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Best window fans cooling 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated September 1, 2020

Charlie OliverLooking for ways to bring your window fans cooling to the next level? Then you’ve come to the right place. I’m Charlie Oliver. Let’s discuss this topic to help you select best window fans cooling for 2018 and take your experience to a whole new level with aerators.

I’ll brush up on how to choose the best window fans cooling and examine things like materials, quality, and weight. So, you will find reviews on some models of window fans cooling that impressed me (and a good many other people), and you will find a few informational pages as well.

Best window fans cooling of 2018

I have taken the initiative to educate you on the top three best window fans cooling that you can buy this year. I have a variety of material used in the construction of window fans cooling including metal, plastic, and glass.

You must have heard that the best window fans cooling should allow you to save money, right? Sure, but that’s not the only reason you should consider getting one. The table below summarizes features, and below you’ll find more detailed reviews of each good.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
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How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the window fans cooling by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



№1 – AC Infinity AXIAL 1225

AC Infinity AXIAL 1225

Designed for projects that requires cooling or ventilation; or as a replacement fan for various products.
Includes a heavy-duty aluminum fan with power plug cord, two fan guards, and mounting screw set
Dual-ball bearings have a lifespan of 67,000 hours and allows the fans to be laid flat or stand upright
Literally no flaws

Why did this window fans cooling win the first place?

I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The material is stylish, but it smells for the first couple of days. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing!
















№2 – Holmes Twin Window Fan with Comfort Control Thermostat

Holmes Twin Window Fan with Comfort Control Thermostat

Designed to fit into most double hung and slider windows
Adjustable extender screen and bonus extender panel help to secure fan into larger windows
Independent electronically reversible motors allows for air intake, exhaust, or air exchange
A little bit expensive.
It rusts quite easily.

Why did this window fans cooling come in second place?

I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office.
















№3 – Solar Powered Car Cooling Fan System Truck Window Windshield Auto Air Vent Ventilator Cooler ABS

Solar Powered Car Cooling Fan System Truck Window Windshield Auto Air Vent Ventilator Cooler ABS

SOLAR POWERED. With poly-silicon solar panel, no batteries needed. Easy to install and portable for long time use
AUTO COOL AND PURIFY AIR. Clean air and blows hot air out of parked car, maintains comfortable temperature level for your return, removes in the unusual smell and the fetid odor
The front panel is moving back and forth.
Quit bulky.

Why did this window fans cooling take third place?

It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new.
















window fans cooling Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy window fans cooling, right? No!

The Insider Pick

Most people love summer, but there are three little things that make it rough: Excessive heat, the stinky sweat that heat causes, and nasty tan lines. You wear high socks one time while mowing the lawn, and you have to live down the bad tan line all summer.

Fortunately, the best electric fans can help you with the first two problems. Electric fans move a volume of air around your body, allowing you to feel cooler and sweat less. When a larger fan moves air, it circulates the air throughout a room, eliminating hot spots and cold spots.

Electric fans have been around for decades, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stood still, just spinning their wheels … or blades. Even a simple home appliance like an electric fan has seen impressive gains in function and performance over recent years. With all of the available designs, finding a fan that can meet your specific needs has never been easier.

Considerations for a fan

Although a fan seems like a simple device, it actually has a variety of uses that make it a valuable appliance for your home. Sure, you could buy a basic fan with no features for a really low price. But missing out on these features means you might as well go back to the Victorian era with fancy handheld fans. Just don’t go back to wearing heavy, long clothing in the summer, or that stinky sweat problem we mentioned earlier will grow about ten-fold, fan or no fan.

Keep cool

Gizmodo discusses, it also evaporates sweat on the skin, which is the body’s method of cooling itself.


An oscillating fan turns back and forth, allowing the air movement to shift throughout the room. If you have multiple people in the room — or if your big dog likes to lay directly in front of the non-oscillating fan — the rotation of the fan works well, making sure everyone feels some air movement.

Non-traditional fans

A small personal fan may include a clip, allowing you to place it almost anywhere … even on a shirt collar. These tiny fans don’t move air around an entire room but may help you feel cooler while sitting at a desk or at a baseball game. Some of these fans run from batteries.

Tower fans

A tower fan is a specific non-traditional fan design. Towers are tall and thin, meaning they occupy less space than a traditional fan that has a large, round fan blade housing. Tower fans tend to run quieter than traditional fan blade designs.

