the time it takes to readjust. The more positive stops your miter saw has, the more accurate it will be.

Depth Stops. These stops are much like positive stops but at the saw’s maximum height. This feature allows you to set the height of the blade to control how deeply you are cutting into the wood.

Laser Guides/ Guide Lights. Both these features are exactly what they sound like; a light or laser to aid in precision while you work.

Fences. Fences are usually either slide or flip fences, and their job is to give support to the taller stock. If you are working with a larger piece of wood though, these can just be slid out of the way or flipped down.

Dust Chutes/ Blowers/ Bags. These features are important to cleanliness in your work area. Dust chutes and blowers are used simply to get the sawdust off of your work table. Dust bags, though, catch the sawdust that is blown off the table to keep your shop clean.

Shaft Locks. These are mainly necessary for changing the blade, and they will lock everything into place. This allows you to change the blade without worrying about holding the saw up.

The metal-cutting come in two designs

One thing that is common for, they have brushes that will sweep out the chips preventing them from getting stuck in the teeth.

The timber-cutting saws come in three forms: head saw, resaws and double cut saws (have teeth on both sides). There are band saws used for cutting meat.

Uses of Band Saw

Band saws can be used to carry out a variety of activities; depending on the type that you choose to purchase. They are used to cut various materials ranging in softness from the softest of bones and cartilages in meat to the hardest of logs.

As aforementioned, there are meat cutting saws which are used to shred large chunks of meat and break bones into small pieces. There are also the saws used to cut timber for instance the head saw. The head saw is large and is used to cut into hard logs.

Applications of Band Saws

Based on their numerous uses, these devices can be employed in a variety of settings. Metal and wood workers have great use for these devices.

They increase the precision of cuts, better than other types of saws that are available in the market. They are also used in the meat factories but this option must have the stainless steel blade for hygiene purposes.

DEWALT DWX72Rolling Miter Saw Stand

The product is ideal for contractors, trim carpenters, framers, installers and many other professionals. The unit can be assembled very quickly so that the downtime is reduced drastically. The weight of the stand is 6pounds. The length of the stand is 9inches. The width of the stand is 32.inches. The unit can be folded vertically so that you will be able to save the space. The measurements of the stand will come to 59.x 1inches in folded condition. If you are exploring the best miter saw stand, you can go for DEWALT DWX726.

Folding Miter Saw Stand PM-4000 Portamate from HTC

The heavy duty 36” work height Miter saw stand comes with quick attach mount. It has 13” support T’s and 500 lb capacity. You can accomplish various kinds of projects very easily with the help of 36-inch work height. The heavy duty contractor-grade Miter Saw Stand can be ordered online so that the product will be dispatched at your doorsteps. The unit has a tough powder-coated steel finish.

The storage is simplified with the snap pin folding legs. You can achieve complete stability by using the stand as per your needs. The important features of the product are 20” quick attachment mounts, 10’ material support, and 500 lb capacity. Big jobs can be accommodated on the saw stand without any issues. There will be firm support for the job and you can complete the job very quickly.

The folding legs will move to the central position and they will be positioned with snap pins. The material supports extend up to 11inches and they can support feet of material which is drawn across the adjustable 13-inch support T’s. If you would like to transport the saw stand, the saw can be removed very easily. The quick mount attachment facilitates this operation. The attachment can be used on top of the workbench. There will not be any strain for the operator as the height of the mitre saw stand is 3inches. The saw stand can be setup very easily and it can be collapsed very quickly. This mitre saw stand is in the color red.

The weight is an important factor.

Learn the function and use of the ON/OFF switch, lock-off change, top and lower blade guards, and keep down latch, bevel lock deal with plus cover plate anchoring screws.

Review the Troubleshooting and Servicing Guide for the miter saw.

In order to avoid injury or even possible dying through electrical shock, make sure your fingers usually do not touch the plug’s steel prongs when plugging or even unplugging your miter saw.

General Maintenance

Stay away from solvents when cleaning plastic material parts.

The majority of plastics are venerable to damage from numerous kinds of commercial solvents and could be damaged by their make use of.

