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Best safety vest 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated September 1, 2020

Charlie OliverMy name is Charlie Oliver. I have been a freelance writer for 20 years, focusing mainly on technology related topics. Here are the best safety vest for 2018 – based on my own expert opinion, feature sets, prices, and overall popularity.

My main objective is to write article on these subject so that buyers like you can have the best assistance and education in making that next purchase. In this section we provide our readers with a comparison table of our top picks. Scroll past the table for a closer look at each of the 3 best safety vest in our review section.

Best safety vest of 2018

I’ve based my selection methodology on customer feedback, the size, functionality, and budget to meet various demands. The table below summarizes features, and below you’ll find more detailed reviews of each good.

You must have heard that the best safety vest should allow you to save money, right? Sure, but that’s not the only reason you should consider getting one. I browse the various safety vest available on the market and list three of the very best.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
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How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the safety vest by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



№1 – Safety Vest | 5 Pockets | High Visibility Reflective Strips | Color Neon Yellow

Safety Vest | 5 Pockets | High Visibility Reflective Strips | Color Neon Yellow

BREATHABLE and LIGHTWEIGHT high visibility reflective comfortable fabric 100% polyester.
HIGH VISIBILTY: fluorescent yellow safety vest KEEPS YOU SAFE and REDUCES RISKS of accident for construction, surveyors, roadside emergency, bicycling and many more applications.
Literally no flaws

Why did this safety vest win the first place?

I was completely satisfied with the price. Its counterparts in this price range are way worse. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack.
















№2 – Safety Depot Class 3 ANSI ISEA Approved 6 Pocket Safety Vest Breathable High Visiblity M7138

Safety Depot Class 3 ANSI ISEA Approved 6 Pocket Safety Vest Breathable High Visiblity M7138

Pockets: Two Chest Pockets for Phones, Pens & Tools, Two Lower Front Inside Pockets, Two Outer Front Lower Flap Pockets With Velcro Closure
30 Day Satisfaction and Quality Guarantee See Warranty for Details
Fabric: 100% High Visibility Polyester, Durable, Washable, 8 Stitchings Per Inch (Seams & Pockets)
Guide can be a pain.
It is pretty expensive.

Why did this safety vest come in second place?

The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money.
















№3 – CJS Two-Tone Surveyor Safety Vest

CJS Two-Tone Surveyor Safety Vest

100% Polyester
Heavy Duty Surveyor Vest with solid fabric front & mesh fabric back
Soft parts prone to damage.
The price might be something to consider for some.

Why did this safety vest take third place?

I hope that the good reputation of the manufacturer will guarantee a long-term work. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment.
















safety vest Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy safety vest, right? No!

Life Vest Sizing and Fitting

The last two guidelines are to be used when fitting a life vest for paddle sports. In general, a life vest should fit securely and comfortably for all types of users. If your vest is too loose, it will not provide proper flotation in water.

Quite expensive.

Weights can be slightly difficult to insert and remove.

The weighted vest from CAP Barbell is durable and lightweight. This model provides full body coverage and can be secured using the Velcro side straps.

It is extremely comfortable and has plenty of places where you can put in extra weights to increase resistance – it has maximum weight capacity of 150lbs! The double cross stitching makes the vest very durable.

The product is available in different weight options and the weights can be adjusted in 2.lbs increments. The vest is ideal for dips, pull-ups, etc. and stays in place and does not move when you exercise.

The weighting mechanism used in the CAP Barbell Adjustable is weighted sandbags that can be easily added or removed as required.

It becomes too hot to wear.

The Tone Fitness Weighted Vest is a running vest that is made of lightweight, soft, yet extremely rugged neoprene material. The material is temperature controlled and even when the weather is too hot, you can still be very cool while exercising. It has wicking properties that prevent sweat build-up and keep the vest odor-free.

The vest is lightweight – it weighs 1pounds – and easy to carry around and exercise with. It does not restrict your mobility and is ideal for women, starters and for those who have a smaller torso.

The high-quality stitching of the product makes it very durable and strong and ensures that it can carry all the weight. It is equipped with a pocket to hold your mobile phone or iPod and it features reflective strips to make you visible and keep you safe while jogging, especially in the dark.

The model is available in a vibrant blue and black colour variants and comes in a one size fits all design. We highly recommend this vest if you just starting your weight training journey or do a lot of workouts that requires a lot of movement.