Insider Picks

Although the Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan is our top electric fan pick, for various reasons laid out in the slides below, you should also consider the Seville Classics Ultra Slimline Tower Fan, the Avalon Convertible Table-Top and Clip Fan, the Rowenta VU555Turbo Silence Oscillating Fan, and the Dyson Air Multiplier AM0Table Fan.


Why you’ll love it: The Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator fan sets itself apart from the crowd with multiple air flow settings and a small footprint.

For a versatile electric fan, the Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator earns high marks. It works in a number of different situations and locations, so it should fit almost everyone’s needs. The fan is small enough to set on a desk and keep you cool as a personal fan, but the Vornado 660 has enough power at the highest setting to circulate the air properly in a large room, too.

Most buyers seem to agree that the Vornado fan is more than powerful enough to cool large or small spaces, and expert reviewers consistently praise this fan. It is pricey, but it’s a worthwhile investment for a powerful fan that’s built to work in a variety of situations.

Seville Classics

Why you’ll love it: The Seville Classics Ultra Slimline Tower Fan offers the best combination of silent operation and airflow in an attractive tower fan design.

One of the most common complaints we all have about electric fans is noise. Sure, almost any electric fan can move a lot of air. However, it may sound like a fleet of airplanes have invaded your home when your old box fan gets going on the high setting.

Why do you need a window fan

First and foremost, the most obvious reason of owning a window fan is if you need fresh air circulating in your room. Ideally, you should have window fan in your kitchen, bedrooms, laundry area etc. Without proper air circulation in your home, you will have bad odors that comes from cooking, garbage, leftovers etc.

Additionally, window fans act as a supplementary device to your air conditioner. In particularly warm days, you may need to use your air conditioning device continuously which is bad for both your pocket and your device. A good way to do this is to run your AC in the warmer days, and use your window fan in the evening and night when the outside air is comparatively cooler. Additionally a floor can add up some extra feature with the need of demand. Such as floor fan will circulate the air in the room through its blade and window fan will take that hot air out through the room, a perfect combined work will make your room cooler more quicker.

The DO’s and DON’Ts of a window fan

Remember that like every other fan, a window fan will not work its magic if it’s outside the fans capacity. If your room is large and spacious but your fan’s capacity is just enough for an average sized room, then you will barely feel any difference. If you have enough windows and if you can afford it, it’s best to have more than one window fan in one room – the more the merrier.

If you home has multiple floors, it is essential to plan correctly. Warm air naturally rises upwards, so you should have your upper level fans push the air outside and the ground level fans pull the cool and fresh air inside.

If you can afford it and if your window fits it, always go for the big sized window fans as they have greater capacity. You should also make sure that the cavities on the sides of the fan is blocked ideally by plywood or by any other means.

Plan your fan’s operation wisely. Window fans are best used at night as the night air is cooler. Before the sun rises and the warm air gets inside your home, shut the windows and use your AC unit as necessary.Usually the modern insulation system will keep your home naturally cool for several hours in the morning.

Look before you blow!!! Don’t put inwards pulling fan near garbage bins or parking areas unless you want to pull in garbage or exhaust smells in your home.

Don’t just depend on your window fans on extremely hot conditions. Your AC unit is there for a reason, if you really need it do use it instead of torturing yourself in unbearable heat.

Common Issues

At its highest speed, this fan could be felt feet farther than our main pick. It comes with a remote control, three fan speeds, the ability to reverse or alternate airflow, quiet operation, and a built-in thermostat.

If you’re willing to spend nearly twice as much, the Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan (BW2300) has everything you could possibly need in a window fan. Its more powerful motors could be felt from 30 feet away, feet farther than our top pick. You can toggle between three settings from the unit itself or with the included remote: both fans drawing air, both fans venting air, or one fan drawing and one venting at the same time. Additionally, the window fan can be adjusted to correspond with a built-in thermostat, though we think this feature is too finicky to be useful.

How we picked and tested

There are not many practical reviews for window fans. But we’ve been collectively researching room fans for 60 hours, and we think that lessons learned from that article applies to this category as well. Additionally, I was raised in an apartment in New York City for a decade where we used window fans exclusively. Between the constant summer operation and A+ dirt and grime of New York, we never had one last longer than two years. After reading many user reviews, it became clear that, compared to other parts of the country, two years is perhaps on the shorter end of a window fan’s lifespan.

Pull Quote

The ultimate truth, however, is that window fans are not designed to last.