Use clean clothes to eliminate dirt, dust, essential grease, oil, etc.


Don’t let brake liquids, petroleum-based products, gasoline, penetrating natural oils, etc. are exposed to plastic parts. Chemicals may damage, weaken or eliminate plastic material which might lead to serious accidental injury.

Consequently, I usually don’t recommend using this device for extended work on these kinds of materials. However, if you work with these components, it is very important to clean the device using compressed air.

Power Saws

A power saw can be a considerable purchase. That’s why the few minutes that you spend on reading power saw reviews is time well spent. Not only can you save money but you can also avoid headaches by purchasing only the right tool for your need. Here, I share my personal experiences and honest reviews about power saws to help you sense what it is like to work before you actually purchase one. My experiences and opinions act as a litmus test for first time users and for those who want to upgrade their power saws. Wish to help you identify the most significant factors that should influence your decision when buying the best power saws.

Rockwell RK7241S

You might have noticed one thing when you’re looking at table saws online and that’s the fact you often need to sacrifice certain specs. For example, if you want a powerful table saw that can cut pressure-treated lumber you can get one but it will be big and heavy, and once you put it in your workshop that’s where it stays.

If portability is what you are looking for there is even more choice. But portable table saws are often less powerful than their cabinet cousins, so you might have to limit yourself to ripping plywood or softer woods like pine.

Starting with the Specs

In charge of providing the power is the 15-amp motor which is very common on units of this type. However, this one spins at a no-load speed of 4,800 RPM which throws “dust” in the eyes of the competition.

You can count on doing some serious cutting with this table saw including hardwood and pressure-treated lumber. Needless to say, softer materials like plywood are ripped with ease. In order to support the incoming lumber the out feed support works brilliantly, and catches wood without the need for rollers, saw horses, or additional tables.

The cutting capacity is up to times greater than other models in this range, and it has a 10-inch blade. The rip capacity is an astonishing 30 inches with the fold out fence fully extended (to the right of the blade). You also get 1inches of capacity to the left of the blade.

Strong As An Ox

The build quality of this table saw is excellent, which is something many people who have bought one rave about. There were no faults to report, so aside from the alignment issues mention above, the manufacturer has definitely made a quality product which is sturdy enough for continuous heavy-duty use.

These flashy thoroughbreds are real workhorses.

To even the reluctant do-it-yourselfer, a good pair of sawhorses is essential. If you’re still making do with upturned buckets or using a pair with more wobble than Jell-O, take a look at the herd we’ve corralled. They may not resemble the horses your father had or the set in your garage, but this new generation has features you can’t find in older models.

The Porta-fold from MRN Industries, a folding all-wood horse, is as elegant as it is sturdy.

The all-steel Tote-a-Horse from Fulton Corp. features adjustable legs, a powder-coated finish and built-in carrying handle. It’s also fully collapsing.

The Shop Boss from A.W. Engineering joins two metal legs with a 2xbackbone to create a folding horse/bench hybrid.

These tubular aluminum legs from Clyde & Dale’s weigh little more than a lawn chair but can support more than a half ton.

The angle iron legs from Trojan Manufacturing are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Better Brackets

Bracket hardware may require extra wood and assembly time, but it allows you to create a horse with the leg height and crossbeam height you want.

However, not all sawhorse brackets are created equal — something you already know if you own a pair of the cheap sheet-metal versions. For a few extra dollars, you can get much greater dependability. For instance, the Sawhorse Connection’s welded-aluminum brackets are made from 1/4-inch-thick stock. The Jaws brackets from A.W. Engineering lock positively in place and are designed to keep the legs from slipping out in use without having to pin the brackets to the legs with screws. Lee Valley’s plastic horse brackets are unique because they can accommodate beams of different widths to match the job.

The only problem with owning a good pair of horses is that they sometimes “walk” away. You might want to “brand” your pair with a splotch of spray paint or some other mark to make sure they don’t stray.