Fixed Weight Vests

Some weighted vests have one standard weight that cannot be changed and you cannot add or remove weighs. In these kinds of models, the weights are directly sewn into the vest. The advantage of the fixed weight vests is that the weights do not move and cause problems when you workout.

Removable Weight Vests

These vests have weights which can be removed and you can change the total weight. These models are ideal if you are a beginner and want to begin with lower weights and increase the weights as your fitness level improves. These are better if you are doing basic exercises or running.

Male Vests

Weighted vests are usually available as male or female vests and the male vests are bulkier and the weights are heavier too. These vests can be tightened so that they do not move. These weighted vests are meant for use where the focus is on toning and muscle building.

Female Vests

Weighted vests designed specifically for women are lighter and have weights that are fixed. Typically, women’s vests are V-shaped and they are close fitting at the waist.

However, these days, many of the weighted vests available are unisex and they are equipped with an adjustable Velcro belt that helps to adjust the vest to make it fit snugly and sit comfortably on your torso whether you are a man or a woman.

The different shapes of the vest allow you to lay emphasis on various parts of the body.


If you’re going out for a run in the park or on the treadmill or a quick jog, running with a weighted vest can turn up the intensity and difficulty level. It may take a while to get accustomed to running or jogging with a bulky vest, but you will get used to it quickly.

Circuit Training

If you want to get your body into the fat-burning mode, circuit training is the best way to do it. And, to enhance the fat burning what can be better but to add weights to the circuit training. When you begin weighted circuit training, you may find it quite difficult. However, after a while as your stamina and strength increases, you will find the workout to be a lot easier.

Weight Training

Supplementing your weight lifting by wearing a weighted vest is a great idea, as long as the vest is not too bulky. For an intensive workout, you can try some deadlifts, squats, presses, rows and cleans, all while wearing one. This will help you get a complete body workout by targeting all your major muscle groups.

Chores at Home

You can turn all your mundane household chores into a wonderful calorie burning workout. Wearing a weighted vest while doing your laundry, vacuuming or gardening is a fantastic way to get some exercise without getting out and going to the gym.

Precautions While Using a Weighted Vest

Always make sure that when you begin using a vest, you start “light” with minimal weights.

Wear it for a few minutes in the beginning and then extend the duration gradually. If you experience any pain while wearing the vest, then stop using it.

Before you add more weight, ensure that your body is conditioned properly and can handle the extra weight.

If you’re not in good shape and you wear a weighted vest while exercising, not only will there be an excessive strain on your joints, you can suffer injury too.

Maintain a proper upright posture and do not slouch when working out.

Move very slowly or you may lose balance due to the excess weight.

Don’t indulge in any jerky movements as it can cause injury.

So here are some things to consider when using one

Look out for how heavy the vest is as too much of weight can hamper your running adversely.

If it is very heavy, then you may start running using a shorter and lower stride, which you may continue doing even after you stop using the vest, which means that you may not be able to run fast or farther distances.

Wearing a heavy vest can also increase the impact and force spread via your legs, which may cause injury.

To avoid these problems, it is a great idea to begin with light weights that are less than 5% of your body weight and then increase the load slowly. This will reduce your risk of any injury.


Another important thing to consider is how comfortable the fit is. When you are wearing it, you should be able to breathe comfortably and working out wearing the vest should also be easy. It should fit snugly and securely but should not be too tight or too loose, making it very hard for you to focus on your workout.


What are the extras that you can add to the weighted vest? Does it include a pocket for your MPplayer, smartphone, etc.? Does it have a water bottle holder? If you run in the dark, does it have reflective strips for safety? Does it have a sweat-resistant sleeve? All these accessories help to make your vest more versatile and add value.

Check how much the vest weighs on its own and how much of weight comes along with it. Commonly, people misjudge the amount of weight they can handle and end up with one that is too heavy and bulky for them. The vest should have weights that are distributed evenly and if you require, it should allow you to reposition the weights for good balance and comfort.

Also, make sure that you buy one that it fits your current level of fitness. A very light vest will not offer good resistance and hence you will not have an effective workout, while a too heavy one may cause injury.

Price is an important consideration when buying a weighted vest. However, while trying to buy one to fit into your budget, do not cut corners and compromise on the quality. You may find that a high-quality product with good features can be expensive. Make sure that you buy a durable model that is built to last, even if it is slightly pricier, as by buying a cheap one, you may end up spending more on replacing the vest quite often.