While a room fan can circulate air within a room, a window fan can bring in cool air from outside or exhaust stale air from small bedrooms or kitchens. Additionally, they’re easier to install and much cheaper, in terms of both initial cost and power consumption, than an air conditioner. They’re ideal solutions to tricky airflow situations, especially in irregularly shaped apartments or homes or when an air conditioner would be overkill.

The ultimate truth, however, is that window fans are not designed to last. They’re difficult to take apart, difficult to clean, and the small motors, which are exposed to the elements but shouldn’t get wet, can become sticky after a year or two of running. It doesn’t make sense, therefore, to spend too much on fans like this; we looked for fans that are inexpensive. Second, they had to be able to reverse the airflow without manually taking the fan out of the window and changing its orientation. And lastly candidates needed to operate quietly but still have decent airflow, enough to move the air in a medium-sized room. We measured the sound that each fan produced on high with a decibel meter and recorded the distance where the fan could still be felt comfortably.

Most window fans will fit into a standard double-hung window frame. Installation is as easy as lifting the lower window frame, inserting the fan, and lowering the sash back down so that the fan is held into place by the weight and support of the window. There are some window fans, such as the Bionaire Thin Window Fan, that are designed for sliding windows that open horizontally and install much the same way. Irregular windows, such as crank-operated casement windows or French-door-style transom windows will not be able to support a window fan—at least, not well.

The competition

The Air King 20″ Whole House Window Fan is for large rooms or small homes. It’s mounted directly to the window sash, which allows free movement of the window behind it. But it’s far bigger than our pick, and about three times the price—a cost and size that put it out of the running as a possible pick. The Air King has a “Storm Guard,” a neat feature that allows for the window to be closed behind the fan during poor weather or when locking the home during a trip without having to remove the fan.

If your available window height is slim, or your window slides horizontally, the Bionaire Compact Window Fan is for you. Its 8-inch vertical height is inches shorter than our top pick, and this allows it to slip into slimmer profiled windows than most standard window fans. A long thin shape and strong accordion supports make it ideal for horizontal sliding windows. We were also impressed by the stiff wind speed of the Bionaire Compact, which could be felt from 2feet away during testing: feet farther than our top pick but feet shy of our runner-up. However, its lack of a reverse airflow switch and mixed user reviews removed it from the the running.

The Bionaire Remote Control Window Fan is nearly identical to our upgrade pick but a bit more expensive. We tested this model as well just to be sure but couldn’t find any discernible difference in performance. If you can’t find our pick for whatever reason, this is a very suitable replacement.

The Comfort Zone CZ310R Twin Window Fan rivaled our upgrade pick in features, but its mixed user reviews and complaints about excessive operational noise were strikes against it.

Like the Air King above, the single-bladed Lasko Electrically Reversible Window Fan is for large rooms or small houses. But it’s too large and specific for us to test just yet.

The Lasko Twin Electrically Reversible Window Fan is nearly the same price as our top pick, but pointedly mixed reviews and a lack of a remote control knocked it out of the competition.

Like the Lasko above, the Optimus 8-inch Reversible Twin Window Fan is too expensive for the limited features and functions it’s equipped with. The price, combined with a lack of reviews (nine at the time of publication), meant it couldn’t be seriously considered as a recommendation.

Arrives with a remote

The Hurricane Classic Fan has three speed settings and is 20 inches in height. This budget choice features a space saving design. This fan gets the job done without a bunch of fancy bells or whistles making it perfect for those wanting an economical, easy to use fan.


The Patton High-Velocity Fan features three different settings for speed and an adjustable tilt head. It is comprised of 18-inch metal blades that efficiently move air. This model has a powerful motor and is built to last. The Patton High-Velocity fan is an excellent option for individuals wanting to cool a workshop or garage. This fan is very loud, so it may not be best suited for home or overnight use. You could also use this heavy duty box fan as a tool to help you dry carpets after shampooing them.

Very loud

The Holmes Twin Window Fan is composed of lightweight plastic and fits easily into windows with an opening of at least 2inches wide and 1inches in height. It also can be used with extender panels which will extend the fan to a width of 3inches for larger windows. The fan has a comfort control thermostat to help you find and maintain the ideal temperature for maximized comfort. The Holmes Twin Window Fan is a lovely choice for those individuals that want a window fan and live in moist climates. The fan motors are water resistant to guard against issues in rainy weather. It has three speeds and is easy to install and use. The fans operate independently to allow cold air inside the home while pushing hot air outside.