Homemade Horses

The mortise-and-tenon joinery may look intimidating, but Snyder made each of the posts and legs in two pieces by notching the lumber with a circular saw then gluing them together to create the mortises. Except for the replaceable top, the horse is glued together with water-resistant glue. However, you could use screws instead of clamps to hold things while the glue dries, or even bolt the assemblies together without glue for a knockdown version.

The best way to choosing an ideal table saw is to be informed on the necessary components of these tools and their various specifications. The motor, trunnions, gearing and arbor assembly make up the essential components of the table saw. The quality, sturdiness, and robustness of these elements varies extensively and can also significantly affect the functionality, and durability of the machine.

For this reason, it is imperative that you don’t just be knowledgeable on these components and features, but also be specific on want you as far these aspects are concerned.

Your requirements and needs

When choosing  possible table saw, you should consider your needs both current and future needs. Also, consider the length of time that you intend to use the table saw for. If for instance, you plan to upgrade your saw soon, then you can buy a basic tool that meets your current needs. However, if you intend to use the table saw for a longer duration, then you might want to go for a table saw that meets your current needs and all needs that may arise in future.


Before settling on an ideal table saw, consider its ease of maintenance. Some table saws can prove to be very challenging when it comes to maintenance. This may force you to pay a maintenance service provider to do this for you. To avoid situations like that, be mindful of the ease of maintenance. This, however, will depend on the cost versus benefits factor.

You may choose to incur as many costs as far as maintenance is concerned provided you are satisfied with the benefits you enjoy.

Easy assembly

Another important thing to be mindful of when choosing an ideal table saw is the ease of assembly. If you are a first-time buyer, then you will want to buy a tool that you can set up easily and quickly. Consider a saw with easy to follow set-up instructions so that you can set it up quickly and get to work as soon as possible.

Doug Mahoney

After thoroughly vetting over 3circular saws and testing four, we feel the best one for most people is the SKILSAW SPT67WM-2It excels at every task a good circular saw should and has great features we didn’t see on the rest of the saws we tried.

In our tests, this saw had the power to cut through dense, wet pressure-treated wood and thick slabs of engineered lumber, but it also had enough precision to take on more delicate finish work. For added safety and control, the handle of the saw is set lower than on other models, putting the pushing force behind the saw rather than above it. One standout feature you see on top-quality saws like this one is a magnesium footplate and motor housing, which makes it durable and lightweight—it’s 9½ pounds, compared to the 10-plus pounds of some others. The depth of cut gauge is marked according to common lumber thicknesses, rather than a straight imperial scale like on the other saws, making accurate depth adjustments on this tool faster and simpler. Its easy-to-read bevel gauge can angle the blade to an extra-steep 5degrees (others stop at 45), and accurate cut line indicators are at the front and back of the baseplate. It also has convenient on-board wrench storage for changing the blade.

Pull Quote

I’ve used circular saws on an almost daily basis for about 1years.

I’ve also written a number of articles specifically about circular saws. In 2015, I did large-scale testing of 18-volt cordless circular saws and track saws, both for Fine Homebuilding.

For this guide, I also read many online reviews from respected sources. Chief among these were the round-ups by Popular Mechanics and Family Handyman. The Popular Mechanics piece is a little older and contains some outdated models, but many are still available. The Family Handyman guide is up to date with most current models as of early 2016.

Who should get this

A circular saw isn’t an entry-level tool, but if you’re getting into heavier DIY work, it’s essential. Projects like building a treehouse, adding on a deck, rehabbing the front steps, replacing windows, or even building shelving are much easier to handle with a circular saw in hand. For smaller tasks, or if you would rather not deal with the inherent danger of a circular saw, we also have a recommendation for a handsaw.

How we picked and tested

After reading everything we could on the topic of circular saws and tapping into my own knowledge, we feel that the best saw for most people is one that has a direct drive motor and a blade-right orientation. Most saws manufactured today follow this pattern, and we didn’t feel it necessary to deviate from these norms. For specific features within this framework, we looked for saws with either an aluminum or magnesium baseplate, a bevel that goes beyond 4degrees, an easy-to-use depth-of-cut adjustment, and a relatively light weight, below pounds.