Down-to-Feather Ratio

Many manufacturers are now treating their down with hydrophobic compounds that certainly make them better at dealing with moisture (more on that later). But at the end of the day, synthetic insulation is king at staying warm when wet, since it won’t lose its structure, even if it isn’t quite as good at retaining heat. Legendary alpinist Steve House obsesses about traveling light expeditions, but will add ounces—sometimes pounds—of excess weight to his kit by bringing synthetic jackets and sleeping bags. “If I’m going to be overnight or on an expedition, I am going to go synthetic,” House said. He used a synthetic Patagonia Das Parka to guide in places like Denali and Chamonix since the nineties, long before he was sponsored by the company.

Ethical Concerns

There are plenty. Due to the fact that down is a bi-product of the of the goose and duck meat industry, and given that the vast majority of the down manufacturers are using is from far away places like China and Eastern Europe, it’s extremely difficult to keep track of how those ducks and geese are being treated before and during their slaughter.

Down-Synthetic Hybrids

Some materials companies (like synthetic insulation pioneer Primaloft) have combined synthetics with down in an effort to create a best of both worlds combo of warmth, weight, and water-repellency. This method involves actually intertwining hydrophobic-treated down with synthetic fills. The jury’s still out on these types of fills, and I haven’t used very many of them myself.


The last thing you’d want your turkey hunting vest to do is to publicly announce your stand location to all the birds in the woods- nothing can drive them away faster than this.

As such, you must keep the camouflage factor in mind when searching for the best turkey vest. And while you do this, don’t forget the bird’s sharp eyesight and excellent abilities to observe colors.

A vest that bears more gray and brown colors will prove more efficient at the beginning of spring season- when new vegetation and leaves are yet to sprout. The same pattern would also work perfect for the fall season.

As the spring evolves, you’ll need to consider the green-based patterns to match well with the surrounding environment and keep you covered up the entire hunting time.

Safety is actually among the top priorities of all turkey hunters. Luckily, most of the turkey vests feature a detachable blaze orange safety flag on the back section. This fight for your safety by making you highly visible to other hunters in your hunting region- preventing cases of unfortunate accidents.

Most of these turkey vests also come with a huge-capacity game back at the back. This enables you to conveniently carry the bird you have downed so that other hunters won’t see it. What’s more, you can use the bags to ferry your turkey decoys to and from the fields.

Ol’ Tom Time & Motion I-Beam 2.0 Turkey Vest

Just by looking at this turkey hunting vest, you’ll agree with me that it was designed by someone who had some adequate experience in turkey hunting.

It offers you the most intuitive design of all the turkey vest that grace the market today. In simpler terms, this vest is an excellent combination of form and function- nicely designed without being overweight- comfortable without being bulky.

Constructed from lightweight and super-quiet fabric, the Ol’ Tom Time & Motion turkey vest offers you an overly large storage space for all you important hunting gear.

This vest’s back pad as well as the thick seat cushion grants you maximum comfort. Strong magnets are utilized to hold this ample cushion in position until when you want to use it. And because the seat is detachable, you can quickly remove so that you can reposition yourself easily.

Highlighted Features

The Grand Slam Turkey Vest isn’t just any other turkey vest out there- it’s the ultimate turkey vest on the market right now. If you’re looking for a bag that can replace your old trusty vest, this is the go-to gear for you.

Again, if you’re looking for a turkey vest with kickstand, this is you go to model. As you probably you’ve heard, the kickstand “sit anywhere” frame feature is more than just a premium feature. It allows you to sit just anywhere you wish conveniently.

It offers you additional multiple pockets where you can carry all your hunting gear- including calls and strikers- in an organized manner and for fast access! Best part: the vest incorporates a large-capacity game bag plus a blaze safety flag- ensuring you walk easily and safely from the fields after a succulent hunt.

Let’s look at these essentials

Survival kit – it will be quite risky heading to the woods without a survival kit tucked in your turkey vest. Even if you’re hunting for a half day, just don’t abandon the kit as you never know when the worst scenario will catch up with you. Furthermore, ensure your survival kit has all the essential items needed in a complete survival kit.

Knife – just don’t forget it. Also, ensure your knife has a brighter handed- mostly the hunter orange- to avoid donating it to the woods floor.

Turkey decoy(s) – this one might look obvious but remember that different turkeys will respond differently to different decoys as they would to calls. Depending on your hunting situation, you might need to use around 1-decoys. However, keep in mind that these equipment occupy a lot of space in your vest and you’ll need to plan accordingly.