Basic fan without many higher tech features

The Lasko 20-Inch Weather-Shield Performance Box Fan is a basic model with the addition of a weather shield to protect the unity form rain. It has a compact design and is easy to carry and transport. On the downside, it is louder than other similar models.

Fan Maintenance

When compared with other household appliances, box fans are relatively low maintenance. The most common issues involved in the upkeep of your fan lies in the prevention of dirt, grime, dust, allergens, and any other debris from building up on the fan’s blades.

40% more efficient and 25% more compact to similar fans, this window fan provides a revitalizing freshness at a price that’s hard to beat. The fan keeps window obstruction to a minimum and has manual speed controls for optimal airflow. It supports reversible airflow designed for efficient air intake, exhaust, and air exchange. There’s an adjustable extender to provide a perfect fit on large windows. This fan is specially designed for large rooms.

Optimus F-5280 7-Inch Twin 2-Speed White Window Fan

This is a budget-friendly manual twin fan and the cheapest on our list. This twin window fan doesn’t disappoint in efficient air delivery. It has a reversible function for air intake and exhaust. Both fans operate on one motor that’s designed to be resistant to rain and other weather conditions. The speed of the fan is adjustable to levels for maximum airflow.

Want a twin window fan that sports whisper-quiet operation? This twin fan might just be what you need. It generates only a hum that makes it a comfortable choice even on bedroom windows. The speed of the fan is set to levels and each side works independently to provide simultaneous air intake and exhaust. Snap-feet comes in handy to provide a free-standing design. The fan has an expandable panel that lets it fit 2to 35-inch window.

Dual Blade 9-Inch  Whit Twin Window Fan with Cover

This is a lightweight, portable twin fan providing the comfort of a whisper-quiet operation. It’s a manual reversible fan supporting air intake and exhaust. The fan has speeds and sport automatic locking extenders designed to fit 22.to 33-inch windows. Removable feet make it easier to place the fan on a table. There’s a removable cover to keep out bugs, humidity, and hot air when not in use.


The two most common types of fans are impeller fans and blower fans.

Impeller fans move air with blades similar to airplane propellers.

Blower fans look like hamster wheels – they are often called squirrel cages – and generally do a better job of moving air than impeller fans.

Most exhaust systems consist of an exhaust fan, ducting and an exterior hood. Some houses have a central exhaust system, in which one fan draws moisture and odours from several rooms of the house using a network of ducts.

Kitchen exhaust systems usually have the fan and fan motor in the exhaust hood. Other systems use an in-line fan, which is in the exhaust duct, or a fan outside the house. In-line and outdoor exhaust fans are usually quieter than systems with the fan in the room.

A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) also exhausts moisture and odours. An HRV is a self-contained ventilation system that provides balanced air intake and exhaust. Like a central exhaust fan, it can be connected to several rooms by ducting.


There is more to energy efficiency than selecting an energy-efficient fan. Ducting can affect fan performance. Uninsulated, undersized, or droopy flex ducting, ineffective or dirty backdraft dampers and exhaust louvres can cut rated airflow by more than 50 per cent.

To find out if your exhaust fan is drawing air, hold a piece of toilet tissue up to the grill. The exhaust air should hold the tissue tightly to the grill. You could also check the outlet to make sure the air is leaving your house.


Bathroom fans connected to light switches start running when the light is turned on. Often, users turn the light off before all the moisture is exhausted after a bath or shower. An electronic timer, which is usually quieter than a mechanical timer, offers a wide range of settings. Make sure the time instructions are easy-to- understand and the timer is easy to use. You can use motion or humidity sensors, or a combination of both, to control the fan. Controls which allow you to specify operating times or maximum humidity levels are preferable to those where the operation is pre-set by the manufacturer. Use a delayed fan shut-off to keep the fan running for 1minutes after you leave the room.


A kitchen range hood must move more air than a bathroom fan. about 50 to 140 L/s (100 to 300 cfm). As a result, they are noisier, with the lowest rating about 4.sones, although they can be relatively quiet on low speed.

The most useful units have a low noise rating, an energy-efficient fan, fluorescent lights, sound insulation, anti-vibration mounts and duct connections. For heavy duty use, select non-corrosive materials such as aluminum or stainless steel. High quality hoods may have heat sensors and a safety shut-off.

Kitchen exhaust systems should discharge outdoors. Recirculating range hoods rely on filters to capture some odours and grease. The filters are generally made of carbon which must be replaced frequently to be effective. Grease will coat carbon, making it ineffective. With recirculating fans, cooking moisture and odours will usually remain in the house.