Direct drive saws, commonly known as “Sidewinders,” are designed so that the blade is connected directly off the motor, which positions the two perpendicular to one another. This is the standard saw that most people use and are comfortable and familiar with. The other prominent style is called a worm drive (or hypoid drive). These larger saws are geared down, reducing blade speed in exchange for more torque.

The tested saws.

Getting past these basics, we recommend a saw with either a magnesium or aluminum baseplate (also called the shoe). Both of these materials are more durable than the alternative, stamped steel. Steel baseplates are basically a thin piece of sheet metal curled up at the edges. If the saw takes a tumble (and all saws do at some point) these can bend very easily. The Family Handyman piece also raises the good point that the rolled edge of the steel makes it difficult to cut against a thin straight edge like a framing square. All of the less expensive saws have stamped steel baseplates, but we feel that the added durability of magnesium or aluminum is worth the cost.

Two saw manufacturers confirmed to us that the durability of magnesium and aluminum is about the same, but magnesium is considered better due to its lighter weight. We found that the majority of high-end saws have magnesium shoes.

Weight also played a big role in our selection process. Direct drive saws have a wide range of heft, with the majority in the 10-1pound range and the minority in the 8-pound range. We read enough very positive reviews of saws in the under 10-pound range that we didn’t feel it necessary to go above that limit. This lighter weight is going to make a big difference in comfort, particularly with the part time DIYer who may not be used to handling circular saws.

Regarding blade sizes, the standard is 7¼ inch, which, with one exception, is what we considered. 7¼-inch saws have a manageable weight and they can cut all common dimensions of lumber without issue. Going smaller or larger than a 7¼-inch blade really gets into specialty saws with the larger ones designed for timber framers and the smaller ones for small amounts of trim work. The one oddball we tested has a 6½-inch blade, which is a unique model made by RIDGID. Even with the slightly smaller blade, the saw has similar power and cut capabilities as a 7¼-inch saw. It’s designed to compete with the 7¼-inch tools.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

The SKILSAW isn’t perfect. There are a few small negatives that caught our attention, but none of them even come close to offsetting all that we like about the saw.

The SKILSAW’s (right) depth adjustment lever is between the handle and the blade, which can make it difficult to operate. The lever on the RIDGID is positioned to the outside of the handle where access to it is much easier.

Secondly, the bevel action is tight, so the body of the saw really has to be pushed to the proper angle. No other review mentioned this, so it’s possibly only an issue with our test saw. Our best guess is that this will loosen over time. In fact, in the couple weeks that we’ve been using the saw, the action has become easier.

I also didn’t care for the fact that the lever for manually retracting the lower blade guard is small and not as easy to grab as on the other saws. Honestly, this is probably just as well. Messing with the manual retraction of the blade guard isn’t recommended. Any inconvenience here is more for the knuckleheaded 2year-old kid on a framing crew who thinks it makes him more of a man if he pins the guard open with a bent coat hanger.

In going through the customer feedback at various retailers, I saw a couple mentions that the saw-to-footplate connection is weak. I didn’t see any indication of this on our test saw. I even tried to flex the connection back and forth a little, but it was stable.

The RIDGID isn’t as full-featured as our pick, but its lighter weight and great ergonomics make it a pleasant, easy saw to use—and it’s often sold at a lower price than our pick, too.

The ergonomic design of the RIDGID is fantastic.

The ergonomic design of the RIDGID is fantastic. The main handle is lightly textured and perfectly contoured to the hand. The front pommel handle was by far the most comfortable on any of the saws we tested. On the other saws, this secondary handle feels like a design afterthought, but on the RIDGID it’s evident that care was taken with its shape and it makes a difference while holding the tool.

6½-inch blades are not as ubiquitous as 7¼-inch blades, but they’re still widely available.

The RIDGID saw is sold exclusively at Home Depot, so they have a good supply, as do many retailers online. I’ve also noticed that most local hardware stores also have a selection. Most cordless circular saws use 6½-inch blades, which helps explain their easy availability.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the portable saw horses by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your portable saw horses wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of portable saw horses



Questions? Leave a comment below!

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