Spare ammo – you don’t necessarily need to carry the entire box, but at least six shells should enable you to survive any outright misses or potential misfires.

Hunter orange – always make your safety in the woods a priority. Most turkey vests come in the hunter orange, and others feature a detachable blaze orange safety flag at the back that ensures you’re visible to other hunters to ensure you safely roam the turkey woods.

Insect repellent – you know the importance of still in your cover while hunting the birds. But the crawling ticks, buzzing mosquitoes, etc., won’t let you still yourself in peace.

Even though you might feel that you can withstand the itches they implicate on your skin, there lies some serious danger in being bit by these bugs. Gladly, you can take control over them by using repellent sprays that will keep them off.

Water bottle/ hydration pack – you always get thirsty while in the woods and you’ll probably will during your future hunts. As you know, mirages of the frosty beverages are likely to affect your hunting/aiming prowess, and walking back to your truck dry-mouthed is no fun. Just do yourself a favor and tuck in that water bottle into one of the many pockets in your turkey vest.

Compass, map, and GPS – When the fog covers even your very pretty familiar backyard, it looks like another planet. And because you don’t want to get lost in the turkey woods in the name of hunting, make sure you carry with you these three essential items.

Toilet Paper – Last, but not least, you’ll need to bring a toilet paper. Nature calls are inevitable! Grab the camo type roll and tuck it into your vest to ensure you don’t spook the wild birds as well as other hunters.


When you hear Primos, the first thing that rings in your mind is the top provider for the most popular turkey calls as well as other animal calls.

With that in mind, it would only make sense to say that Primos has also ventured into designing other turkey hunting accessories (including turkey vests) to help improve your overall hunting game.

Primos turkey vests are characterized by pocket and pouches galore. Meaning you can carry anything and everything you to bring to the fields with you.

They also come with a detachable seat to help you take rest as you wait for your catch.

Scent Blocker

Scent Blocker has also put in lots of effort to make your turkey hunting life simpler and more fun.

The brand wins a place in our list of the top turkey vest brands given their highly-favored, high-quality turkey vest- the Scent Blocker Thunder Chicken Turkey Vest.

What amazes most hunters about this vest is: though it’s not bulky, it manages to offer you plenty of space for your cell phone, calls, ammo, and everything else you need to carry.

Tenzing TZ

Tenzing has injected uniqueness and innovativeness in the turkey vests industry. This is clearly seen from one of its turkey vests- the Tenzing TZ TP1Turkey Hunting Pack with Seat- which features on all the lists of the best turkey vests.

Unlike other models out there, this particular vest comes with a highly innovative design; it offers you specialized calls for all your turkey calls, shells as well as chokes. Keep in mind that it also makes it easy to access all these accessories without much struggle.

The foldout padded seat will help you take aim in a comfortable position.

ALPS Outdoorz

ALPS Outdoorz, another top brand for Hunting Accessories, has also ventured into the turkey vest industry.

This is evident from their NWTF Grand Slam Turkey vest- which has become a favorite for all turkey hunters. It comes with a unique set of features. Most notably state-of-the-art ‘sit anywhere,’ thick padded fold-away seat with kickstand frame to give you the ultimate comfort you need when out there.

Besides a myriad of pockets, the vest also comes with a smartphone sleeve that lets you use your phone while inside the pack.

Ease of Movement

This is a given. Once you are more comfortable and confident that you are safe while on an elevated stand, you will be able to hunt better because of it. Since you have the confidence to move around your elevated stand without worry of falling, you can take your aim with ease and capture your game.


Ensure that the harness is made out of sturdy and quality material. Look at its stitching and the way it was made. It should not have any cracks or be susceptible to damage easily.

The harness should be comfortable with the adjustable straps and at the right size to accommodate your build. You can find harnesses that range from small to extra large, so evaluate your height and weight, finding a harness that will be able to carry you.

How To Measure Your Dog 

Sizes “small,” “medium,” and “large” tend to vary with brand, so it’s best to shop based on exact measurements. Be mindful that s ome vests are designed for big chested dogs and narrow hipped dogs while others are for more square dogs.

It is also important to see where the handles are on a life jacket. Make sure to put your hands on the handles and see if they are placed properly for lifting your dog from the water. Ideally, there should be one closer towards the shoulders and one towards the legs rather than a handle right in the middle of the dog’s back so the dog’s head does not tip forward.