Install fans and exhaust systems so they make the least possible noise, vibrate as little as possible and leak as little air as possible.

Install exhaust systems according to the building code and manufacturer’s recommendations. Straight, short duct runs, with few turns, will result in the highest fan flow.

For bathroom fans, use duct with a diameter of at least 100 mm (in). For long runs, use larger, 150-mm diameter (6-in.) to improve air flow. It is usually best to avoid fans with 75-mm (in.) exhaust ports and ducts. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for kitchen exhaust duct sizes.

Seal all duct joints and connections with aluminum duct tape or duct mastic (available at contractors. supply shops) to prevent air, moisture and noise leakage. Standard cloth duct tapes tend to dry out and fall off.

Seal and then insulate all ductwork running through unheated areas to avoid moisture problems.The best practice is to slant horizontal runs of duct down toward the exterior outlet to drain any condensation outside.

Exhaust air should not be released into the attic, into a wall or ceiling cavity, crawl space, basement or in the roof soffit. These locations can promote condensation damage and mold growth.

Corsair Air Series AF120

Corsair Air Series AF140  instead. This CPU air cooler is not available in twin pack, but has a significantly larger airflow of 67,CFM. This air cooler can also be found with LED lights and this model has an airflow of 66,CFM.

It produces an unnoticeable amount of more noise than the LED version of the AF120 and is a little larger as well (140mm x 25mm), so if you have the clearance available in your case, you should definitely get the AF140 instead of the AF120.

Cooler Master Hyper 21EVO

The Hyper 21EVO comes with a 120mm pulse-width modulation (PWM) fan with easy access to speed control and it has direct-touch heat pipes to transfer the heat even better. Standing only 159mm tall, this great yet cheap CPU cooler is relatively compact and fits any standard ATX case and most micro ATX cases as well.

BE QUIET! Dark Rock Pro 3

If you need more cooling power, we suggest you take a look at liquid cooling solutions, which we will discuss now. Also don’t waste your money on a single-fan liquid CPU cooler, as they are not very efficient considering the size and price.

Ultimate CPU Water Cooler System

Corsair Hydro Series H100i vto be the best choice. This liquid CPU water cooler is the best 240mm cooler on the market right now, not to mention also one of the most budget-friendly ones as well.

Energy Efficiency Compared to a Ceiling Fan

When looking for the best window fan to buy, you must not only think about the brand or model that promises durability; you must also consider energy efficiency. This fan expends a small amount of energy, while still providing efficient cooling in various types of weather.

Savegreenly made a study on the energy use of window fan and ceiling fan. It found out in its research that a ceiling fan uses around 60 watts to more than 200 watts, depending on the model. When it tested the window fan using the power meter, it recorded 6watts – already set on high, 5watts on medium, and 4watts on low. The website added that window fans already provide households with good amount of air flow on these wattages.

Wind Direction

Place the fan that you bought to the window that faces the prevailing wind or farther from it to promote cross-ventilation. However, if your home is located in the region where the direction of the wind changes often, you should buy the reversible-type window fan. It can pull the air into or out of the house, depending on the wind direction.


The Holmes Twin Window Fan HAWF-204is an an advanced model than the HAWF202This fan has adjustable thermostat and a three speed setting for your preferred comfort level. Each fan is independent. It has its own controls to intake, exhaust or exchange air flow. You can also turn the other off or on.

Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan HAWF2021

This fan might be value for money, but let’s see what this fan has to offer.

The Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan does not offer any fancy features. What this fan boast is its efficiency. It has speed settings that can be manually adjusted on the fan. The blades can also be manually reversed to function as exhaust. In case it is too short for your window, there is an extensible screen that can cover the space to fit the fan perfectly.

This fan has a year warranty.

Featuring a remote control for convenient adjustment, the Bionaire Twin Window Fan exhausts stale, hot air from inside and draws in fresh, cool air from the outside. Ideally, it can do both simultaneously since each of the two fans can be set to exhaust out or draw in, allowing the unit to exchange outside and inside air. The programmable thermostat turns the fan on and off to maintain a selected temperature. The Bionaire Twin Window Fan is designed to fit vertical slider, double-hung, and casement windows.

Holmes Window Fan

This unit is cost effective and exhausts out stale, hot air from inside while drawing in fresh cool air from the outside. It can be operated either manually or automatically because it has thermostat that turns it off and on to maintain a selected temperature. The unit features a one-touch electronic control and two speeds so it can be easily adjusted to specific conditions. The window fan is designed to fit vertical-slider, double-hung, and casement windows.

Bionaire Compact Window Fan

The Bionaire Compact Window Fan is a manual window fan that disperses the much-needed coolness for ultimate freshness and comfort. It is more powerful and convenient with 40-percent greater air velocity than most window fans in the same class. Moreover, the Bionaire Compact Window Fan is 25% more compact to ensure reduction in window obstruction. With this unit, expect to live in harmony with nature for a serene home environment.

Bionaire BWF0910AR-WCU Window Fan

Offering a sleek and innovative design, this unit is one of the best products you can have in your house. It provides a refreshing stream of air during the hot and muggy weather; thus, it is cost efficient solution to traditional air conditioners. A digital programmable thermostat and fully functional remote control allow you to set as well as maintain your personal comfort level. The window fan also features three speed settings and electrically reversible blades for ultimate convenience.

Comfort Zone CZ310R Twin Window Fan

Comfort Zone CZ310R Twin Window Fan has a three-speed push button control and accordion expanders for ultimate performance. Like most high quality window fans, this unit has the three fan functions, which are intake, exhaust, and circulate. It is expandable from 23-1/inches to 3inches to ensure noticeable results. The Comfort Zone CZ310R Twin Window Fan has 9-inch turbo blades, and it is one of the best products you will ever come across today.

Bionaire Window Fan

This window fan features electronic thermostat and has three independently controlled fans each with three speed settings. The thermostat and electronic controls allow for ease of use and convenience. The fan is designed for use either vertically or horizontally, and it fits in a window with the window screen in place. An extender screen locking system keeps the fan in place. The Bionaire Window Fan takes up 25% less space when compared to most window fans, allowing you to use window space without obstructing your view.

Window fans are essentially meant to perform two essential functions; supplying fresh air into your room to replace the bad odors, chemical smells or smoke and to cool the room when it is hot. When buying a window fan, you will have to choose between twin and single fans. Amongst other important features, you have to consider its versatility, the strength of air flow and noise features. It is a no-brainer that you are not after a window fan that shall bring noise pollution as it tackles bad odors within your room. To help you in choosing the best window fan, which has premium quality features and is durable, we bring you the top window fans that you can get on the market today. Here are top best window fans reviews in 2018.

Homebasix F-5280A Twin Fan Window

The Homebasix twin window fan is an excellent option for people with a limited budget. This is is a 7-inch model that comes with two small fans capable of moving large volumes of air. In addition, it has a very simple control knob at its bottom part that can be used for selecting the fan speed. It is also slim enough to be installed in your house even if there’s a window screen in place. Its full kit includes the extender that usually makes it easy for installation even on large windows without even having to buy additional accessories.

Portable Twin 9-inch Reversible Household Window Fan

This is yet another remote-controlled fan that has the twin blades design. The fan performs all functions of exhaust, cooling and air circulation. It can also be adjusted in regard to the size so as to fit the windows measuring between 23.inches and 3inches wide. The fan also features two powerful nine-inch blades. The Portable Twin Window Fan runs quietly. Furthermore, it can be adjusted to different speeds: low, medium and high. Reverse airflow is usually achieved by changing the direction of the blades.

Holmes Twin Fan with Comfort Control Thermostat

Holmes offers some of the most accredited fans in the market today. This unit is among its leading products. The fan is made of lightweight plastic so that it can be adapted into various locations. This Window utilizes blades with each measuring 8-1/inch in each of its fans. Coupled with the robust and heavy duty motor, you can be assured of getting rid of kitchen smoke, salon chemicals and cigarette smoke in a breeze. The fan is also ideal for use on larger windows thanks to the adjustable extender panel and screen. Also, the motors are water-resistant. As such, you don’t have to worry much in case you forget to close the window on rainy days.

Perfect homes require perfect window fans. These machines are crucial in removing any unwanted odors, serving as a supplement to the air conditioner, and also promoting fresh air circulation. They shall make your work to be easier. Given their relatively affordable prices, window fans in the above reviews are quite easy to acquire. Their stunning designs will also fit most windows for an excellent air cooling experience. Remove any odor and enhance circulation of fresh air with the above top window fans in 2018.