Most importantly, the life jacket should protect the dog’s head raising it sufficiently to keep water away from his nose and mouth.  But the wrong dog life jacket can also have the effect of allowing the animal’s lower body to dip or sink too much, instead of maintaining a roughly horizontal posture. When dogs are supported more evenly in front and back, it leaves them in a safer, more natural doggie paddle position, making it easiest for them to swim.  When your dog is in the water, he should be able to float comfortably and remain stable with as little movement as possible.

Is the jacket relatively easy to put on and take off? That would be helpful! The last thing you need with a cold, wriggling, wet dog is fasteners that make quick removal impossible.

Ruffwear K-Float Coat

The Beacon, a bright LED dog light designed to keep dogs visible in low-lighting conditions.

Two of the most notable features of this vest are the wide, telescoping neck closure for keeping your pet’s head well above water and adjusting to a range of neck positions. The other is the strategically placed closed-cell foam panels for improved buoyancy that allow for a natural swimming posture. It’s more expensive than the Kyjen, but the overall quality and durability of the Ruffwear seems to make it a really great overall value.


Pockets are the central part among the fishing vest. The sole reason to buy a fishing vest is to get things as quickly as possible by keeping them in the pockets. Having more pockets mean that you can store more things in it. Therefore, you must go for a fishing vest which has more pockets. Or even if it does not have more pockets, it could have fewer ones but with more capacity to fill in.


Most fishing vests are made from polyester and cotton while others are made of Mesh. You should keep this in mind that a fishing vest would be best that does not make you feel too hot on summer days. Second important thing that you must not forget is that the fabric should be of such quality that will be supportive even if it becomes wet after short intervals. In the case of hot days, Mesh fishing vests are more suitable than vests made from polyester.


Color is another important aspect to notice. Camouflaging yourself is important when you are out on hunting or fishing. You must look after yourself. You will be recommended to choose a tan or green color. It is more suitable for fishing.

The categories

There are five different categories for life vests that are situated for various experiences. Most kayakers should use a Type III or V USCG-approved life vest.

The vest needs to provide buoyancy and help keep the kayaker faced up in the water should they fall out of their vessel. To determine which one is necessary it is important to know the different categories.  life vest is used for those kayakers who crave adventure and white water or those offshore where rescue may take a bit more time.

These vests are usually very bulky and are presented in bright neon colors so that rescuers can spot the stranded easier in open waters.

Type II life vests are more for those closer to shore and in waters that are not rough. Although it is important to point out the PFD in this category will turn most people face up, but not all.

NRS Chinook Mesh Back Fishing PFD

The Chinook is ideal for fishing in a kayak as the back mesh doesn’t bind when paddling, yet keeps the wearer comfortable by allowing the life vest to breathe.

The Chinook features seven front pockets to hold everything from tackle to a light snack on the water.

It comes with eight adjustable straps to customize the fit, and the PlushFit foam conforms to the body.

Similarly, the Chinook also features a coil tool retractor allowing the wearer to clip on line snips and other tools that are needed while out on the water.

This life vest also offers multiple D-ring for attaching a net or other accessories while fishing including a rod holder loop for trolling.

ONYX Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Vest

The ONYX conforms to all body types, whether male or female and offers a mesh back side to help relieve perspiration when paddling.

The ONYX vest comes with reflective material for spotting the wearer in rough waters.

The ONYX is also equipped with a knife holder and pockets for storing small items like a camera or phone.

The ONYX is made with unique bubble foam instead of the standard stiff foam for added comfort while paddling in a kayak or canoe.

This vest offers a large “V” neck and large arm holes for all motion and provides the wearer with a peace of mind due to the vest’s design should emergency situations arise.

NRS Vista Personal Floatation Device

The Kayak NRS Vista is a high-quality life vest that allows for seven different adjustments to be made to ensure proper fitting and comfort.

The Vista outer shell is made with 420 denier nylon to prevent snagging or tearing.

The Vista comes with two pockets for stashing valuables to fishing gear as well as a lash tab for attaching a knife for emergency situations.

The Vista is made with PVC free foam that still provides 16.pounds of flotation that will ensure that the head remains above water.

The Vista offers shoulder straps for adjustment to fit those with longer torsos making it super comfortable during kayak fishing.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the safety vest by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your safety vest wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of safety vest



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about safety vest is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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