How it works

Confused by the language? A split system refers to a unit comprised of two parts – one is attached to the internal wall of your home, while the other is fixed to the exterior of the house to exhaust the heat out. Reverse cycle refers to a model with both heating and cooling functions. A split-system, reverse-cycle model is able to cool/heat one or more adjoining rooms, usually covering a living room, bedroom or study.

Size it up

It’s essential to match the power of a unit to the room size. Choice tester Chris Barnes, team leader for household products, says the factors you need to take into account are, “room size, insulation and window direction, as well as window dressings, such as curtains or awnings”. Insulation is the key to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. “Good insulation means the air conditioner has less work to do,” says Barnes. For more advice, talk to your local supplier, or use Choice’s sizing calculator.


Humidifiers are must-haves for most households in the UAE, especially during the summer months. Going against the technology of traditional dehumidifiers that remove moisture from air, humidifiers are designed to hydrate dry air by increasing moisture levels within your home. This helps to create a healthier and more comfortable living environment. Humidifiers are also great for helping infants and toddlers sleep well through the night. Moreover, they treat your skin with moisture making it soft and supple. The added moisture not only reduces dryness and irritability, but also prevents diseases like colds, flu and allergies.

AED 1,99for the Panasonic EcoNavi Purifier Humidifier

Did you know that hay fever affects one-third of the population in the UAE? The most widespread allergies in this region include seasonal allergic conjunctivitis (hay fever) and allergic asthma. Sandstorms that make a frequent visit particularly during summer bring in fine dust particles into homes through cracks in the windows and spaces between balcony rails. This flares up all kinds of allergies for the young and old. Air purifiers help prevent these allergies and let you avoid clinical treatments that are often costly.

Shop Air Purifiers

HEPA filters – Built with tightly woven glass fibre air filters, they remove 99.7% of all airborne particles. These filters are replaceable.

FiltreteTM – This patented filter technology is designed to allow more air to pass through a purifier with a higher clean air delivery rate as compared to a HEPA filter. This filter removes airborne particles and allergens.

Air Conditioners & Coolers

Air conditioners and air coolers are a necessity when it comes to surviving the summers in this region. Both of these cooling options come with their own set of benefits and challenges. While air coolers are more portable than air conditioners, they are relatively cheaper. Air coolers work by supplying water stored in an internal tank to a filter, which then draws in the hot air to cool it before circulating it back into the room. Air coolers are a great choice for dry areas, as they also humidify the area. Air conditioners, on the other hand, offer precise temperature control and work better when cooling larger areas. for the Aftron W-0036BC 36000BTU Split Air Conditioner Unit.

Tank Size

Large tanks ensure water in the cooler runs for longer. Coolers with smaller tanks require you to keep re-filling the water more often.

Coolers with timers let you decide how long the device should run and when it should switch off. This is especially useful when you want the cooler to automatically go into sleeping mode.

Fans & Air Multipliers

The simplest and most traditional way of circulating air to maintain a cool and comfortable temperature indoors, fans come in variety of styles and designs to suit your specific needs.

Ideal for the home or office, desk fans are great for reducing temperatures during hot summer months and keeping your work area cool. Fans are also great if you are working for long hours in the kitchen as long as they are placed in a way that won’t disrupt the flames on your stove.

Suitable for larger rooms, pedestal fans are perfect for spring when it’s neither too hot nor too cold. Circulating air through a wider area, some models come with variable speed settings and remote controls so you can easily change the speed or oscillation accordingly.

Perfect for small spaces, tower fans fit neatly in a corner and come with contemporary designs that blend well with the interiors. These fans are operationally quieter than traditional fans, so you can use them while sleeping. Air Multiplier fans or bladeless fans are built without external blades, as they’re often hidden in the base.

These fans provide a constant and uninterrupted stream of cool air, unlike conventional fans which tend to move in a chopping manner. Along with that, their bladeless design makes them easy to clean. ACE offers a range of Dyson Bladeless Fans that are not only smooth and quiet, but boast a powerful functionality.

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Make sure you regularly check your filters for wear and tear and replace them every – months or when indicated by your device. This will ensure your purifier works at full capacity and offers a constant supply of clean air.

Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan

This best window exhaust fan can offer you relief from hot weather. Cool air is drawn into the room, or it can exhaust the hot and stuffy air if it is stalled facing outward. This best window fan can fit almost all double-hung and slider window. It operates quiet, making it perfect for a bedroom or living room use. Its extended panels allow you to adjust it according to your requirements. Plus, it also allows you to reverse its blades, so you can easily control the airflow for exhaust or intake.

This window fan comes with a remote control, making it convenient to adjust. This best twin window fan can exhaust stuffy and hot air from inside and drawn in cool air from outside. And it allows you to make one fan draw in cool air and make the other one exhaust out the hot air inside. This design is cool, allowing this to exhaust fan exchange air easily. It operates automatically or manually. It comes with a programmable thermostat that allows you to set a temperature to maintain. If the temperature is reached, it will stop working automatically. This fan come with speed-settings, a LCD screen, and electronic controls. With it, you can easily know the current room temperature and the selected temperature. This twin window fan is compatible with vertical-slider, double-hung and casement windows. It is 1inches high. And without assembling, you can install it when it is out of its box. A 5-year warranty is also included.

LG Electronics LW8014ER window-mounted air conditioner

This is what we instantly see whenever we see a window-mounted air conditioning unit. It is the one that faces the inside of the room and where all the controls are located. Older units usually have mechanical controls or rotary type knobs to adjust thermostat while newer units use a digital interface with either a touch panel or a remote control.

This is also where the louvers are customarily located. There usually are adjustable horizontal and vertical louvers so that users can direct the direction of the air flow for ultimate convenience.

In this front panel, the VENT or ventilation can also be found. Through this, a fresh intake of air can seep through.

The Indoor Side Components

Cooling Coil – This is exactly where the heat and cold exchange happens as the air inside the room goes through the refrigerant and cooling coil in the system, thus, producing the cold air. Cooling coils usually have air filters mounted on them so that the users are assured of a thoroughly filtered and clean air to breathe inside the room.

Friedrich CP06G10A window-mounted air conditioner

Window-mounted AC units vary in capacity and capabilities. Some are designed to cool just one specific room with a specific size area while some have bigger capacities and can efficiently cool up to several rooms.

LG Electronics LW1214HR window-mounted air conditioner

Just like the other types of air conditioning units (portable and mini-split), the electrical requirement of a window-mounted AC unit depends on its capacity or BTU. If you plan to cool a relatively large room, then you need a window air conditioner with a higher BTU which would then require higher electricity.

In the United States, 110-120 volts is the standard circuit but this does not necessarily mean that all window-mounted ACs will operate on that electricity. Another rule of thumb here is that if a window AC unit has a BTU of 15,000 and below, then it can safely run on the standard residential electrical capacity of 110-120 volts.

But if you just bought a window-mounted AC with higher than 15,000 BTU rating, then you have to check the circuits in your house and make the necessary adjustments as these usually need to run on 220-volt circuits. In such cases, you need to seek the help of a professional electrician or someone who specializes in electrical wiring.

Regular Maintenance

All air conditioners do need regular maintenance to make sure they remain capable and energy efficient especially if they are used regularly. Keep in mind that since the outdoor side component is outside the house, it is more susceptible to dirt and all kinds of debris that can accumulate not just on the exterior part of the window-mounted AC but inside the unit as well.

Such dirt and debris accumulation will eventually take its toll on the performance of your window-mounted AC. Experts suggest having ACs cleaned at least once a year and never to wait until you think there is something wrong before making that regular maintenance cleanup and checkup.

Chances are if you wait for something to go wrong before having it checked, then you have to be prepared to shed more money especially compared to what you should have allotted for regular cleaning and checkup.

SPT WA-6011S window air conditioner

Gone are the days when buying a window-mounted air conditioner used to be simple with a quite a few brands and designs to choose from. Today, there are tons of choices the moment you enter an appliance store and more often than not, salespersons will leave you even more confused than the moment before you walked in the store. This is why experts suggest never going inside an appliance store without knowing what you want or at least trimmed down your choices to a few.

As what have always been said over and over again, the only trick in choosing window-mounted AC units wisely is selecting the one that is suited to your room. Do not buy a unit just because it looks good or has a certain feature. Always make sure that the window air conditioning unit has the right BTU, power, and size for the specific room in order for it to function effectively and in order for you not to spend more on electric bills.

Size matters

Air coolers come in various sizes to fit the requirements of your room. They are rated by air delivery or the cubic feet per minute of air (CFM) that they can blow out in the room. Here’s a simple formula to calculate your requirements.

Remote control

All the latest air coolers come with remote controls that make things easy and convenient when customising the modes.

Some air coolers also come with a timer, where you can set a sleep time on the unit. This is particularly helpful if you don’t want to keep the cooler switched on all night.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your window fans cooling wisely! Good luck!

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